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Katiara Initrios

Tortured Legacy


NAME: Chosen Name: Katiara Initrios; K'paur Name: Katar'ur'kanadur daughter of Kanadur'ur'talin; Title: Lady Initrios;

FACTION: The Confederacy of Independent Systems - F0rmerly; None - Currently;

RANK: Forsaken Witch;

SPECIES: Pureblood Edri K'paur (Unafflicted by The Fade);

AGE: 1,380; Physically youthful;

SEX: Female; Homosexual;

HEIGHT: Six feet seven inches;

WEIGHT: Lean average for her height and semi-muscular build;

EYES: A vibrant green that compliments her tailored blonde hair.

HAIR: Contrast to many of her species, she has vivid blonde locks.

SKIN: Pale like others of her species, but somewhat tanned due to decades of controlled exposure to the elements.

FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, highly so.


+ Highly Force Sensitive: While she is no where near as powerful as her elder brother Kajast, Katiara boasts a similarly potent connection to the Force.
  • Keen Eyesight: Like her brother, and others of her species, Katiara possesses the common trait of K'paur in exceptional eyesight and night vision.
  • Anatomically Stronger: Like other K'paur Katiara possesses an additional heart, strong bones and elongated nails.
  • Bright Striving: Unlike her brother, Katiara has not given into the natural draw to the darkness that ultimately consumed her brother; as such she is continually vigilant against signs of The Fade.

  • Temperature Vulnerability: Like other K'paur Katiara is highly susceptible to extreme highs and lows of temperature. Even the slightest slip in a hostile environment could mean her potential death.
  • Susceptibility to The Fade: Every dabbling into the darkness that Katiara makes, whether it innocent or with intent, brings her one step closer to the possibility of being afflicted with The Fade; especially in her progressing age.
  • Bloodlust: Like other K'paur Katiara is as susceptible to her bloodlust as any other, however she actively practices dietary and combat methods to avoid losing control; though she has been known to lose control on occasion.
  • Force Severance: Should Katiara ever become severed from the Force, whether it be temporary or permanent, the experience could either severely cripple her or kill her.


Standing at six feet and seven inches, Katiara is a lean, tall and fit woman with features that stand out for a member of her species. With blonde hair, tanned skin and a stature that go against the natural appearance of those like her, she is something of a biological anomaly though most of it is conditioning she has used the Force to access. While she is nowhere near perfect or flawless, she has very few physical blemishes to be spoken of. She possesses a pair of scars on her elbows from being held back by Aion/Kajast while watching her brother, Xanad, waste away from her brother's affliction of deadly Force use on him; as well as a scar on her right shoulder from the blade of her father when she defied him to join Kajast and Xanad to the known galaxy.

Katiara's story, much like Aion's, begins thirteen hundred and eighty years before the present of the known galaxy. And while most of it is no different than Aion's she is ignorant to the damage that was done to her family by her brother before their departure from their K'paur home. For hundreds of years she traveled with her brother under the belief that their father had killed their mother; that their father was hunting them for disgracing their line.

Pain be thy guide from suffering~

Her first taste of her brother Aion's true nature came in the form of their brother Xanad's death. When Xanad began to display signs of affliction from The Fade, when he began to lose control and dwindle away in control, Aion came up with a plan that she would never forgive him for.


In order to put their brother out of his misery, and protect she and himself from a demise at Xanad's hand, Aion used the Force to rot away their brother's life from the inside out. Setting off a catastrophic failure in their brother's body, one that caused him to waste away in front of them, Aion held Katiara back by force as their brother died slowly and silently before them; an incident that would leave her broken and in tears for hours while Aion devised yet another plan to continue their escape from their brother.

Decades of travel and suffering later at Aion's hand, Katiara watched as her brother met his mate. Watched as he found happiness while she continued to weep for her brother's loss. Even still, despite her hate for her brother, she grew close to the woman that the man called his savior. His saving grace. She took her name, grew to call her sister, and ultimately wept over the woman's body after she was killed by the same Jedi her brother had incited against himself.

Death free thee from thy unending nightmare~

Once again deprived of something she loved, of something she cared for, Katiara forged on. Only this time, different from all the decades and centuries before, without the brother that had oppressed her for so long. Blissfully unaware of anything but his growing madness and the existence of something that her sister had hidden from her brother she'd come to hate with every part of her being.

Eight hundred years passed. Eight hundred years that saw her travel to Dathomir, to many a world inhabited by witches, in search of the secrets of life and death; power over death itself. While she did not find the answers she sought to bring her mother and brother back from the beyond, it was during this time that she discovered the truth about her father's madness from the lips of her mother herself; That Aion had murdered their mother with his own for attempting to deny him the power he deserved.

Her experiences and pain in tow, having confronted one of the darkest truths of her long, seemingly never ending life Katiara sought new heights; new ventures and journeys that her brother, nor desperate clinging to the past, could provide her.

Child be free by thine own wings~

And thus began Katiara Initrios', Lady Initrios, story all her own. She would live for herself once and for all. For no other.


An advanced modern combat fighter with modifications to the hyperdrive.

None to be spoken of.

None to be noted.


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