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Approved Planet Grenonine III

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  • Gravity:
    • Standard
  • Climate:
    • Arid
  • Primary Terrain:
    • Desert
    • Mountains
    • Volcanic
  • Atmosphere:
    • Type I Atmosphere
  • Capital City:
    • Mecharius
  • Planetary Features:
Remains of another time
Ruins of Grystali

Located within the eastern dunes of Grenonine III lies the Ruins of Grystali. The First Prominent Settlement established by the First Settlers during the Old Republic and abandoned quickly afterwards under mysterious circumstances. Rumors are there are some kind of evil spirit lurking around the ancient structures that will kill anyone who approaches.
Outer Territories - Dust Ball
The Eastern Dunes

The Eastern Dunes are a place of endless heat and never ending sand in every direction. If the heat doesn't kill you first then the various swoop gangs that call this place their home will as they fight over the limited resources. However there are many tall tales of treasure being buried beneath the shifting sea just waiting to be discovered.

  • Major Locations:
Caulro Mining Facility
Colony Mining facility

The Caulro Mining Facility is located within the southern dunes of Grenonine III where the heat is less intense. Constructed on reinforced pillars to protect the facility from the dangerous sandstorms that sweep through the area daily. Originally owned and operated by Czerka Corporation during the Old Republic Era, as they mined for the various resources hidden deep beneath the sand. Today it is one of the many facilities around the system that are apart of the ever expanding network of the Trade Federation.
Ye Old Smuggler's Port

The Cantina and Trade Stop of Ye Old Smuggler's Port is a favored destination of Smugglers and Pirates moving through the Grenonine System. Located within the Mountainous Morzo Valley on Grenonine III. It provides a safe haven to deliver illegal supplies such as spice so that they can be transported by licenced cargo freighters to various systems within the galaxy. The Cantina has a strict confidentiality clause and whatever business that is discussed within will be kept safe from law enforcement.
Town of Albenuz
Canyon Settlement

The Town of Albenuz is a small mining town located within one of the numerous canyon regions of Grenonine III. Originally Founded by the VeriCom Mining Corporation during the High Republic after they discovered the existence of numerous ore deposits scattered throughout the canyon. Although the population of the town would influx daily as workers would die within the harsh conditions and would need to be replaced. VeriCom eventually went out of business and the town was quickly incorporated by the Trade Federation as they moved to establish their hold over the Grenonine System.
City of Suro Maka
New District

The City of Suro Maka is the second largest settlement on Grenonine III. Stretching for a considerable number of miles in each direction. Established during the Old Republic by the First Settlers as they moved further north to establish a new capital city after they abandoned Grystali. Starting out rather small in the beginning with a simple grand hall and housing districts, the Arrival of the Czerka Corporation brought alot of heavy industrialization and the town expanded soon afterwards once more workers arrived. With the subsequent arrival of the Trade Federation, the Town has lost its Capital City status.
Great Scrapper's Yard
Starship Breakers Yard

The Great Scrapper's Yard is a rather large area covering the Western Dunes of Grenonine III. Old Starships from across the Grenonine System are laid to rest as there exterior and interior components are dismantled bit by bit with the excess materials being melted down. It is by far the second largest employer on the planet with as much as 30% of the population working here on the daily for quite meager wages. Many pirates and smugglers looking to upgrade their ship or remove identification marks bring their vessels here where the parts are cheaper than black market brands.
Okyo Shipyards
The Outer territories- Shipyard

The Okyo Shipyards are a rather large repair and construction facility for starships of various makes and models ranging from capital ships to starfighters. Founded by Okyo Shipright during the High Republic, It is located on the very fringes of the City of Suro Maka next to the poorer districts. It provides much of the employment opportunities for the various immigrating species. Although recently operations within the Shipyard have been managed by the Trade Federation.
SudoCom Power Station
The Outer territories- Thermal power plant

The SudoCom Power Station is located within the only volcanic region on Grenonine III. First established by SudoCom Power Company to supply fresh energy to the City of Suro Maka during the High Republic Era. It is a rather large facility spread out across three formidable hill tops looking down on the slow moving lava that crosses the landscape from Mount Dero.
Versi Extraction Facility
Outer territories- mineral extraction

