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ForceCon 850, Cosplay Encouraged (Outer Rim Coalition, especially Forcers)

OOC: This thread is open to all ORC members. However, it's specifically tailored to Force-users, which isn't something we do often.
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The Foundation - Community Sector
Orbiting Zonju V
Outer Rim Coalition Territory

Bright lines, clean floors, modern lighting: the Foundation demanded respect. Jorus wore non-muddy boots, faded but clean trousers with an old Corellian bloodstripe, and a long brown coat from the uniform of a Levantine Sanctum captain. He'd also left his gun and toolbelt aboard the Wretched Hive. They didn't fit the conference room or the topic that needed discussing. He'd brought his lightsaber, though, because symbol.

The message had gone something like this:


Esteemed friends and Judges-

It has come to the Council's attention that some of you follow, in whole or in part, the philosophy known as the Dark Side of the Force. While your personal beliefs are your own affair, we are informed that this philosophy’s techniques may change the emotional equilibrium of its practitioners if used to excess. We hope to gain a broader understanding of principles and practices within the Coalition.

Therefore, you are invited to a discussion at Conference Room 147, The Foundation. Attendance is optional. Judge Jorus Merrill will be leading a collaborative dialogue on the following topics:

  • Under what circumstances are destructive Force techniques acceptable?
  • What support and resources do you need in order to progress in your skills?
  • What is your professional opinion of Force sects such as the Silver Jedi, the Sith, the Order of the Sacred Lotus, the Galactic Alliance's New Jedi Order, etc.?
If you cannot attend, please provide your written or recorded thoughts on these topics.

Sincerely, the Coalition Council.

Jak Skirata

Mandalorian. Judge. Sometimes these life labels conflicted, or rather others thought they did. To be a Force user and from a people who see things with confusion and superstition was often difficult. He had to reassure to his comrades and family time and time again that he hadn't become "soft" or "lost his way from the Resol'nare" and from the other side no matter what group of Force users he cooperated with he was told his methods were too harsh, reckless, and reeked of the Dark Side which would eventually destroy his soul.

His starfighter dropped out of Hyperspace near the station, a Mk.2 Purudii Mandalorian starfighter. It was the first time he had actually seen the station despite it being the location most of the Skirata Flotilla had set anchor while they searched for a new home. Luckily the massive Skirata Alor-Class Dreadnaught tethered to the station was able to house most of the clan with the smaller ships housing the rest so as to not burden the station with their own needs.

His fighter docked in the hangar where he was met by Ru Tetsuya, the acting head of clan Skirata. They exchanged a few words as Davin headed for the conference room. He was glad the Outer Rim Coalition was treating his people well. They parted and Davin entered, taking his worn helmet off and setting it on the table alongside his crude lightsaber.
Even under the shadows of his hooded cloak, the lighting was craptastic, practically blinding him. He didn't know if it was just him or that was the goal; blind the tall male with anger issues. Either way he didn't like it.

Standing in all black, he himself hadn't decided to leave his pistols in the ship, they still rested on the small of his back in their holsters. But he did have his sabers out, both located on his outer thighs, strapped down to his black fatigues. He stood out, no doubt, but that was the point. He wanted all to know he wasn't your run of the mill Joe, he wasn't what you'd think he was. He was volatile and sometimes unpredictable, Many of his close friends in the Coalition knew this better than any others.

Moving through the people, he took his "seat" along the wall. Not too close, but not too far to be seen should the need arise.

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To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
Janick, a Judge? One would never think that would be the case: she was best known for supplying Judges with alchemized alcohol and equipment for the more... dark-sided of the gang. Like [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]. She might be familiar with the Outer Rim Coalition, having even fought on a few occasions alongside Judges, but she wore something like her non-armorweave dress. The very same she wore in that cantina where one [member="Bryce Bantam"] might have seen her for the first time. And [member="Joza Perl"]. Oh and the list of invited people contained names such as [member="Jorus Merrill"], [member="Kira Vaal"], two Jedi Masters, as well as [member="Dax Fyre"] and [member="Leo Vandermolen"], to say nothing of [member="Sanya Val Swift"]. By all accounts, Janick came unarmed because there were some issues with her Sith sword that might take time to resolve. Perhaps some might be interested in getting bottles of alchemized lum or alchemized mead... and yet, going to conference room 147, where she would meet with the other big names among the Judges, was an appealing opportunity to sell them the alchemized booze even though the topic of today's meeting was, to her eyes, discussed to death over multiple channels and with so many people at once.
[member="Davin Skirata"] [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"] [member="Janick Beauchamp"]

One Mandalorian, helmet off. One tall young man in black, armed as heavily as the Mando. One brunette in a long dress. He'd seen the man in black - Nate, folks called him, one of the people who'd taken down that Darr Itah in the Adeline Cluster. The other two didn't ring a bell. The same went for several others who'd come in.

