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Approved Location Golbah City, Capital of the Confederacy

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SETTING INFORMATION[*]Wealth: High - Major Government Capital
[*]Stability: High - Functional Metropolis

At a glance, Golbah City is a mammoth metropolis which sprawls across the Geonosian wastes. It is a thriving, modern contradiction to its arid surroundings. Like most metropolitan areas, Golbah City features a well populated skyline and boasts millions of residents. Effective utilization of space was one of the primary concerns whilst erecting the city, and as such Golbah City features numerous subterranean and aerial structures as well. As a whole, the metropolis is partitioned into four sector which vary vastly in size and scope: Royal, Light, Trade and Fringe. Yet, despite their differences, each borough is well defended by a local Garrison of droids, Knights Obsidian, and Mandragora.


The Crown | Royal Sector - The first major sector of Golbah City is known as "The Crown" and was named in homage of the Viceroyalty which meet there. Of the four sectors, this particular area is the one most devoted to political ventures. To this end, a grand assembly is located at its heart. This building, dubbed the Citadel, houses all political meetings which transpire upon Geonosis. Adjacent to this structure is an avenue of diplomatic enclaves dedicated to the allies of the Confederacy. Any representatives or allied guests of the nation can find apex accommodations within. As a whole, one can find any and all political or leadership ventures within the Royal Sector.

The Grid | Light Sector - The second major sector of Golbah City is known as "The Grid" and was aptly-named for its primary role of providing power to the metropolis. As the boundaries of the city continued to swell, the architects took advantage of a local ravine that was only a stone's throw away from Golbah's busiest sector. Here, a plethora of generators - power and shield - were situated. Furthermore, a network of pumps were constructed to make deep groundwater accessible to the population. Over time, the ravine expanded its operations to include minor manufacturing in the form of a local Foundry. While smaller than those operated by the native Hives, this Foundry regularly produces the droids which serve the city at large - as well as their armaments.

The Hub | Trade Sector - The third major sector of Golbah City is actually the first place any visitor sees first. Known as "The Hub", this sector is the commercial center of the metropolis. Here, visitors set foot within the city by means of the local Starport and connected lightrail system. The Hub features practically anything the average person could want: dining options, shops galore, upscale housing, temporary lodgings - the list goes on and on! The Hub has earned its reputation of being "the sector that never sleeps", for if one can dream it, the Trade Sector has it.

The Sprawl | Fringe Sector - The final major sector of Golbah City is easily the roughest of the whole metropolis. Known as the Sprawl, this particular environment is said to be under construction forever. As more visitors and citizens flock to the capital, the demand for additional housing and resources skyrocket. To meet this demand, architects and laborers required a consistent, on-site local to reside while the work continued. Thus, the Sprawl is a much more unrefined portion of Golbah City. Here, lodgings are vastly cheaper and one might actually be able to find a cantina; but the risk of being mugged in a corner is infinitely higher compared to the Hub. In essence, as the City continues to expand, so too does the home of the rough hands which shape it.


When the modern Confederacy resurfaced within the Southern Systems, a wasteland was chosen to be its founding world. While not as fertile as some or as urban as others, Geonosis proved to be a symbolic choice for the budding nation. If its worlds and people could come together to thrive within a harsh wasteland, then certainly they could do the same within a vicious Galaxy. Here, it seemed as though Mother Nature itself wanted the Confederacy's efforts to fail - but perseverance resulted in the urban jewel of the South: Golbah City.

Now, what began as a plethora of Durasteel beams in a duststorm has evolved into a thriving metropolis. Golbah City is a pinnacle of diversity, for its doors as wide open to receive any of the Confederacy's natives as permanent residents. To this end, the city is a melting pot of numerous, Outer Rim cultures; such as Twi'lek. Here, tolerance, the free exchange of ideas, and commerce drive Golbah's rapid expansion. Over the span of its relatively brief existence, it has exploded to encompass a huge swath and land.

Now, millions call Golbah City home.


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