The Versi Extraction Facility is located within the Northern Dunes of Grenonine III. Due to ecological factors the sands are a much different coloration than the other dunes on the planet. The Facility was established by Versi Mining Guild during the High Republic in order to extract minerals and materials previously untapped by other corporations within the Grenonine System. Although the operations take the workers deep into the crust of the planet surface with less than adequate safety measures being in place to prevent mass deaths. With the buying out of the major corporations on Grenonine III by the Trade Federation, the facility has been occupied by their overseers.
Prozero Fuel Station
Outer Territories - Refuelling installation

The Prozero Fuel Station is a large facility located within the western dunes of Grenonine III. First founded by Prozero Fuel Supply during the High Republic to refine fuel imported into the system. It supplies much of the industrial fuel needed to keep a majority of the facilities on the planet active and operational. They have expanded their operations to refuel starships that come into the system in an agreement with Okyo Shipyards. Although recently the facility has been purchased by the Trade Federation.
City of Mecharius
Night city scape

The City of Mecharius is the Capital of Grenonine III located within the Northern Dunes. Recently constructed by the Trade Federation after the absorption of numerous planetary corporations it is the largest settlement on the planet stretching for thousands of miles in each direction. Influenced by the City of Coruscant there are many skyscrapers and neon signs littered the streets and buildings. It is home to a considerable portion of the populace.
Geronzo Station
Outer Territories - Trade Route Station

The Geronzo Station is a large space station that orbits around the Planet of Grenonine III built during the Clone Wars. The station is a thriving world on its own with many venders and merchants setting up stalls within one of the numerous districts. Those who dislike the arid atmosphere of the planet will often purchase a shuttle ticket and become a permanent resident on board.

  • Native Species:
    • None
  • Immigrated Species:
  • Population:
    • Heavy in Settlements
  • Demographics:
    • The Demographics of Grenonine III are generally mixed with a considerable number of human inhabitants living within the cities while the alien population live outside of them. The Planet has no trouble accepting different kinds of species provided they do not cause a mess to the livelihoods of those around them.
  • Primary Languages:
    • Galactic Basic
    • Assortment of Trade Languages
  • Culture:
    • The Grenonini are an example of a culture that adapts to certain factors that have happen during their history when the First Settlers arrived to the present day. While there are certainly groups that practice the old ways as to not lose their traditions, the industrialization of the planet by corporations have affected the people most considerably. With more and more individuals seeking work outside the planet and acquiring skills they need through actual work experience instead of schools. Certain alien cultural practices are accepted and even embraced.
  • Government:
    • Corporate Oligarchy
  • Affiliation:
  • Wealth:
    • The Wealth of Grenonine III can be considered High due to the influx of laborers and planetary exports to neighboring systems along with subsidies by the Trade Federation.
  • Stability:
    • The Stability on Grenonine III can be considered Medium due to the swoop gangs harassing travelers through the eastern dunes and occasionally launching raids against the other settlements. Most of the citizens are law-abiding but there are naturally small pockets of criminal activity within the darker regions of the capital city. Travellers are mostly safe if they stay along the designated routes laid out by the Corporate Council.
  • Freedom & Oppression:
    • In terms of Freedom and Oppression, the people are free to some extent but there is a heavy focus on commerce and production than rights granted. Since everything from banking to housing is controlled by the Trade Federation and the Corporate Council, those who speak out are punished quite quickly. There is a heavy sense of fear within the settlements and many have begun reporting their neighbors for infractions to avoid being accused themselves. Weaponry is illegal within the capital city with various checkpoints set up to scan civilians before they enter.
  • Military:
    • The world of Grenonine III has a fair amount of defenses but cannot be considered a heavy fortress world. The Defense Force maintains a small navy incase of pirate activity within the system but they would be quite outmatched against a much more professional military. Although with the Trade Federation moving into the system, they have established their own forces of mechanized battle droids and naval elements in order to reinforce their claim on the system and prevent factions from occupying.
  • Technology:
    • Galactic Standard

Old Republic Era Records
  • Great Hyperspace War
    • 5000 BBY
      • The First Human Settlers arrive within the Grenonine System, colonizing the planet of Grenonine III. Establishing the City of Grystali within the Eastern Dunes. Although the city is soon abandoned due to mysterious circumstances.
  • Post–Great Hyperspace War counterinvasion
    • 4999 BBY
      • The First Human Settlers moved north and established the City of Suro Maka. Starting out as a rather small settlement with a simple grand hall and housing districts around it. Settlers form a proper government with the First Elected Governor claiming rulership of the Planet of Grenonine III.
  • Jedi Civil War
    • 3959 BBY
      • The Czerka Corporation arrives within the Grenonine System. Founding the Caulro Mining Facility with the discovery of ore deposits and other minerals deep beneath the sands. Becoming the first corporate employer of the population and bringing interstellar trade to the local economy. Allowing for the expansion of the City of Suro Maka as a proper capital city for the planet.

