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Approved Starship Fang Advance Fighter

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  • Manufacturer: MandalMotors
  • Model: Fang Advance Type Starfighter
  • Affiliation: Elite and Special Forces Groups in Mandalorian Minor and Major Factions

  • Production: Limited
  • Material:
    Mandalorian Steel
  • Starship Parts
  • Glasteel

  • Classification: Starfighter
  • Length: 11 meters
  • Width: 6 Meters
  • Height: 3 Meters
  • Armament: Moderate
    Two Linked Heavy Repeating Blaster Cannon
  • Two Linked Ion Cannons
  • Two Wing Mounted Laser Canons
  • Flex Tube Missile Launcher

[*]Defenses: Average
[*]Squadron Count: Very Low: 4
[*]Maneuverability Rating: Extreme
[*]Speed Rating: Moderate
[*]Hyperdrive Class: None
  • Inertial Dampner
  • Life Support Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Combat Sensor Suite
  • Standard Starship Systems
  • S-Foils
  • Pivot Wing Mechanism
  • Advanced Thrust Vector Control
  • Advanced Maneuvering Jets

  • Small Profile: The small profile of the fighter makes it difficult to hit
  • Advanced Manuevering System: The onboard system combined with the advanced jets and thrust vector control allow for an incredibly agile starfighter
  • Lack of a Hyperdrive
  • Wing Mounted Engines: Crucial to the maneuverability of the fighter, targeting these jets and destroying them can send the fighter wildly out of control.
Description: An ancient Mandalorian design pulled from the Old Empire and Old Republic eras, the Fang fighter provided the Mandalorians with one of the best fighters in the Outer Rim. Upon finding the flight and simulator data within the memory banks of derlict Basilisk war droids MandalMotors engineers went to work at bringing this ancient design to life. Equipping it with modern weapons, engines, shields, and armor systems the fighter proved to be ahead of its time, out classing MandalMotors' own Purudi II-class fighters in 9 tests out of 10. The design was passed around different engineering teams until it slowly became something else entirely.

Opting for a single, powerful, main ion engine and 4 secondary engines fixed to the ends of both wings, the starfighter was able to match pace with most modern fighters in mock simulated races. The four engines fixed to the wings were then modified which gave them the ability to be individually articulated by an advanced maneuvering system developed to aid the pilot in the complicated maneuvers. Both wings were able to be rotated, raised, and lowered allowing for intense and confusing combat maneuvers, keeping opponents on their toes in dogfights.

Despite being the premier Mandalorian dogfighter, the Fang Advance had several weaknesses, chief among them was its lack of a hyperdrive leaving the fighter confined to single systems or carriers. Early models of the fighter prototype came equipped with hyperdrives or hyperspace ring adapters but the added bulk of those systems combined with the weight of Mandalorian Steel and modern weapons threw off flight balance too much to be worth the risk of the pilots life.
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