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Approved Starship Erebus-class Sith Battlecrusier

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  • [+] Command and Control
    • As a communications node, the Erebus-class serves as a central hub for coordinating military operations and disseminating orders across vast distances. Its highly advanced communications system enables real-time data transmission, tactical coordination, and strategic planning, making it an invaluable asset for fleet commanders and military leaders. This strength allows the Erebus-class to exert control over the battlefield, directing forces with precision and efficiency to achieve strategic objectives.
  • [+] Shadowy Operative
    • The Erebus-class excels in stealth operations and covert activities, leveraging its advanced communications systems and quiet-running capabilities to operate undetected by enemy forces. This allows it to infiltrate hostile territory, conduct espionage, or disseminate propaganda without attracting unwanted attention. Its ability to remain hidden in the shadows gives it a strategic advantage in manipulating events from behind the scenes.
  • [-] Broadsides
    • While the Erebus-class is capable of delivering significant damage in direct engagements, it lacks the sustained broadside firepower of some other vessels of similar size. Its weapon emplacements are optimized for precision strikes and coordinated assaults rather than prolonged barrages. This vulnerability can be exploited by adversaries who excel in prolonged skirmishes, forcing the Erebus-class to rely more heavily on hit-and-run tactics or strategic retreats to mitigate damage.
  • [-] Slow and Steady
    • Despite its formidable arsenal and advanced systems, the Erebus-class suffers from a notable weakness in speed. Its large size and dense construction make it relatively sluggish compared to more agile vessels. This limitation can hinder its ability to maneuver swiftly in combat situations or evade enemy pursuit, leaving it vulnerable to targeted attacks or flanking maneuvers.

The Erebus-class Star Battlecruiser epitomizes the marriage of stealth, communication prowess, and formidable firepower, drawing inspiration from the Munificent-class Star Frigates while carving its own niche in the galaxy far, far away. Designed as a communications node, this vessel serves as a clandestine platform for spreading Church propaganda across the HoloNet, evading the prying eyes of the Galactic Alliance.

At its core lies a highly advanced communications system, the envy of rival factions. With this technology, the Erebus-class operates in the shadows, executing its missions with the finesse of a phantom. While lacking a true cloaking system, it "runs quiet" through meticulous design, reducing its sensor signature to a whisper. It lurks on the periphery of conflict, orchestrating military maneuvers and coordinating operations with unparalleled efficiency.

Equipped with a suite of cutting-edge systems including a hyperspace tracker, the Erebus-class ensures that its presence remains elusive while maintaining an iron grip on the battlefield. Should the need arise for direct engagement, however, it possesses the means to deliver devastating blows while withstanding formidable punishment. Its structurally reinforced hull and an arsenal boasting turbolasers, concussion missile launchers, and an array of conventional weapons afford it the resilience and firepower to emerge victorious even in the midst of intense combat.

In the shadows or amidst the fray, the Erebus-class stands as a symbol of power, manipulation, and unwavering resolve, a silent sentinel shaping the fate of the galaxy from the depths of the void.

Adding to its mystique, the Erebus-class boasts windows and glass surfaces adorned with Lechatelierite harvested from the Mawite bombardment of Rhand. This unique feature not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides a stark reminder of its ability to harness even the remnants of destruction for its own advantage, further solidifying its reputation as a formidable force in the galaxy.

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Derix Tirall Derix Tirall

Very nicely made ship! I found two smaller problems only.
  • You can't use the Epoch Engineering Corporation as Manufacturer, it is not your company. You have to ask a permission from Tithe, because as I saw Logan give him and the GA the company.
  • The ship cannot be Semi-unique, because the Dark Empire is only a Minor Faction, not a Major. Minor factions and companies can own only one 5.000 metres ship. I would like to ask you to edit this.
HPI AI; Terraris Command
Factory Judge
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Derix Tirall Derix Tirall

Thank you! Now your ratings is one higher than balanced. The Semi Unique didn't change in the sub, just the ship became smaller. I would like to ask you to edit this and after it, I can accept the sub.
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