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Ready For Judge FAE/CRP.01 "Viridis" Gardening Droid


Reprogrammed Astromech

  • Intent: To provide a droid specializing in gardening, farming, and all things flora.
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  • Plant-life Integration - Viridis units have a symbiotic relationship is flora. Not only are they designed to keep plants and crops healthy and attended to, Viridis units also have the sufficient storage and nourishment necessary for plants to grow inside and on top of them. As such, this allows the droid to take the plant wherever it goes, usually in gorgeous sunlight, while simultaneously being able to take care of it.
  • Green Encyclopedia - Programmed to tend to all flora, Viridis droids are well-versed in every last species without even needing to scan and analyse them. They know immediately what its health is at, what it needs in order to flourish, its planet of origin, and all other types of information.
  • Best of Both Worlds- Viridis units are completely capable droids while also holding a substantial amount of organic matter as a result of their close relationship with plants. This means that they can provide any utility a droid can, as well as carry over its plant-life with it. This effect can vary depending on what species of plant it is -- a blooming plant can help fertilize those in need, or a poisonous plant can be carried to spread lethal results to the droid's surroundings.
    • Organic - Due to many Viridis units having clinging plants, lifeform scanners may mistake the droid for an organic. This can be for good (such as if it were attempting to disguise as a non-droid), or for bad (if it was trying to escape and its organic half was detected).
  • Acidic - Programmed to handle weeds, Viridis units contain acidic properties stored inside them so they can quickly kill any harmful matter to their crops. While this isn't inherently deadly to any non-flora organics, the droid's unique acid is highly psychedelic and can induce hallucinogenic effects if one is to come into contact with a high amount.
  • Elemental Resistance- The galaxy has a wide array of flora in a wide array of environments. Viridis units are designed to suffer minimal damages when traversing various biomes that may otherwise be dangerous. Their metal is acidproof, and doesn't rust when in large bodies of water. While it isn't advised to remain inside for long periods of time, Viridis units are able to stay within pools of lava for minutes without beginning to take damage.
  • One Trick Pony - While they have the accessibility required to be reprogrammed, Viridis units by default are strictly programmed to tend to flora and flora alone. They may provide additional support with the aid of their scomp links, but their primary function is to farm and nurse plants, and are incredibly dedicated to that specific task.
  • Not A Fighter - Despite their acid designed to kill weeds, Viridis units are not built for combat and have no direct form of harming any non-flora organics. They are incapable of defending themselves and usually don't even have the self-preservation programming necessary to even bother when confronted. They aren't particularly durable outside of elemental damage, making most Viridis units an easy kill.
  • Strict Programming - Viridis units are forbidden by their programming to harm any healthy plants. This feature cannot be overridden. Their care for plant matter comes before their own, and as such it isn't uncommon for Viridis units to allow themselves to die while protecting their flora.

Deciding to tap into a near untouched market, First United Astral Engineering began manufacturing droids suited for the little guy - a droid designed to tend to manual labor, to the farm life, and for gardening. While farming droids had existed in the past, production began on the most advanced and ambitious model yet, surpassing its technologically inferior relative, the R0/5T.N1 tree feeder. With the equipment necessary to both manage and host flora, the CRP.01 gardening droid - nicknamed the "Viridis" line - sought to combine the efforts of previous labor droids by having the nimbleness and delicate nature to rapidly nurse plant life while remaining at a far less inconvenient size, fitted with equipment to inform their owners of their flora's health.

Viridis units are dedicated workers, prioritising the wellbeing of its surroundings over themselves, designed to intimately bond with the flora they tend to for the best possible outcome of their owner's greenery. Viridis are cheap, dedicated, and entirely worth your time, giving you the opportunity to focus on other tasks, leaving the tedious cycle of nursing plant life to your loyal gardening droid - programmed to never harm or detriment your products.
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