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Enter the Dragon


Jedi Dragon
(Open to all Jedi that are currently or will be on Courscant so that I may receive a Master)
@[member="Kiskla Grayson"]
Dar’rak, dismounted from his Speeder bike as he was done with another of his runs around the temple. It had been a daily past time for him as he was fueled with a desire to go fast and as he was not yet old enough to sit behind the controls of a ship, his bike was the next best option. As he left the hanger Dar’rak made his way to the temples main training area for younglings that had not yet been taken by a Jedi of higher rank and become their Padawan.

Picking up two of the training blades Dar’rak allowed his mind to drift off into a time after his is allowed to leave the temple grounds. There was so much to see other than what could be found here at the temple on Courscant and Dar’rak was bound to see and experience it for himself. Something called him to the stars and he just had to know what it was.

Dar’rak’s mind returned to the ‘hear and now’ to see his body had taken on a mind of its own as it slashed at the empty air with the two training sabers he had picked up. This had been happening a lot lately as his skills increased. His body seemed to react all on its own without needing much if any prompt. Deactivating his sabers, Dar’rak looked around the room with his piercing golden eyes to see if anyone else was around watching him practice.
@[member="Master Dar'rak"]

A conundrum; A confusing and difficult problem or question.

Kiskla was facing a conundrum of problematic sorts that was calling into question her alliances. Her former Padawan had felt ostracized by The Order's Code due to his heritage. He had come into his abilities by strange circumstances and was a soldier in his heart. Apparently he had felt such a distance that he'd been motivated to create his own separate army, one that had The Council on edge despite her assurance of their pure intentions. He hadn't felt that from her, no, Kiskla was an ambitious person by nature and had been a wildcard. Having a Padawan regulated her activity within The Order and demanded her participation. She was becoming so involved that she'd informed her lady in waiting on Kiffu that she needed a decoy: with her father still alive though, her presence wasn't necessary for most political decisions. A decoy was a practical alternative rather than abdicating.

Anyways, she had decided that with her demand to be a beacon of light she needed to be contained. Having something to preoccupy herself would keep that wildfire under control.

She had been regulating the training facilities to see the intent. This had been going on for a few days now, sometimes even concealing her presence. Some younglings came and went, few had a consistent attendance.

Except one.

And that one was here now, practicing blindly. Their technique was clumsy and unguided -- but it looked malleable. Her decision was made, and she stepped into the high-ceiling room allowing her metaphysical signature to be recognized. Test number one would be if she could feel him sensing her.

"You're quite ambitious aren't you, youngling." It almost felt taboo for her to speak like that, considering she herself was probably no more than ten years his elder. But, she was his elder in both years and experience and therefore assured herself that for a first impression, she could use that jargon.

"What's your name?"


Jedi Dragon
@[member="Kiskla Grayson"]
Dar’rak turned around and looked at the female Jedi Knight that stood before him as his nostrils flared taking in her scent. The dark orb in the center of his eyes quickly narrowed to mere slits revealing even more of the golden hue of his eyes as he looked her up and down. He did not know how long She had been standing there however it could not have been too long as the room was empty when he walked in. As he looked her up and down Dar’rak noticed she was about his height, but a somewhat smaller build.

Dar’rak clipped the two training sabers to his belt as his lips curled back revealing his teeth and a graveled reptilian voice. “I suppose it would be to a Jedi Knight with much greater training than I.” Dar’rak bowed to his admirer with respect. “The other students call me the Dragon of the temple. However my name from birth is Dar’rak(D - ar - rack).” When he finished answering his lips folded back over his teeth hiding them once again from view. As Dar’rak looked at the Jedi his pupil expanded slightly as he hoped this response was good enough for her. Not knowing what else to do he just stood there with his hands cuffed in front of him.
Kiskla smirked.
A Jedi Knight. That was cute.

A few years ago, her insensitive nature would have caused her skin to crawl at the perplexities of the scaly being in front of her. Now, however, her Jedi impartiality was stronger and races and differences had no position for bias in her eyes.

"Well, Dar'rak," Kiskla nodded, dipping her own head to return his bow. She was sure to use his name immediately, as a way to remember it. "Is there a reason you've been here, day after day when there's nobody to train you?"

Her tone was unrevealing until her next sentence, which could be taken as either a challenge or natural inquiry "Think you can do it all yourself?"

She sincerely doubted that was the reason, but it was a way to gain insight to the depths of humility the Padawan had emotional access to. "We all know how important self discipline is."

