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Flooding the Factory

Recently there has been a large influx of submissions directed at the technology and starship factory forums, with a high percentage of these belonging to the same few people. At present we are down to just one tech judge, which means that on the surface all of the tech submissions go to them - that's a heavy burden to place onto one man's shoulders; go and look at that part of the factory yourself, and you'll see what I mean.

I'm going to ask that the rate at which some of you are submitting your factory submissions slows down. I notified a few of you via PM about this, but it seems it fell upon deaf ears - so here's your official warning.

Remember that the factory is a privilege, not a right.
Chaos-God of Gluttony
I hope that I am not a huge part of this, though I know I've been in the factory a lot more recently. I was PMed so hopefully I'm in the clear.

I have a question though, about the Factory Judges. Can anyone be a Factory Judge? Are they part of Staff meetings? I'm probably not the greatest candidate for it but with a little guidance and a little flexibility with my schedule I could volunteer as a helping hand.
@[member="Darth Voracitos"]

If you were PM'd and you eased up then you're fine.

And yes, whenever there's a "Looking for Factory Judges" application anyone can apply. Not guaranteed to be chosen of course but the option is there all the same.


Like Lightning
Forgive me Father for I have sinned........

Um I didn't get a Pm but recently I have done a few all in a row. and I will now stop.

at least for a while.


Haven't seen a PM yet or made much recently, but I will make a point of avoiding submitting anything new for a while. :)
It's Real to Pretend
Fabula Cavataio said:
We have one active Tech Judge and one on leave. We're not currently looking for new recruits. We are, however, looking for people to calm it down in the Factory.
Wouldn't it be simpler to just double up on the factory judges? More of them can then handle more submissions, which is less worry for RPJs(like @[member="Darth Kyros"]) and admins(like yourself, @[member="Fabula Cavataio"]). Not to mention it gets more people involved with tech - the first time since the tech boards opened that there were less than a dozen subs were when we had two tech judges for every forum, after all.
Your suggestion will be taken into consideration and if the Factory leadership changes it's direction, they'll let everyone know.
@[member="Circe Savan"]

Doubling up on the factory judges won't help when the issue is coming from people throwing x number of submissions in each evening, before any of their others have been checked over. Patience is a virtue, one which is severely under-practised these days.


I'm Sexy and I Know It
@[member="War Hydra"]
*feeds the Hydra Jawa snacks*

Yeah, I've been submitting one, maybe two, per factory section and waiting until it gets looked over and/or approved before I submit another. I've got a couple waiting in the wings, but I'm trying to RP with what I've got as I get it. Speaking of which, yay for selling some cruisers!