That right there was as much of the point as the Dark Side issue. The Force-sensitives of the Outer Rim Coalition just... didn't...know each other all that well.

“Hi, folks. I'm Jorus.” He snagged a pastry from a tray and slid the rest down the table toward them.
The Starfury burst from hyperspace with minimal fanfare, as it was intended to do. Mira manipulated the controls with relative ease as she landed in a hanger on The Foundation. She powered down the ship, flipping switches here and there. The whining sound of engines powering down filled her ears as she reached up and pulled the helmet free from her head. She glanced over her shoulder at the BB unit in the socket seated outside the cockpit just as the canopy began to rise. “Pixel, check engine three – I think the coolant line isn’t putting out what it’s supposed to and it’s overheating at full throttle.”

The orange and white BB unit let off a few beeps of affirmation as Mira departed the cockpit. The cooler air of the hanger hitting the exposed flesh of her face and through the thinness of her bodysuit. She shivered slightly and sighed, wishing now more than ever she had worn a jacket over the top half. With a shrug, she moved on to whatever waited her beyond the polished durasteel, brightly lit hanger. Thankfully, this time around it wasn’t trouble for once. Mira was in very familiar, very friendly territory – so she wasn’t as tense as one might expect.

She did, however, come without a noticeable presence in the Force.

The reasons were her own; the cause was the talisman around her neck. Mira didn’t care for any of them to know but she assumed someone would press why she would even be present to such a thing if she was not wielding the Force – so as a symbolic measure, she brought her sabers with her. Though the sabers wouldn’t be visible to anyone, they were there – in a satchel on her side. Mira entered the conference room per the instructions, gazing at one individual after another before nodding to Master Merrill.

“Sorry I’m late. Took the scenic route.” She smirked and found herself a seat, pulling the satchel off of her person and setting it down on the table. She gave Jorus a nod of acknowledgement. “It’s good to see you Master Merrill.”

[member="Jorus Merrill"] | [member="Janick Beauchamp"] | [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"] | [member="Davin Skirata"]
Leo's feet gently padded across the hallway as he made his way to the conference room, his only weapon a bottle of Corellian whiskey tucked neatly in a side-pocket. Clad in his usual trench coat and leather, he'd made n attempt to at least look partially presentable. He opened the door to Room 147 and glimpsed some familiar faces before him, and some not. "I'm here, and alive... partially." He chided, taking a seat at the large table in the centre of the room.

Leo surveyed the room at the faces before him, settling on Jorus. "Hey boss man, what's the order of business for today?" He pondered. With a room full of forcers, the power Leo could sense from each individual was overwhelming on its own, but combined? The contents of this room could bring down a Star Destroyer without breaking a sweat, probably, and he felt it was only going to be added to.

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She kept her arrival quiet, the Falcon having docked half way through the day before, allowing Kira to enter without too much announcement by the whisperings of the planetary guards. Giving only the slightest of nods to the closet attendees at the door her form slid between the amassed group, hidden from view by a hood covering her face. It would be only now that as she sat with a slight sigh at the table the young Jedi would allow the hood to fall away from her features and let it be seen by those in attendance, most of which had probably never met her personally before.

“Kira Vaal.” She waved her hand in greeting, pausing to smile towards [member="Jorus Merrill"] who was so far one of the only familiar faces to her. It was a simple introduction, but would do for the opening of what could be a rather heated discussion.

[member="Leo Vandermolen"] | [member="Mira Rekali"] | [member="Janick Beauchamp"] | [member="Davin Skirata"] | [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]


The cutest capitalist thief you will ever see
B'kik entered room 147.
While having nyeta training in the force B'kik decided to come just to learn about the dark side of the force
He decided he would be pretty much quiet and only listen
Even without any training in the force B'kik could sense the power of everyone being in loo this room

Jak Skirata

The tray slid to a stop in front of Davin, its fluffy, yet flaky contents enticing him to devour them all. He too snagged one of the pastries and set it down on the table next to him satisfied with his pick. Jorus Mereel. He knew the man and...many of his exploits well. He was the only one here he knew, though he doubted he would know Davin from last name alone as there were hundreds if not thousands that claimed the name Skirata.

"Good to finally meet the master pilot in the flesh. I've heard a lot about you-" before he could finish his thought more and more unfamiliar faces began to trickle in to the conference room. It was beginning to feel a little cramped.

It seemed like he missed the cue as one by one the members began to give their name.