@[member="Master Dar'rak"]


Jedi Dragon
Dar’rak could not tell if she was being coy, or what when she came right up and asked about his solo training. He did notice, however that she had failed to provide her own name as of yet to this point so he did not know how to address her further. As it stood she was clearly a higher ranking Jedi than himself, so he figured the generalized “master” would have to do.

Dar’rak did not quite know how to answer her next question without seeming too cocky about his skills in her eyes so he just came right out in said it. Once again his lips curled back revealing his teeth as he spoke. “Forgive me Master, but I do not want to sound too over confident when I say that I train solo, because my light saber dueling skills have already surpassed that of my piers here in the temple. I am already at a level where I can take on several of them at once with little effort.” Even out loud that sounded too overconfident even to himself.

“If I may Master, I noticed you have failed to introduce yourself when you asked for my name.” It had to be strange for this woman to hear such a deep and graveled voice coming from someone so young even if he was reptilian. Yet she seemed to show no signs of it bothering her. Dar’rak suspected his voice would only deepen further the older he got as already is voice trailed with it several growls the longer he spoke. “To answer your second question, I may be young, but not so naïve as to believe that I am capable of doing it all myself. I hope to one day be taken under a Master so that they may train me in the deeper aspects of the force. Stuff I am unable to learn while locked up here inside the temple walls.”
Kiskla's lips pursed in amusement at the Padawan's honesty. She'd come across so many humble padawans in the past few months, that @[member="Master Dar'rak"]'s confidence was refreshing. Perhaps he was able to beat his companions because he was so huge and terrifying to look at. She nodded, shrugging with raised eyebrows at his expression, playing at his introduction with a simple "Forgiven." If he were baffled by her simple statement, Kiskla continued "Honesty should never be reprimanded."

"Ah, yes." Kiskla shook her head and raised her hand, dropping it quickly against her waist as if trying to catch a thought that was escaping through her ears. Her name! Her position! She'd completely overlooked that element. "Master Kiskla Grayson," the blonde young woman recited, having had ample opportunities in the past few months to drop that introduction.

"And don't confine yourself to any temple walls. These dojos are stepping stones to experience, Padawan. If you'd like, I can show you exactly what I mean. If you'd like to be my Padawan learner, I'm more than willing to guide you in your already achieved capabilities to further your progress."


Jedi Dragon
Dar’rak smiled at the thought of finally getting out of here even for a short while. True this had been his home for the last 14 years, however every youngling must soon leave the nest and it looked as if finally it was his turn. Dar’rak bowed as humbly as he could to his new Jedi Master. “I do truly appreciate the offer Master @[member="Kiskla Grayson"]. I look forward to traveling the stars and learning all you have to teach me.” Raising one of his clawed hands Dar’rak pointed it to a cloak that was draped on the floor. As he focused his mind the cloak started to shift until a small object flew from a pocket and into Dar’rak’s open hand. “If I may Master Kiskla, you did catch me off guard when you came in here as I was not expecting an audience. I would like to show you a little of what I have managed to learn on my own.”
Dar’rak opened his hand and revealed the object, It was a pummel adapter clip for a light saber. Within seconds of revealing it Dar’rak had already removed the two training sabers from his belt and had them securely fastened to the adapter and now each other. He showed the double bladed saber hilt to his new Master it hopes of her approval. “While I know it is normal for a young Jedi to have only a single saber with a single blade, I find myself drawn to the more difficult to master double-bladed variation.”
This by no means was the final form of Dar’rak’s saber of choice as he had not, to date, made his own personal light sabers. This was just a crude mockup he crafted from the generic training sabers the younglings used inside the temple. Now that he had a master of his own, it was time to do just that. “Will you permit me to show you some drills with the double blade Master Kiskla?”
Kiskla liked @[member="Master Dar'rak"] already. He was young, and not afraid of the unorthodox. Much like herself.
He had set his bars high, and had the mechanical expertise to meet them.

Her light eyes observed his hilt, and she grinned inwardly. A feeling of excitement bubbled in the master's stomach. She'd never been to Ilum to find a crystal other than her own. All her padawans had already constructed theirs by the time they sought her out. This was going to be an inspiring time for both of them, she was sure of it.

"Yes," Kiskla answered, granting the enthusiastic youth permission to display his prowess. As she spoke, she took several steps backwards until her back as at the foot of an overarching statue. A figure of prominence from years ago. From there, she would observe patiently with her arms folded in front of her. "Please do."

From his demonstration, she would be able to assess he physical form and the form best suited to the beast. Already, in his youth, he was quite large and that could be both his asset and hindrance. That was up to her to overcome.


