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Hello and a few questions.


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Hey Chaos, I'm new here but not really new to RP. I have a fair amount of experience from some BYOND games and the SWTOR RP boards back before the game released.
I have a few questions on characters and avatars and stuff.

Am I allowed to have multiple characters or only one main character?

If I have to have a main character can I have said main character whilst also having multiple other characters?

Does my Avatar REALLY have to be of similar nature to the look of my main character or one of my characters?

Can I keep my crudely drawn smiling man as a symbolic homage to the diversity of all my characters(Ignoring the fact a 2d stickman could infer that all my characters are two dimensional and without significant filler)?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated as I don't wanna make a few big mistakes and start here with a tarnished reputation amongst the community.

Qae Shena

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Hi and welcome to SWRP, Cribble! :D

You can have as many characters as you want and you don't even need to make a brand-new account. In your 'My Profile', there's a characters button, and you can make subaccounts for each character. Or, you can get your writer account renamed. Not necessary, however! And yes, you can write all your characters when you feel like it, so no 'mains' are required.

Yes, your avatar must represent your character, which is in the rules.

If you stick to having a writer account and all your characters JUST on character accounts, you can keep your stickman! Personally, I like this.

If you've got more questions, I'd be happy to help - the fact you're asking is a great start. Again, welcome, and enjoy your stay!
the bedbound bard
Hello and welcome to the site, if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask. You can have as many characters as you wish - I swear Cira has 100, or something akin to that - and as many of those can be deemed 'main' or 'minor' as you wish, it's completely up to you.

What I will say, and I have a habit of saying this, is don't let yourself be unintentionally coerced into the first Faction which asks you to join them. At the top of the page there is a wonderful Factions section, be sure to take a nice long look through the directory in there (it's in the right hand sidebar) for all the Factions we presently have. And in time, if you feel more settled, you're welcome to create your own, too. There are lots of things to choose from, outside of the generic Jedi, Sith and Mando.

Welcome again, and I hope you enjoy your stay at Chaos ^-^
The Admiralty
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What Saeldar said. The Lords of the Fringe are very awesome indeed.

Welcome to the community and do not be too intimidated. No one here bites.. a lot.