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Faction Ad: The Rebel Alliance

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A single message reaches your datapad. It's encrypted, and the message itself seems spotty at best, but it hails from an official comm hub somewhere out in Sith Space. Some individuals might have cleaned up the message themselves, others waited until those more skilled than themselves could do so. Either way, the message in full found its way onto the holonet the next day after having been uploaded by a Rebel sympathizer.
Upon opening the message, one is greeted by the image of a modified rebel starbird that seems to have been spliced with the emblem of the Jedi Order. A man's voice speaks over the still image.
"Brothers and sisters, it is time to rise against your imperial oppressors. The Sith Empire has been allowed to expand uninhibited for too long. Those of us that call the stretch of land that they have taken home are forced to live under the imperial boot. Their propaganda machine tells us that we live better lives within the empire, that we are safe beneath the cloak of the emperor, but we are not naive. We have seen the atrocities committed in the Sith Empire's name years ago, and those tragedies have no been forgotten."​
"This message was created so that the worlds within Sith's domain are not resigned to that fate. This message itself was transmitted from a captured Sith comm hub during the recent conflict on Jaminere. The simple fact that you're seeing this at all is proof enough that the Sith can absolutely be beaten, we only need to pick our battles."
"This is a call to arms across the galaxy. To any living soul that wishes to face the Sith Empire, we open our arms to you. To all those living in fear of Sith tyranny, we come to aid you. To those that would try to stamp out a sentient's right to choose how they live their life, we come for you."
"For those of you that feel the fire in your hearts as we do, we await you."
The message fell silent.

What is the Rebel Alliance?

  • A ragtag collection of individuals with a grudge against the Sith Empire. Rebel characters hail from every corner of the galaxy, and the diversity of the group makes it difficult to label them as anything other than a militarized movement. ICly, we are a tight-knit group of characters that the alliance has been built around. The faction caters to our stories, not the other way around. Faction members will find a hub on our first SSD once it has been subbed, the idea being that the majority of the faction will live aboard and crew this vessel. We are seeking to create a vibe similar to KOTOR and the Mass Effect series wherein character arcs take precedence over galaxy related issues. We aim to establish realistic and emotionally moving storylines via the bonds that will hopefully be built through this process between our characters.

What makes your faction different?

  • The Rebel Alliance runs on a purely IC basis. We plan our invasions ICly. We plan our dominions ICly. Every action the group takes is decided upon by IC discussion. The alliance was designed to have as little OOC influence over our roleplay as possible. This has resulted in an organic story that feels grounded in the way it is told. To coincide with this, the Rebel Alliance enforces consequences upon its characters.

What kind of consequences do you mean?

  • To put it simply, when something is lost, it doesn't come back. The alliance has a finite amount of ships in its fleet that we keep track of. If a ship is destroyed, it's gone forever, and a new one must be bought from the manufacturers. If a military unit is wiped out, they will not be replaced until another unit is trained to fulfill their old role. This is to ensure that our stories remain grounded within the laws of the Star Wars universe, adding tension to threads that would otherwise have no stakes. These consequences stretch to characters as well.

What do you mean they'll stretch to characters? Is the faction going to force me to kill my character?

  • No. The Rebel Alliance cannot force a writer to do anything they do not wish to. Rather, the way we enforce consequences for characters is something of a matter of honor on the writers' part. If your character decides to bomb a civilian settlement, you can expect a public trial to follow shortly thereafter. If you're captured by the enemy, the faction is going to have to do a thread or two tracking you down before we can launch a rescue mission. This, as the rules before, is to keep the story grounded dodging character consequences is not something we can police, but faction members that do so will at first receive a warning, and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the faction as a whole depending on their transgressions. An example of this would be a character having murdered a senator to achieve his ends, that character then being put on trial, and teleporting out of the prison a thread later because they want to avoid having their character put in jail. If this is preplanned and threaded out prior, then it is fine, but doing so with no IC basis is godmoding in the alliance's eyes and will likely result in expulsion from the faction.

Can you give me an example of an IC basis?

  • This message itself is an example of our dedication to IC interaction. Our faction ad could not be launched until the alliance managed to take control of a Sith comm hub, which it did so for a total of around five seconds during the rebellion of Jaminere.

Okay, what's your policy on Dark Siders?

  • Followers of the Dark Side may join the Rebel Alliance if they have a feasible means of hiding their nature from alliance members. Characters that openly utilize the Dark Side as their primary source of power will be rejected at the door. Neutral and Light Sided characters are wholly welcome.

I would join, but there is someone in the faction I don't like. How can you guarantee it won't turn into a salt fest?

