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How should I approach characters I haven't used in 2 years?


Spirit of the Shadow Guard
Was inactive since around June of 2016, looking to get back into SWRP, but not really sure with the how; especially as I haven't been on for 2 years. Do I write some explanation or continue from where I last left off?
Valde of the Vitae
[member="Vornl"] Explain why they've been off the map for two years. I did the same thing, and I explained it through a blog story, saying Vulps was hiding away rebuilding his planet. Everyone needs a vacation, even our characters. Just think of it as them going on autopilot while you were away. Maybe they needed a breather and popped onto Zeltros for a 2 year party. Maybe they were researching some lead on their last big project before you left. Or maybe they've just been around, doing oddjobs here and there.

Darth Immortus

No Lives Matter
Approach them slowly and carefully so as not to startle them. If they get aggressive, DO NOT panic and run away, instead hold your ground firmly and puff your chest out to assert your dominance.

If feeding them, remember to hold food out with an open palm and not closed fingers.