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Imperium-Class Star Destroyer

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Dark Lord of the Sith

  • Classification: Star Destroyer
  • Length: 1,600 meters
  • Width: 965 meters
  • Height: 400 meters
  • Armament: Very High
    • Turbolasers Quartet x36
    • Turbolasers Twinmount x20
    • Heavy Turbolasers x39
    • Proton Torpedo Launcher x7
    • Ion Cannons x29
    • Laser Turrets x21
  • Defenses: Average
    • Standard Shielding
    • Manuel FLAK defense system
    • Heat dissipating inner plating
  • Hanger Space: High 10
  • Hangar Allocations:
    • Starfighters: 8 squadrons
    • Support Craft: 2 squadrons
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low, The Imperium-Class Star Destroyer
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive: Average 1.5 with 4.0 backup and another 5.0
  • Standard crew quarters
  • Standard holonet transceiver
  • Standard Shield generators
  • Standard emergency systems
  • Standard Repulsor Lift
  • Standard tractor beam generators x6
  • Standard rescue pods x60
  • Standard encryption and decryption module
  • Standard ship repair bay x2
  • Standard emergency blast and bulk separation doors.
  • Standard life support system
  • Advanced Communications array
  • It can take a hit and can pack a punch in a fight
  • Assault Star Destroyer meaning it is mainly used to attack the enemy
  • Its shield generators are vulnerable to attack and are standard in the Sith Imperium and were the standard in the Former Sith Empire
The main ship of The Sith Imperium, The Imperium-Class Star Destroyer. Is meant to be the replacement for the Imperial-Class Star Destroyers originally used by the First Galactic Empire and was created in the Utapau system, it is meant to be used for forward assault, meant to pack a punch in a fight against any ship that would stand against it. The design was made by Emperor Vird himself and he wanted this ship to be used to inspire fear in the population and spread the glory of the Sith throughout the Galaxy. It is also in secret used by the forces of Operation: Final Dawn, it is what is the hope anyway.
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