  • The alliance prides itself on maturity. Our chats are heavily moderated for any kind of defamation of character, poodootalking, or otherwise problematic lines of dialogue. As the leader of the alliance, I personally believe that holding grudges over the internet is very childish. We are all roleplaying together. Be an adult, and give other people a chance to show you they're more than what you've categorized them to be in your head. 9 times out of 10, they will surprise you. The alliance believes in the ideal of story taking precedence over all OOC matters when it comes to this forum. We are not afraid to lose, and understand that IC failure is a means for IC growth as well. Faction members that ignore this mandate will receive warnings, and will be let go from the faction should that behavior continue.

This faction seems very restrictive on what I can and cannot do. This is giving me a bit of hesitation.

  • The alliance is and it isn't. We encourage our writers to do whatever they wish, even allowing individual characters to run invasions of their own accord so long as they write up the proper preparations. That being said, we believe a certain amount of structure is required to establish a greater degree of immersion. You will never be told you cannot do something OOCly because it affects the faction, because doing so is considered godmoding in the our eyes. That being said, one must deal with the IC consequences that follow. We have our rules in place to keep a level of order. If these rules do not sit well with you, then another faction might suit you better.

How do you plan to deal with other factions?

  • Civilly. The alliance will endeavor to be friendly with all other factions on an OOC in every event. We will collaborate whenever another faction desires to, but we are also not beholden to those factions. If our story revolves around us invading a faction, and that faction does not wish to play along, then we will move forward anyway. We will endeavor to work with the factions we contest as much as possible, but our storyline won't be stonewalled because of reluctance on any other faction's part. That being said, our faction members are instructed not to respond to salt of any kind. We wish to see the forum become a more friendly and open place, and generally believe that kindness given will eventually be returned.

What is your recruitment process?

  • Established characters must be recruited into the faction ICly before joining any official threads. The alliance will hold open threads regularly for recruitment purposes, and most of our members are open to RPing with you one on one should that be more your speed. Newly created characters written for the purpose of being in the alliance do not need to undergo these threads so long as their recruitment is in their backstory.

From an OOC standpoint, this faction seems to have a PVP focus. I don't really like fighting other writers in a competitive setting - what is there for me to do?

  • The alliance plans to cater both to PVP and PVE writers. Our PVE characters will be making a push via dominions toward the core, and a team of PVE loremasters will be built to make sure the stories taking place will coincide with the alliance's goals. PVP writers will likely have their fill of things to do from the start. It is expected that these groups will overlap with one another for the majority of writers, but the alliance understands that some people simply do not want to write combat with other writers. Additionally, the alliance is open to teaching inexperienced PVPers how to write competitively and fairly against their opponents without causing OOC issues.

How do you feel about new writers?

  • While we might come off as elitist with our rules, we welcome new writers. Our members are very patient with newer and younger writers, and will endeavor to mentor you as best we can whilst also providing you with a non-toxic and friendly environment to establish your characters.

You have all these rules, but what if I have to go on an LOA after my character has done something he would be tried for? What if you wanted to invade a faction that is currently undergoing OOC leadership change or similar issues?

  • We're reasonable people. If something is going on OOC that drags you away, or keeps an enemy faction from being able to respond accordingly, we will accommodate.

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[member="Darth Carnifex"] - Whether the rebellion was a win or a loss is irrelevant to that - the alliance's sole objective was to send that message and bugger out. We absolutely lost the comm hub, but not before Lyra sent a muddy signal.
The Two Who Were One
The validity of the message being sent has yet to be verified, considering the jamming system keeping all local, native comms incapable of sending messages is still fully functional.

The fact of whether the message even made it beyond the comm station will be decided depending on the outcome of the Rebellion, which has not been fully judged yet.

[member="Cedric Grayson"]

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[member="Darth Carnifex"] - Lok shot out one of the SSD's sensor systems, and we used a planetary comm hub to transmit the message itself. No doubt the interference made the message a garbled mess, but one that can be cleaned up by folks with knowledge in that area after the fact.
The Two Who Were One
It is stated nowhere that the dreadnought in question's sensor systems were damaged enough for that to take place, considering that the ship's sensors are not concentrated in one location.

But again, that will be decided on the outcome of the RPJ's judgment.

Not before.

[member="Cedric Grayson"]

Stephanie Swail

Look what they've done to my dream

Good luck with the Faction [member="Cedric Grayson"] - hope it takes off.

I'll offer the Silver Jedi support if required in your adventures and character developments.

Kira Vaal

I would like to add that this rebel alliance is not the party that initiated the a Rebellion against the Sith. That was a separate and already existing minor faction operating separately from this. The Alliance just to put it bluntly “welcomes to tag along”