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Explosive Relations (PM to Join)

Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
Location: Valhala Mining Statioin Alpha Zulu 3-2
Time: 1052 Galactic Standard Time
All Conversation is Classified

Above the Planet Erida, a planet no longer part of the living and destroyed many years before during the Collapse of the One Sith. Jaster was not around this area of space when the Sith Lord Darth Odium rained all he had at his disposal in the destruction of the planets population. The UTC had set up shop in this space earlier this year, the minerals in the Astroid Field were rich. As well as the planet being barren, they saw it as a great way to start unregulated mining under the eyes of the galaxy. No one cared about this corner of the galaxy anymore, thus their eyes were elsewhere, and the UTC set up shop unknown how close they were to another nations boarders.

Erida lay just beyond the border of what was once just outside the Iron Empires borders, but the corporate owners knew they fell to instability and revolution. However, this was the first site of a small confrontation between the Fel Empire and the Chiss Ascendancy. The Fel Imperial 12th Patrol Group, were protecting the Mining Facility outside the normal support zones. Then last week, a Chiss Expeditionary Group entered the system and faced in a stare off with the Patrol Group. Information after that was mostly blurred, and even Jaster felt like the sailors stories were too well practiced. No matter what happened during the event, two FE-7 Heavy Frigate and a single FE-5 Carrier were destroyed and a Jaraden-Class Fleet Carrier was damaged and stuck on drydock for 3 months. The information about the Chiss Casualties were unknown, and that did not go well with the Grand Moff. The Chiss were more advanced then the Fel, though they had a numerical advantage, a war of attrition may just work against the Imperium.

He ordered Lady [member="Isabella LaFleur"] to open communications with the Chiss, this confrontation was not approved by the government and he wished to keep relations peaceful with both of them. He hoped that a treaty of Conquest could be agreed and as a best case, an Alliance.

They were now meeting on the now deserted Mining Station that was evacuated during the initial contact. Here the delegations of both the Chiss and the Imperium would meet in secrete. Neither of the Nations citizens would be aware of this meeting, and they were to talk about possible alternative to open war.

Jaster walked into the Meeting Room that overlooked the barren World. By the Door stood two Stormtroopers, and instead of wearing their White Armor, they wore Red. This showed they were troopers of the Diplomatic Corps. and not of the military. They carried no rifles, but did have side arms on their belt and stood at attention by the exit of the Imperialist side of the room. There was a door the opposite side of the room where the Chiss would exit. Sitting there with Lady LaFleur, they awaited the attendance of the Chiss Delegation to arrive and possibly begin the talks about anything other then War.

[member="Marina"] | [member="Thorne"]


The Unknown Regions of space were rather rapidly becoming known.

More and more factions have found their homes within the Unknown Regions in recent times. Each one having their brief time of success, but each one failed to keep from falling apart at the seams. The Chiss Ascendancy, however, stood strong throughout them all. Passively watching and learning from the others mistakes and successes in order to strengthen their own for future endeavors. All of them unknowingly provided a wealth of information to the Ascendancy that they would use to their benefit.

Recent events have brought the freshly resurged Fel Empire to the attention of the Ruling Houses. Their presence within the Unknown was, well, unknown to the Chiss until an Expeditionary force had yet to report back after going dark. Initial reports suggested foul play by the Fel Empire, but concrete evidence was needed before any accusations.

Of the Chiss delegation, Marina was the first to arrive. As the representative of the Ascendancy's science and industry, Marina had personal responsibility over the expeditionary unit that was attacked. And she needed answers.

She entered the room and looked upon each of the individuals within, carefully taking note of their faces for the dossiers she kept. A seething disdain for the Imperial officials was well hidden by Marina's slight smile as she entered. She wore a sterile white lab coat, fastened to conceal her casual clothing beneath. She was alone, having no need for guards as her companion would have security handled. She walked to the table and stood behind the seat she chose before speaking.

"Allow me to introduce myself. Marina of House Dachi."

She would not take her seat until the rest of the Ascendancy's delegation had made an appearance.

[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] | [member="Thorne"]

Priscilla Utorna

~lacking empathy~
Isabella's arm outstretched in front of her, glancing at her crimson nails then retracting it and looking outwards into the vastness of space. She didn't exactly know where they were, she rarely did when she left her little slice of the galaxy on Osseriton, Her eyes occasionally looked to the red stormtroopers with contempt, eyeing their glistening red armor that matched her own outfit. It wasn't planned of course that the Diplomatic Corps was modelling their own uniforms after the diplomat, though she would be lying if she said that they weren't taking some tips from her. Rising from her position as [member="Marina"] entered the room, mustering a half smile then returning with an obnoxiously loud voice.

"How pleasant to be of your acquaintance, Isabella of House LaFleur. I'm sure you've already spoken to Jaster, our Grand Moff. Care for some refreshments?"

Then reaching down for her own glass of water, sipping it then cupping it in her grasp.

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