"Davin Skirata, good to be finally putting names to faces. Su cuy'gar Rekali'ad," he gave a nod to of recognition to Mira, "But what is this meeting for?"

@B'kik [member="Kira Vaal"] [member="Leo Vandermolen"] [member="Mira Rekali"] [member="Jorus Merrill"] [member="Janick Beauchamp"] [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]
The Reaper of Won Shasot
Dax opened the door of the conference room quietly and peeked his head in. Blast, it'd already started...oh well. At least it wasn't like he'd be the only fool, others had just arrived as well. Opening the door fully, the Rogue Master walked in and mock saluted everyone in greeting. "Call it a 'safe and open forum to discuss the use of the Dark Side'" he replied to the Mandalorian's ([member="Davin Skirata"]) question. Looking around the room he already saw some familiar faces. Some of whom he knew dabbled, others who wouldn't touch the Dark Side with a ten foot pole. And then there was he and [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]...avidly trained, but inevitably changed, and not necessarily for the better.

Dax went straight for the of immediately after the his entrance. Ooh cookies!

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To boldly alchemize what no one alchemized before
"I'm Janick Beauchamp"

Free pastries? Janick couldn't help but think of what to alchemize pastries for, while she ate the pastries. Again, as with all things consumable, pastries would best benefit from alchemical effects that are temporary in nature. For use as stimulants, for instance. But when [member="Jorus Merrill"] realized that the Coalition's FUs didn't know each other that well. New arrivals to today's meetinf included @B'kik, [member="Mira Rekali"]. While she readily recognized [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"] because he ordered alchemized black fatigues from her, [member="Davin Skirata"] or [member="Dax Fyre"] she could finally put names on their faces. A forum on the safe usage of the dark side? That's a topic even NFUs discuss on a regular basis, especially if one works in the policy side of security or diplomacy, she thought, while pondering what comes next, and also remembering what Sadal told her and, in turn, what she told Sadal back in that bar: the content of that conversation would come up once again.

"While I realize fora on the safe usage of the dark side, formal and informal, are common especially if someone works in the policy side of security, the content of these discussions is usually quite different depending on whether Force-users or not are involved. Hopefully it will get interesting, especially with the variety of uses one can make of the dark side"
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Jorus brushed crumbs off his stubble and wiped his fingers on a napkin. "Dax hit the nail on the head. I know for a fact that a lot of Coalition Forcers get closer to the Dark Side than most Jedi would be comfortable with. I steer clear of the Dark Side myself, but some of my best and most trusted friends are folks that use anger to focus and aren't above a little selfishness. You can put your minds at ease if you think I'm here to preach at you."

He took a long look around the room; his eyes settled on Dax. "So here's the deal. The Coalition Council's asked me to take a straw poll and see if we can't come to a consensus about what's acceptable and what's not. Nobody in the ivory tower gives a crap what you believe, or how mad you get in a fight, or whether you like to make a little extra on the side, or whether you've got a taste for ambition. That's all your business, not theirs and not mine. What they care about is making sure half of us don't turn into Sith Lords and go rampaging across Wild Space, twisting minds and cutting folks up. So yeah, question for the room. What are some sensible limits? I'm not talking specific abilities, unless you think that's worth talking about; mostly I'm talking behavior. What do we stand for, and what's too much? What makes someone on our turf a real problem?"
Unfortunately Joza couldn’t attend given she was stuck on Coruscant for a conference that lasted several days. What she managed to do, however, was rig up the dustiest old holoprojector the Outer Rim had to join the conversation from her hotel room.

“Is thi—can you—no, hit—other butto—guys—hear me?” The image of the Zeltron woman flickered to life…and then off again, then back on and off and on until it finally stabilized for the time being. Seated at some point around the table, her eyes flickered to see who was in the room from her limited perspective. When things settled, Jorus posed a question on a topic where the Coalition typically sat idle. A scarlet brow arched. There’s an ivory tower?

One thing she’d always liked about the Coalition was how accepting it was of those coming from different walks of life, and their continuing that same walk in many cases. But with the First Order and Galactic Alliance swelling, along with the Sith on the horizon at the other end of the galaxy, they had to hash something out. Even a vague code of conduct for what they would tolerate and what they would not, at the least.

The hologram cleared her throat. “Safe to say that any sort of genocide is out, yeah? I understand that we might need to pull a tooth or two sometimes, but-” The projection flickered and her next sentence got a little choppy before smoothing out. “-probably best to keep civilians out of the line of fire when we can. We're not here to bring war to anyone.” Not always possible given the circumstances they often found themselves in.

