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Approved Tech "Extinguisher" Precision Pulse Cannon

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  • Classification: Phased Pulse Cannon | Sniper Rifle
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Plasma Cartridge (25 Shots) & Inbuilt Power Pack (100 Shots) or External Power Generator (Effectively Unlimited)
  • Ammunition Capacity: Average
  • Effective Range: Battlefield
  • Rate of Fire: Low
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: High
  • Advanced Scope: Includes numerous sensors, including a long-range lifeform scanner, thermal vision, and target tracking, as well as the ability to receive targetting data and orders in real-time from commanders, scouts, and spotters through an encrypted communications device.
  • Advanced Cooling System.
  • Deathbringer: Designed to be the apex of lethality, the Extinguisher propels blue orbs of fusion plasma through a long barrel lined with galven coils, which serves to further empower their already considerable yield. Leaving the muzzle at velocities considerably higher than that of a comparable blaster rifle, a direct hit from these orbs is liable to burn through most kinds of body armour (and boil alive the person inside many of the rest), overwhelm many types of personal shields, and even do considerable damage to armoured vehicles or buildings!
  • Battlefield Awareness: The Extinguisher is able to fire over vast distances with only minimal loss of projectile yield and sports an especially advanced scope.
  • Cumbersome: Large, thick, and heavy, the Extinguisher is a hassle to carry around, especially since it is entirely solid, with not even the stock being removable.
  • Power Hungry: To achieve its extreme firepower, the Extinguisher uses a powerful (and expensive) battery, as opposed to the usual discardable power cells. It is possible to replace it by partially disassembling the rifle itself, though more commonly operatives have to make do with specialised charging racks in bases, starships, or vehicles... or even dedicated external power generators built into sniper nests.
  • Hotter Than Hot: Despite the use of both dallorian alloy and an advanced cooling system, the Extinguisher has a tendency to get very hot if fired continuously. Extreme usage could even damage the weapon, though it's likely to burn the skin of the wielder's hands long before that.
In its hunger for galactic dominance, the Sith Empire found itself facing ever more formidable foes, necessitating relentless advances in military technology.

The Extinguisher is one of many weapons to result from such development and the demand for ever-increasing lethality. Constructed of an especially heat-resistant variant of baseline Tridurium and further reinforced with not insignificant amounts of dallorian alloy, much of its heavyset frame is dedicated to containing the considerable waste heat of its incredible firepower, the rest to actually supplying said firepower.

Unusually enough, the weapon's intense power requirements have necessitated the construction of a highly advanced integrated battery, its immense charge allowing one to fire around a hundred shots without having to worry about anything but exchanging plasma cartridges (and not overheating the weapon), albeit at the rather unfortunate consequence that dedicated charging racks are required actually to recharge the damn thing, which is rather inconvenient during sustained combat.

To combat such issues, specialised external power generators were developed, designed to be plugged directly into the rifle to keep it firing so long as the plasma keeps flowing. These devices have seen little use except in the most entrenched of fighting, however, as they are typically built into dedicated sniper nests by military engineers or moved around by pairs of soldiers crazy or loyal enough to drag a very much explodable power supply through a war zone.

NB! This is a powerful weapon, but the opposing writer always has final say in whether they are hit at all,
whether the hit is a full or only a partial hit, and how much damage the eventual hit does to them and their equipment.​
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Adrian Vandiir Adrian Vandiir

Wouldn't want to be stuck on the other side of this rifle! Looks great for the most part, but I'd like you to tweak the wording a little bit, before I can stamp this.

Specifically in your Deathbringer strength. It's more than fine to have a powerful weapon. But right now it seems to be mildly calling the sort of damage the other side can take. Please soften the language a bit here. Words like 'probably', 'could', would be good. Because at the end of the day it's on the other party to call their own damage. This way there won't be any confusion.

Tag me when you have done this and I will put a stamp on it!
Sith Science is Best Science
Arage Bao Arage Bao

Perfectly understandable. Did my best to soften the language up a bit, e.g., "liable to" instead of "capable of" and "most" instead of "virtually all". Also added a disclaimer at the end to clarify that the strength of a weapon is no excuse for calling hits.

I also added "a direct hit" to the Deathbringer strength to clarify that if a character isn't wearing armour/doing Space Wizardry they feel could feasibly survive the weapon, but still want to take a hit, they can still opt to be only partially affected. A grazing hit, if you will.

I hope that's sufficient, but if not, feel free to point out anything that needs correcting/toning down and I'll get right on it.
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