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How many K'paur out there?

I see them popping up, breeding like rabbits, so to speak. As the creator of the K'paur, it makes me absolutely warm and fuzzy inside every time I see a new one come along. Whether you're a fullblood or less, I'd love everyone who writes with this species as part of their character to introduce themselves, and any characters they have that are by any percentage K'paur. It can make for interesting connections, given the following points:

  • Every K'paur recognises K'paur blood in others by scent. You don't have to know them personally to know what they are.
  • Due to the events of the species' past, in which Ferian Adair (Stalis'ur'talin) was a terrorist in the K'paur homeworlds, the ruling council had sent for the man's entire bloodline to be eradicated. Between that and the fact that Ferian has always been a promiscuous fellow, and is a couple thousand years old, there's a very high chance that your K'paur's lineage traces back to him, anywhere from being his child to being a descendant of countless generations, or a child of one of his siblings or other relatives, as many of them would have fled the homeworlds, ending up in this galaxy.
Now, as for me, it's somewhat a given that I write a number of K'paur, fullblood and otherwise. Here's mine:

[member="Ferian Adair"] - K'paur. Aligned Dark. Old mo'fether, ancient connections to House Mecetti and the Mecrosa Order of the Tapani Sector. Nasty, nasty piece of work, and utterly creepy as feth. Sith Lord.

[member="Lucianus Adair"] - K'paur/Human. One of Ferian's offspring in his tenure as a Mecetti Lord, and of a Pelagian High Lord's daughter, [member="Emiery Athelon"], whose clone is out and about in the present galaxy. Made good of the Adair name in House Mecetti in his early adulthood, after his father's tarnishing of it, becoming High Lord. He has three offspring from his marriage, in this capacity, one bastard conceived after the death of his wife, and two more children from being mated to Quietus. Former Lord of the Fringe. Neutral Master.

[member="Greyhide"] - K'paur/Garhoon/Negligible Human; due to pervasiveness and agressiveness of K'paur and Garhoon DNA, and unpredictability of life, human content of his blood is very little. Son of Lucianus Adiar and Quietus. Twin to Blackthorne. Neutral Master.

[member="Hadrian Distorith"] - 1/2 Energy Vampire/ 1/4 K'paur / 1/4 Human. Bastard son of Lucianus Adair and Kassandra Distorith. Former information broker, with a galaxy-wide network, centuries ago. Sith Lord.

[member="Balor Sal-Soren"] (a.k.a. Hrethir Adair) - 3/4 Human / 1/4 K'paur. The second-eldest of Lucianus' first three children. Elder sister in Blaise Sal-Soren (Sariyah Adair), twin brother in Hrethik Adair, through whom the Adair name continued amongst the Tapani. Ancestor of [member="Baros Sal-Soren"]. Formerly non-FS, until experimentation by Ferian altered that. Untrained in the Force.

[member="Ilias Nytrau"] - K'paur/Human. Grandson of Ferian, and Nephew of Lucianus. Had a non-FS twin, who died during the Clone Wars. Has two children with his late wife, from centuries prior. Jedi Master

[member="Stigr Nytrau"] - 3/4 Human / 1/4 K'paur. Ilias' son, and the elder of his two children. Sister is Iliana Nytrau. Jedi Master.


So, that's me. Who are you? I'd love to know. Maybe we can write good stories together, in the future!

Katiara Initrios

Tortured Legacy
I love this species, so much. Here's my allotment:

[member="Darth Aion"] - K'paur - Dark Aligned - Afflicted by The Fade and slowly going insane in his crusade the rid the galaxy of mortality. Self proclaimed Sith Lord.

[member=Katiara Initrios] - K'paur - Neutral Aligned - Darth Aion's younger sister and a witch by trade and practice; neutral by choice and an avid fighter against any chance of being afflicted by The Fade. Witch Elder.

[member=I'vya Initrios] - 1/2 K'paur - Alligned Neutral - Daughter of Darth Aion and wandering legacy of his evil given birth as a balance of light and dark. Force Master.
Taiia's Shadow
Roleplay Judge
Haha I've loved this species ever since you first subbed them. I have the following.

[member="Allyson Locke"] shes a corellian/k'paur hybrid. She pilots and specializes in only mechu deru much savant.

[member="Charlie"] - Seoulian / K'paur hybrid who was orphaned and found by Jyoti and the SJO - she's currently a padawan

[member="Mason Liddell"] - full K'paur and a Sith xD

Glenn Knight

Well, I recently came across this species and fell in love with it almost immediately. The result is the following.

@Glenn Knight - Light Aligned - A Corellian/K'paur orphaned street rat brought to the Order of The Silver Jedi by Inyri Winter (deceased NPC). He's a Jedi Padawan with a love for battle and specializes in lightsaber combat and telekinesis.
Major Faction


OOC Account
So, let's see here....

There is....

Iliana Nytrau - 3/4 Human, 1/4 K'paur. Daughter of Ilias, the youngest and most adorable. Sister to Stigr, Jedi Knight.

[member="Merrax Quez"] - 1/2 Human, 1/2 K'paur. Nuut. Niece of [member="Joanes Quez"] and great-great-granddaughter of [member="Ferian Adair"]. Left Mandalore after she felt her parents failed to follow the resol'nare and turned to bounty hunting. Returned home years later after hearing from her uncle Joanes that Mia nuked the place, and joined her Mother's clan to do her part for Mandalore.

[member="Blaise Sal-Soren"], aka Sariyah Adair. 3/4 Human (Corellian/Tapani), 1/4 K'paur. First born daughter of [member="Lucianus Adair"] and Blaire Sal-Soren. As an infant, Alexandrina Sal-Soren whisked her away from her parents and hid away her granddaughter on Brentaal IV to be raised by the Trozky family in order to protect her from the darkside.

[member="Kestrel Dray"] - 1/2 Zeltron, 1/4 K'paur, 1/4 Human. Daughter of Magena Dray and a one-time liaison with Hrethrik Adair. Identical twin to [member="Kenara Dray"] who she was separated from as a child when her mother sold her into indentured servitude on Tatooine.

[member="Diane Vale"] - 1/2 K'paur, 1/2 Human. Daughter of Thalestris Vale and Ferian Adair, Princess of Lysatra.