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Location Review [The Sith Imperium] Utapau Shipyards

Dark Lord of the Sith

  • Production: Star Destroyers and Starfighters
  • Specialty: Star Destroyers
  • Output: They produce ships at an alarming rate
  • Market: Sith Imperium, Final Dawn
There is a Star Destroyer manufacturing plant that is used to create Star Destroyers within 13 Days time. There is also a command center where the shipyard can coordinate between Starfighters and Star Destroyers


x100 Turbolasers
x64 Ion Canons
x54 Shield Generators
x200 Laser Canons
x400 Heavy Turbolasers

The Utapau Shipyard is the primary shipyard used by the Sith Imperium and is where most of the Star Destroyers and Starfighters of the Imperium are built. It currently is supported by the Sith Imperium and it was constructed shortly after the fall of the Sith Empire and the fall of the Sith Eternal. Its primary leader is that of Darth Vird, the Emperor of the Sith Imperium and a Sith Lord. His primary enforcer, Darth Wraith oversees the construction of many of the ships that are being built for the Sith Imperium. Many of the ships were originally from the Sith Empire, including one that was originally created by one of the Grand Admiral Tharn, the Allegiance-III Class Star Destroyer. There even designs that were used by the Galactic Empire including the Victory-II Class Star Destroyer and the Tie Fighter.
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Codex Judge
Darth Vird Darth Vird

Location Rules, Space Station, Shipyard, & Starship Locations submitted to the Codex must use an approved Factory submission or a canon model, without significant technical modification.

Please link your desired canon/Factory approved Shipyard model. If it is canon, please do not alter the model greatly from what can be found on the Wookie page. If a model cannot be supplied, this submission will be denied. Following this addition, I will continue my review.
Codex Judge
Darth Vird Darth Vird That looks good! A simple reminder before getting into changes: A minor faction can only field a 2km mass produced combat ship. Please keep this in mind for future submissions. But, on to the review:

Description | Is there more information that can be added to give the reader a more immersive feel for the shipyards, something to sink their teeth into? Perhaps a motivation behind building the shipyards? Anticipating war? Building up defenses against larger Sith factions or even Light sided galactic powers?
Specialty | Per the template, "Specialty: [ Does this location specialize in anything in particular? This should detail a limited amount of productions it can make above the usual quality ]". Please add parts/components of ships or perhaps smaller ships that can be produced faster than the standard Star Destroyer that it works on. An example would be noting the time it takes to produce a TIE fighter versus an SD.
Output | What is the alarming rate? It should be stated in this field rather than in Points of Interest. Currently, you have it at 13 days which seems very very fast. I'm going to have to ask you to increase this number and make the production rate longer than 13 days. Furthermore, please add justification to this. Why do they need to build ships at an accelerated rate? What is the process like?
Points of Interest | The command center is a good starting point, please make it it's own point. Are there others that can be added to give more information? Are there docking bays, repair sections, crew quarters, engineering bays? Think of places/things that this location would need in order to function.
Security | The maximum rating can stay, it makes sense for the importance of the structure. However, the numbers you've attached to the defenses are alarming and border on the defenses of a Major Faction location. Minors cannot field/defend on the same level as Majors can. Please lower these so that they are more fitting for a minor faction with less man power/resources than your standard Major.

If you have any questions or want to let me know that edits are complete, give me a tag!