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Jorus also mentioned something about cos-play in this message, well at least to Bryce anyhow. So when Bryce showed up in full Reven gear he pretty much knew the joke was on him and played along with it. Taking the heavy Phink helm from his head he placed it on the table grabbed a cookie and some blue milk.

"Sorry for my late arrival, this Reven stuff is tough to come by. I would say we stay away from force drain, and of course major alchemy. Like the brew [member="Janick Beauchamp"] makes is cool and mostly harmless, well long term... we are not even thinking of sanctioning that poodoo we have to fight on Demonsgate all those years back. Rule of thumb maybe what, you can do anything you want to yourself but the moment it starts harming innocents you crossed the line."

After saying his peace Bryce began dunking his cookie in the milk and waiting for the others to have their say. It was be a group effort what ever they decided.

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Waiting for everyone else to finish their perspective claims and parts in the conversation, he stepped forward. Watching the group part before him was a great self-esteem booster, really made him feel loved and wanted. Lips pressed together slightly as he ran his eyes over everyone around him drawing out the silence. Subconsciously, as he hated the lights, the light above him started to flicker, making him look even more ominous. All black, hood up, armed to the gills, burning eyes glowing from under his hood. Undoubtedly spoke "Hi, I like all of you so much I could just hug you!"

Finally, his monotone voice rang out, his hand coming out from underneath his cloak to wave with certain words. "From experience, I would have to say something along the same lines as Joza... mass slaughter of the innocents, any type of show of destructive power, shooting first, asking questions later. Sometimes it's the small things that count." Unfortunately, the light above him sparked and exploded, showering him in sparks but he continued none the less. "Some of us... *ahem* I am most at fault for this one, need to limit our connections and interactions with those who deem it fit to go, and I quote 'rampaging across the galaxy'... who we are associated outside of the Coalition is a direct reflection of ourselves. We're basically shooting ourselves in the foot in that aspect."

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[member="Joza Perl"] [member="Bryce Bantam"] [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"]

He did his best not to flinch when the light sparked. That Nate kid had gotten strong when Jorus wasn't looking, and his wild, raw power didn't have much to do with Jedi or Sith. It did, however, have a metric fethton to do with the realities of life in Wild Space.

"Good gorram points all around. Keep innocent folks out of harm's way, no life sucking death fields and all that, no messing with the uglier kinds of alchemy, watch out who you're in bed with. Makes a ton of fething sense far as I'm concerned.

"What about the rest of y'all?"

Sanya Val Lerium

Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko
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Sanya was short behind Bryce as she made her entrance dressed in the underlay of her robes. She still lacked in clothes since most of hers was left behind on sekalus. It's easy to say she'd need a new wardrobe. Unfortunately that would be a while. Just about every credit went into construction of settlements for her people. She could barely spare fifty credits that she allowed her self weekly when she was away from the new world. She had caught some of what was said and the message was clear what the discussion was. "I also apologize for been late. I'm yet without a hyperlane route so yeah." She said in a sort of quite voice. Her tail would swing low flicking at the tip.

"I think we all understand here that blatent murder is just wrong and it's not just force users that do that. We just get spotlighted for them because of our abilities. In my general opinion the idea of dark and light is more a reflexion on the person and not the abilities as a whole. Most of the time it is down to the individuals choices of how they use them. Now I can agree there are some abilities that are dangerous and shouldn't be used freely unlsee it's a dire situation. I'm speaking of the ones that cause pointless extreme pain on a living being. I also agree that alchemy should be limited to what those who practice it should be aloud to do with it. I've seen first hand what it does and it scares me." She said inputting into the discussion. As she spoke Sanya took a seat and placed her new lightsabers upon the desk. Some in the room may possibly pick up on the force strongly resonating from one.

"If I may I think we should include in this discussion later on is what we do if someone does cross the line."
The Foundation// Station Security//Docking Report
Transport: ‘The Obsidian Dagger’ , YT-1930 Transport
Registered Owner: Lord Garith Darkhold of Atrisa
Ships Current Registration Code: Alderaan Royal Transponder Code, Designation Eleven.
The Foundation Information Report: Lord Garith Darkhold is presumably one of the last living Lords of the Atrisian Empire, before its fall to the One Sith. He was reported as missing before the One Sith took Atrisa. Last reported location before he went missing was on Coruscant, in a meeting with a Republic Senator named D’stat. Lord Darkhold went missing just shortly after the meeting had taken place. His daughter [member="Faith Organa"] made many public enquiries. But all investigations turned up with nothing but speculations. One of the major working theories is that the One Sith was behind his abduction. One piece of evidence to support this theory was, Lord Garith Darkhold was working on publicly given Atrisian support to The Republic. The Atrisia Lord has recently resurfaced at a Royal Alderaan dinner party. The Atrisian Lord has made no attempt thus far to return the Atrisa and return to governing.

