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Approved Starship HMCMS-1 'Rockbreaker' Class Mining Corvette

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  • Classification: Mining Corvette
  • Length: 80 meters
  • Width: 30 meters
  • Height: 140 meters
  • Armament: Very Low (-2)
  • Defenses: High (+1)
    • Reinforced Duranium Hull
    • Particle Shields
    • Ray Shields
  • Hangar Space: Average (0)
100m [Base: 0 | Very Low: 0 | Low: 0 | Average: 0 | High: 0 | Very High: 1 | Extreme: 2 ]

  • Hangar Allocations: N/A
  • Single Craft Hangar: None
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very High (+2) (Designed to carefully maneuver in dense asteroid fields)
  • Speed Rating: Low (-1)
  • Hyperdrive: Class 3 Hyperdrive Primary, Class 12 Hyperdrive Backup
  • Standard Starship Features
  • Tough
  • Maneuverable
  • Mining Lasers
  • Tractor Beams
  • Can Land on Planets (Cool!)
  • Onboard Smelting Facility
  • Droid Included! (Wow!)
  • Crew Pod can detach and act as emergency lifeboat. (Safe!)
    • Crew Pod has Very Low Speed
    • Crew Pod has Low Maneuverability
    • Crew Pod Contains the Class 12 Backup Hyperdrive
  • Large
  • Slow
  • Requires at least minimal power to remain upright after landing on a planet - Can't balance if depowered
As soon as the patents expired on Corellian Engineering's Y-8 Mining vessel, House Mecetti immediately set about building a copy of the venerable mining craft. The Rockbreaker is cheaper than the Corellian version and includes an onboard smelter and smelting droid. It is also slower than the Corellian competitor, but this fact does not appear in the brochure. It should also be noted that while the Rockbreaker can land on planets, it can only balance on its ventral pylon if partial power remains to the ship to activate the standby repulsorlifts. A cargo elevator runs the length of the ventral pylon to allow occupants and a limited amount of cargo to disembark when the ship is landed.
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