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I go by many names...

...and you may or may not know some of them. I started at TalkCity. I have written on SW-Fans.Net (Now TheHolo.Net) on and off since a long time ago. I've been writing on SW-RPG.net on and off since 2008. This will be my third SW RP board in fifteen years. I'm starting here with Ilias, whom I have had for almost the entirety of my RP 'career' and I intend to transfer him. Which may or may not be a mess. That depends on what all you guys need from me. It'll get sorted, soon enough.

I've seen some familiar faces around here, old (very old)... and comparatively new-ish.

And I look forward to writing with you all!

Edit: Falcon Gyndar was the original name of this character, back in the mists of time. Other names I have (and still do go by):
Miriya Cailis
Phoenix Whyte / Marsuo'ur'stalis


Disney Princess
Welcome Ilias. It's wonderful to have such an accomplished face about. Enjoy your stay while your here. :D