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Humanitarian Idea

I was speaking to a few people in chat and wanted to see if there was enough interest (or possibly something that already exists) in a group that would go around only helping innocents. They wouldn't be aligned with any faction. Simply call them and they will come during your dominion etc to try and get civilians out of the way and help innocents.

There are some subbed npc groups but are there any PC characters doing this? I'd like to get involved if there are!

The Red Sigil

Kyra Perl Kyra Perl We totally should! We also currently have a small issue of a few millions of refugees floating dead in space thanks to the actions of the our enemies in our invasion (hence earlier mention about rebuilding). Humanitarian aid would really be appreciated.

The Red Sigil will be glad to lend you assistance! We can help clean up, rebuild, move refugees if needed, start a fund raiser, help notify victim families etc
Chasing Stars
That would be great! Give a poke when you got the time, we can open up dialogue on how to condense all our effort/ threads into a humanitarian story worth telling!

There definitely seems to be a lot of threads floating about for it it-- I know we're in a few. This could help us condense down and give direction! I'm excited!

Jaranamo Sal

Don't you owe me money?
I shall make it my personal endeavor to bring up the topic of funding in the Council of Governor's and the Chancellors thereof. but be aware you have my full support.

- Jaranomo Sal, Governor-Elect, Sposia, Zweihander Union