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Approved NPC Illyrian Royal Skirmishers

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  • Intent: The Royal Skirmishers are the professional melee warriors of the Illyrian Royal Army, skilled in close quarters combat and highly functional.
  • Image Credit: Link
  • Role: Melee Infantry Unit
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Links: Illyria
  • Unit Name: Illyrian Royal Skirmishers
  • Affiliation: The Illyrian Monarchy
  • Classification: Infantry - Melee
  • Description: The Illyrian Royal Skirmishers are a well-maintained, professional fighting force. They are extremely organized when it comes to negotiating an obstacle and are adept at large and small scale warfare. The Skirmishers wear the standard pearl & golden armor of the Illyrian Military with the royal crest of Illyria stamped on their left shoulderplate. Distinctive unit crests are imprinted on the soldier's right shoulderplate.
  • Unit Size: Large
  • Unit Availability: Common
  • Unit Experience: Trained
  • Equipment:
  • Combat Function: Incredibly disciplined Melee infantry who can work in mass numbers or squad-sized teams. They do not function well individually as their detailed training leaves them more used to working in groups and teams.
  • Masters of Melee: The Illyrian Skirmishers are specifically trained to excel in close-quarters combat. With vibrosword in hand they are proficient in facing cavalry, swordsmen, spear wielders, and other close-quarter combat units. In many cases they will prove to be superior in skill.
  • Pride & Honor: Illyrians are prideful people, believing their blood to be superior to any others in the galaxy. That tied into an extreme conditioning towards loyalty to their Monarchy make them a hard people to best in morale. They believe death in service to the King is a just and honorable end. This also helps them remained focus on their goal and strong-willed making them harder to confuse with mental based force tactics.
  • Well Supplied: With their advanced armor system and weaponry they breathe of the professional army. They are equipped for long-term combat and are designed to outlast any conventional enemy that stands before them.
  • Adaptable: One of the greatest assets of a footsoldier is to be able to quickly and effectively adapt to a situation. Illyrian Skirmishers have been ruggedly trained to make the most out of any situation. They are more than capable of quick-reaction tactics against developing circumstances.
  • Mobile: The Illyrian infantry are a mobile fighting force. They excel in fluid, fast paced charges when not weighed down by their heavy powershields.
  • Non-Ranged: The greatest downfall of the Illyrian Skirmishers is their complete inability to engage an enemy at a distance. This means they are a charge-forward unit that cannot harm a target more than a few meters away from them. The Skirmishers defenses help to wane off the long range assaults for a time, but even that is a limited resource they can draw on when at a supreme disadvantage of distance-heavy tactics.
  • Teamwork: The Skirmishers are exceptional team-based warriors, using no smaller than a five-man team to execute excruciating damage to enemy lines. However, when tasked with accomplishing tasks as an individual there is a noticeable decline in their effectiveness.
  • Borderline Zealotry: Although they hold their loyalty to a government and not a religious order, the pride and prejudice displayed by these soldiers make them prone to prefer death to retreat or routing, which makes them harder to salvage from a well laid trap or situation that may appear to be hopeless. They are particularly stubborn when facing beastial aliens, as they believe themselves to be higher than most sentient soldiers, let alone mindless beasts.

The Illyrian Military is separated into a myriad of component forces that specialize in a specific type of warfare. The main-body of this military are the Illyrian Royal Skirmishers. When the King of Illyria introduced the Royal Patriot Act - an act that required all able-bodied citizens of Illyria to serve a minimum of four years in the Illyrian military, the numbers of the Illyrian Skirmishers grew faster than any other unit on the planet. Placement in the Skirmishers is the easiest to achieve out of all the component forces. After enlistment a citizen is sent to Fort Tano for a period of 12 months. The first three months consist of physical and mental conditioning, this period is extremely difficult to pass and has a thirty-two percent failure rate. Once the Skirmisher Candidate has passed the entry phase, they go into a two month survival/resource training exercise in the thick jungles surrounding FT. Tano. The jungles are home to a number of extremely vicious creatures and toxic plant life, it is not uncommon for soldiers to die during this exercise. However, this exercise is performed in teams of two, to increase camaraderie and dependability. For one of the Candidates to graduate this phase, both must survive the extensive two month period. They are armed with a single vibroblade to defend themselves with. After the first five months of training, the next five months begins the Basic Combat Courses. This includes a detailed hand to hand combat course with multiple forms of martial arts, but a focus on the Echani martial forms of combat. During this time the Skirmishers are familiarized with the weaponry they will use in combat such as vibroswords, vibrospears, combat shields, and some training on blaster pistols. The final two months of training include simulation & graduation exams. Every year the planet of Illyria graduates close to four-hundred thousand Skirmishers. These men and woman are given a special inauguration ceremony by a representative of the Illyian Royal Court, sometimes even a member of the royal family. With an advanced armor system and specialized vibroblade this unit is a hellish shock force with extreme discipline and specialization in close combat.
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  • Image Credit: Link
This just leads to the pic, without showing where it is from or who the artist is, so it does not suffice as a source link.

  • Image Credit: [ Provide credit to the original artist of the images in your submission. Link to the web page where it can be found and state the name of the original artist if possible. Each image used must be credited. Use TinyEye, Google Image Search, or the Image Credit FAQ to help.]
This is the correct source link: https://www.deviantart.com/rogierb/art/sci-fi-swordsman-205772033

  • Role: Melee Infantry Unit - Army Sized
As the NPC Unit Template says, NPC units, even at Common/Large, are not an entire army. The correct template for a whole army is here in the Lore Creation forum.

You have five strengths and two weaknesses. Their inability to engage enemies at range is a very relevant one, but I'd recommend adding another weakness. For instance, their stubbornness and belief in their superiority obviously makes them strong-willed and thus hard to scare, but can easily also be a weakness, if they're say too stubborn to retreat when they're in a bad spot due to it being dishonourable. And they seem to lack support forces like vehicles.

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