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{Faction} Tea for two OOC

Theodosius Organa

Lost Prince of Alderaan
Any politicians from the Republic are free to join this. So far the thread is taking place at the Castle Organa based on the coastal city of Apalis Alderaan. Theo with his mother’s approval and his Aunt Rianna have been handling the affairs of the Organa family.
Theo was a Force user on other boards but in transferring him over here I thought of a healthy fun change. He will be a natural politician handling the affairs of the Organa House. So his aspirations are only managing the Noble House of Organa.
I thought this forum would be the best place to put this as there will be Republic Politics (Alderaan Politics) happening in this thread. All Politicians or anyone from the Republic is welcome to join this thread.


Jack Sparrow

Devil, Philosopher, and Beverage Connoisseur
Tea? Wait, tea? Oh yes, the brown water with the leaves in it. Wretched stuff, but still, sacrifices must be made in the name of political comeuppances and regurgitations. I hope at least there will be bodice rippings or a murder most foul. I see the angry ones have already stomped around and left their mudprints on your clean tile floors.