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If you were an RP char, who would be your writer?


Professor of Alchemy
I'm pretty sure mine would be some single woman enacting wish fulfillment by writing the perfect man.

Okay, okay, maybe not. My writer would be someone with an enjoyment of badluck and a penchant for sarcasm. What about yours?


A Raging Inferno
Hopefully not Kris.
Because I'd end up with even more bad luck.
She's mean to OCs.
Probably a girl who enjoys reading John Green books, writing poetry, and wishes to not be alone with how she feels.

Ashin Varanin

Professional Enabler
Who would find relaxation by writing about a perpetually harried graduate student and family man with megalomaniacally meddlesome urges, and a deep willingness to hit second and last?

...feth, I'm a John Kennedy Toole character. I think I need a hat with earflaps all of a sudden.
Rebellious Vanguard
A disturbed kid with a sick and twisted sense of humor that likes to see people suffer...

But I'd be hoping for a little girl still writing princess stories.

Wouldn't get that, but a girl can dream...


Mr. Dizzy Man
My writer would be someone with too big of an ego about the origins of the universe, but is a constant procrastinator when it comes to actually doing what needs done.

AKA: An engineer, such as myself xD


Disney Princess
An unbearded white male in his forties living in Manchester England who got bored while reading the first Harry Potter novel and decided to write something better. He's probably also smoking pot right now in his study, whilst typing. I imagine he has quite the fetching squint.

Amon Garrith

Some weird antisocial teenage obsessed with weird luck, plot twists, and a heavy dose of irony.