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Faction Interest Check

the bedbound bard
Okay guys, so as you know the Je'daii were created just under a Month ago, but we've hardly gotten off the ground. As such I'm looking to change it up quite a bit, and would like to see if anyone would be interested both in the Faction and in bringing about these changes. I'm looking for some dedicated members - Preferably not alts which won't get used.​
So here's the idea. The Je'daii aren't the forefront of the Faction. I'm wanting to build up a new Faction that will strive to become Major, giving people something to aim towards, which in turn allows for more Faction-orientated roleplay.​
So where would the Je'daii fit in? They'd be the Force-User base, but the Faction will not revolve around them. Instead they will accompany, like the Jedi in the Republic/The Prophets in LotF, etc. I think it would work more efficiently.​
I'd like the input of all current members that are willing to be dedicated, as well as anyone else on the board.​
Note that this is different from the initial set up as the former government was purely Je'daii based, and I'm planning on changing this completely if interest is captured.
Thanks - Libby.​
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I'm in! :)

What should we call this new faction, then?

@[member="Levia Sol"]
the bedbound bard
I thought you'd be all "EWW JE'DAII" but thanks for the moral support Joshy <3

@[member='Emahana'] @[member='Heironeous'] @[member='Zack Danheir']
Good to see we have the Healers onboard!