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How do you feel about this?

We've often stood by the rule of 3. As the rules stand now, you have to get permission to attain the Force User Knight title.

I wish to remove the rules regarding this and allow even new members to jump on the forum and attain it immediately. And I wish to do it soon. If it's not the community or Staff's will, so be it, I'm okay with that. But I did promise you all in a blog post a while back I would fight for eliminating archaic rules and restrictions. We've already done it with dev threads. Now we're on round two.

To show you a quick peek into the backroom in lieu of a bit of transparency....


Black is redacted for privacy for Staff (there's multiple Staff members in that convo), blue is me cursing. Sorry, I spent 4 years in the military, I curse a lot when I'm not in front of the community. It's not malicious, just my way of expressing frustration.

As of right now, FU Masters will still follow the same rules, that is not what is at stake here - only Knights.

So, how do you feel about this? Are we ready for another change, or do you think this to be ill-advised? Let your Staff members know. Let Valiens know. Let me know. This vote is very real right now, and it will be very significant moving forward for the community.
Correct me if I am wrong, but do knight votes even get vetted? In my experience someone just says. "Bam, you're a knight." Then you get the tag. So if anything I don't see how removing the requirement lowers the quality of a knight. People stay apprentices for as long as they want to, not as long as they need to.

AKA I don't see why not.
I both like and dislike the idea. If I had been given the chance to start out Abyss as a knight back when I began playing on chaos I would've taken it, but then I also would've missed a lot of awesome character development. I couldn't care less if it's fair that people get knight rank without work after I had to do work for it, but I feel that the path from padawan to knight simply has been to important for me as player starting out on chaos as well as for Abyss as a character to fully support this. Because if someone had thrown me a knight tag I would've end up as a godmodding piece of youknow with no proper feeling for how strong a character should be.

Edit: Also without this system I would've missed the joy of finally earning Abyss rank after a while (took him pretty long) and it pretty much made my rp experience a whole lot better to naturally get him there instead of going "lulz am knight now".
I don't want new roleplayers running around, being close to mastering a lightsaber form from day one, I also do feel it would lower the quality of the rank, as now any FU character can be a knight with just a single post.
I feel keeping them the same would be alright. But that's just me. I've always enjoyed watching people work their way up. I think if we were to get rid of restrictions and allow members to instantly jump into the rank of knight would give people too much control. #keepchaosgreat

Yet I do like the rank title idea, we should take change slow.
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Lets not do this, I mean it makes working for it much more gratifying when you earn something.

Dredge said:
Go for it. Not like it really ever mattered in the first place when all you had to do was ask a friend with a knight level character to just knight you off the bat.

Yeah this only is the case if you have a friend that would do it, for some people like me, on my Sith I like the fact that I would have to work for it, and wait for the RPJs to look into him being "ready" for this mantle
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I honestly would be all for this. We have a number of people who wish to start at knights or padawans who work to get promoted quickly because they don't really want to rp it. Others do and the removal of the restriction to start out means those who wish to start as children and be initiates, padawans are going to still get to do it. Nothing saying they can't. Those who want to be slightly older and some who used to start out as apprentices then suddenly they get promoted and bam they age into a young adult/teenager. The requirements to make knight are highly dependent on the faction. Que way back when knighted my padawan the same day they were made for the participation in the 3 speed doms against the CIS and they were ten at the time. Others can just ask someone with a higher rank to promote them. We have the master votes and just like with knight transfer characters who come in at the rank they still have to do just as much work if not more and are looked at with scrutiny.

Ashin Varanin

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I spent 2002-2011 on a board where Force rank was almost totally self-regulated, and with a couple of exceptions it worked great. If people wanted to play Padawans, they played Padawans. I'm down with this.
Yeah... that's the problem. Knight level is handed out like candy. I came here from a board where you had a good 6 months of rp and character development before you get Knight.

Being a knight on this board literally means nothing... and I could maybe make the case for master also.
As I found out during my short time as RPJ, Knight votes don't even seem to matter or count. 90% are just rubber stamped anyways.

I'd say remove the requirement, most of time the community will moderate itself on this issue.

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