High Republic Records

  • Great Hyperspace Disaster
    • 232 BBY
      • VeriCom Mining Corporation is Founded
      • Prozero Fuel Supply is Founded
      • Versi Mining Guild is Founded
      • Okyo Shipwright is Founded
      • SudoCom Power Company is Founded
  • Nihil Conflict
    • 232 BBY
      • The Town of Albenuz is established by VeriCom Mining Corporation after the discovery of ore deposits within the area. Leading to an explosion of foreign laborers entering into the Grenonine System for employment opportunities. Although the harsh conditions and unforgiving quotas resulted in many deaths.
      • The Okyo Shipyards are established on the fringes of the Capital City of Suro Maka by Okyo Shipwright. Providing repair services to starships passing through the system for a fraction of the price. Providing a safer alternative to the Mining Settlement which attracts a large amount of workers to the docks.
      • The Prozero Fuel Station is established by Prozero Fuel Supply in order to refine fuel moving through the system as more and more freighters arrive bringing an influx of trade and foreign wears.
  • Late High Republic Era
    • 130 BBY
      • The Versi Extraction Facility is established by Versi Mining Guild in order to extract minerals and materials previously untapped by other corporations within the Grenonine System.
      • The SudoCom Power Station is established by SudoCom Power Supply in order to generate energy through volcanic activity for the growing settlements.
Clone War Records

  • Clone Wars
    • 22 - 19 BBY
      • Geronzo Station was constructed
      • The Grenonine System Joins the Confederacy of Independent Systems
      • The Governor of Grenonine III is killed by the Republic Invasion of the System
      • Corporate Council is established by the Major Corporations replacing the Governorship
Chaos Canon

  • Galaxy at War
    • 835 ABY
      • The Gulag Virus spreads into the Grenonine System, killing half of the total population and leaving millions out of work as the major companies within the Corporate Council begin laying off workers to stay profitable. Crime is rampant within the street and the Defense Force is constantly defeated by Pirate Fleets.
  • A New Year
    • 836 ABY
      • The Grenonine System recovers from economic ruination and population decline due to the Gulag Plague. Economic industrialization occurs with the booming of the Corporate Sector, spreading like wildfire through the planets within the system. It is a year of prosperity for the system. Foreign Species of both Animal and Sentient Species are brought in droves aboard freighters and transport ships.
  • Flames of War
    • 838 ABY
      • The Sacking of Coruscant by the Sith sends shockwaves through the Grenonine System as important trade ceases from the Core Worlds and Inner Rim. Leaving many of the population on the verge of bankruptcy and further industrialization is halted costing the Corporate Council millions in credits trying to maintain their rule. A rebellion sparked by workers revolt soon follows and the Defense Forces are overwhelmed. The Capital of Suro Maka is burned to the ground.
  • Annihilation
    • 864 ABY
      • The Commune of Grenonine III is founded to rebuild the Grenonine System following the internal rebellion against the Corporate Council. Colonel Zanibar of the Grenonine Defense Forces launches an Imperial Style Coup against the newly elected civilian government after receiving support from the New Imperial Order after their conquest of Bastion. Zanibar declares himself Lord Visionary of the Grenonine System and establishes the Federation of Grenonine with strong ties to the Bastion Government.
  • Oblivion
    • 867 ABY
      • Lord Visionary Zanibar is overthrown during the Battle of Suro Maka by corporate forces supported by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Federation of Grenonine is dissolved with his death and the Corporate Council is soon reestablished as the rightful rulers of the Grenonine System. Trade once again flows freely through the system and the major companies are once again turning a profit, thus leading to an employment boom on Grenonine III.
  • Rise of the Underworld
    • 874 ABY
      • The Trade Federation moves into the Grenonine System constructing the City of Mecharius on Grenonine III to serve as the System's Capital City. The Federation swiftly absorbs the major companies currently still operating on the planet and assigns its own delegations to the Corporate Council.
      • The Corporate Council Elects Alliance Senator Rulonom Laborr of Skako as Grand Pensionary of Grenonine III and Subsequent Ruler of the Grenonine System.

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