~The Outer Rim Forcecon 850~
Garith, The Elder Dark Kashi was late. He was strolling down a corridor to the place of the meeting. Honestly he was debating if he actually wanted to go. He honestly did not wish to be in place to govern nor determine how anyone should live. He was still in the process of determining how he should live. The walk down the corridor seemed arduous. A smirk came to his lips. The comparison of his walk down a corridor in relation he was in his long life, the uncertainty of it all.

This fact remained, he liked being able to go to Avalon for an accessional drink. It was a good place to find a drink away from wars and political debauchery. It also had to be politically easier on his daughter Faith. Not everyone would understand his dark past. They would only see him from their own perspective. Garith had always cared. That was his Achilles Heel. It is why he had fallen from being a Guardian of the Breath to a Sith Lord, the pain of loss of family. Now that he had family again, that he could remember what he forced himself to forget. It gave him plenty to think about. The truth as he knew it came crashing down around him. The questioned remained in his mind. Was he going to forge a new path or continue down the path he had walked the majority of his life?

His unconscious mind must have known something he did not, because he was already at the door way. Beyond the door way he heard [member="Sanya Val Swift"] ‘s voice talking about the Force and its uses. Garith entered the room. Today he was not wearing beskar’gam. He was just wearing ordinary clothing for casual occasions. Shirt, pants, socks, belt, and shoes. Nothing he wore was out of the ordinary. His shirt did cover his back and upper arms. Some of them would alarm some people he might come across. That is if they could read Mando’a and High Sith. He did carry his saber on his belt. After he came into the room, he took a seat over by the door. He was here mainly to listen. Whatever was decided here would affect him. After all he did like to go to Avalon for a drink every once and a while.

[member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"] // [member="Bryce Bantam"] // [member="Joza Perl"] // [member="Jorus Merrill"] // [member="Janick Beauchamp"] // [member="Dax Fyre"] // [member="Davin Skirata"] // @B'kik// [member="Kira Vaal"] // [member="Leo Vandermolen"] // [member="Mira Rekali"]
Mira’s vermillion eyes would widen in realization that she had completely forgotten to introduce herself. “Ah, sorry. Mira Rekali.” She blurted out suddenly, taking note of each person as they had passed through introductions. Her eyes stopped on [member="Davin Skirata"] for a moment, holding his gaze with her own. “Su cuy'gar, burc'ya.” She nodded before turning back to the discussion about the Force, more specifically the dark side. Mira thought back to the moments she immersed herself in the darkness of the Force. A shudder passed through her as she remembered the sensation of the cold dark flames licking at her core, the sense of helplessness and the sudden rush of anger unimaginable. She told herself she did it for good reason, perhaps it was for survival or maybe protecting someone in the heat of the moment. In reality, it was always foolish and had consequences on her mind and body. As the discussion continued to progress and Jorus nommed on some treats, Mira continued to reminisce on the last time.


When she had did a side mission for the Galactic Alliance. It was about the time that her mother had died and Mira was in a strange place. She remembered the consequences for her actions and the pain that it brought. It almost cost the life of [member="Roth Tillian"] but her own as well, as she was locked in a heated battle with [member="Soeht"]. Ever since then, Mira had become infused with an uncontrollable fear and anxiety that caused her to flee to the Unknown Regions and immerse herself into a deep meditation. Eventually, she returned to the Galaxy at large but as a completely changed woman. Unable to connect to the Force and be touched by those who had the Force. This was attributed to some by her experiences prior to leaving for the UR, in reality it was due to the talisman around her neck.

Mira continued to stare at the table, appearing lost in thought. Her voice was a bit soft as she spoke up suddenly. “We cannot control what people do, but I believe the dark side is something we should always be wary of.” She knew she couldn’t say that avoiding it outright was advisable, she’d be a hypocrite. “It’s a situational thing.” Mira looked up with crimson orbs to [member="Jorus Merrill"] specifically. He no doubt knew about her situation where his daughter saved her on Coruscant. “Life and death can cause even the most battle hardened to falter.” She nodded sagely.

“Should one of us stray beyond what is acceptable – then we should be prepared to take that person into custody and attempt to help them.” Mira winced slightly at the notion of giving compassion to someone who might have gone completely off the reserve. “However…” She looked to each practitioner in the room, taking a moment to gaze at each one of them in the eyes. Be they hologram or person – they’d understand the gravity of her next statement. “Should they be lost, we must be prepared to do what is best and take them down. Judge, jury, and executioner.”

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