Jedi Dragon
Dar’rak waited for his new master to take a few steps back and he did the same before placing the hilt on the ground in the center of the training room with himself kneeling behind it. Tilting his head down he closed his eyes and steadied his breathing. For several moments Dar’rak remained completely motionless other than the flaring of his nostrils as they took in and expelled air. Then his lightsaber started to shake a little on the ground as if something invisible was trying to move it.

Suddenly Dar’rak’s eyes opened revealing dilated pupils that almost as quickly constricted into vertical slits. As his lightsaber hilt jumped into the air Dar’rak just as quickly returned to his feet to catch it bumping one side with his hand to create a spinning motion. This had the effect of causing the hilt to spin into his open grip where he closed his hand and both blades hummed to life. While this was happening Dar’rak turned his body into a full 360 spin wile also rotating the now active saber around the back of his body. How he managed to not cut of his own tail was a mystery as his body looked to be completely incased in the glow of the twin blades as they circled each other.

Dar’rak did one final windmill spin of his extended blades in front of him before slashing and positioning them behind his back in a diagonal guard with the lower blade just inches from the ground pointing away from his body. Dar’rak looked to Master @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] to see what she thought thus far but he was in now way finished.

Contrary to the opening performance, Dar’rak started out slow as he continued with his demonstration. Drawing the blades from behind him he spun the hilt in front of his body until it rested on the opposite side of his back in a mirrored posture to where it was moments before. Up til this point Dar’rak had been only using one hand to manipulate the hilt, but trading hands as needed to keep the flow moving. This time when he brought the blade around he gripped it with both hands as he dragged one of them low over the ground then with determination in his step he postured forward bring the lower blade to bare as if to strike high and block low with the opposite blade. Dar’rak did this several times trading the role of each blade as if to keep some invisible opponent off guard.

The whole thing lasted about ten minutes as Dar’rak traded between spinning his blade completely around his body to fast forward strikes across his chest. Arching around his head and striking high as well as low. Finally Dar’rak made one final strike where instead both bladed deactivated and he dropped once again to a kneeling position in the center of the room and his hilt resting peacefully on the floor in front of him. His eyes were once again closed as he concentrated on his breathing.
Kiskla observed intently.
Each motion of @[member="Master Dar'rak"], probably to his assumption, was being calculated and criticized by the well-versed Jedi Master. As he exercised his experience, Kiskla braced her chin in contemplation. She wondered if he could end up using his tail as well to use his saber -- that would certainly be an advantage against an opponent, one they wouldn't be ready for.

Dar'rak was definitely an aggressive fighter. His steps had been preemptive as well as offensive. He even had some Jung Mas in there. Because of his size, he wasn't likely to be a primarily acrobatic fighter like herself. Kiskla was a user of Vaapad; only because of the darkside that bubbled within her. It was her only way to exercise it, while containing it.

It was not something she would teach. It was not something she would be responsible for.

Makashi and Sokan would most likely be the best methods for Dar'rak and his master to pursue.

"You're obviously confident with Shii Cho." Kiskla finally spoke, pushing herself off the wall but keeping her arms folded as she walked toward the crouched dragon. "But an invisible opponent is easy to defeat."

Kiskla's fingers waved against her bicep, and from the surrounding shadows, a training droid activated. "I want you to engage this droid and take off his right joint." Give him a target. Force him to do a Cho Mai maneuver.

The droid activated a training saber relative to Dar'rak's, and took it's ready position before lunging forward with a horitzontal sweep.


Jedi Dragon
Dar’rak could hear the training droid as it approached him and activated its own training saber but made no move from his kneeling position on the floor nor had he even bothered to open his eyes. Master Kiskla was right in that an invisible opponent was easy to defeat where there was no real opponent there. She wanted to see him fight something she could witness then so be it. A training droid like the other students in the academy was little match for Dar’rak, however, unlike his class mates a droid had different settings based on the level of the Jedi they were put up against to ensure optimal training capabilities. Still it was just a droid nothing more.

When the droid attacked so too did Dar’rak ducking the strike and posturing on all fours before whipping his tail around to sweep the droid off its feet with a growl. As the droid went down Dar’rak went up in a rising sun style cartwheel grabbing his lightsaber and activating both blades as he steadied himself on both his feet using his tail for added balance. Dar’rak waited for the droid to recover and attack him again as he slowly postured his own blades in a spinning arch in front of him taunting the droid to make a mistake.

@[member="Kiskla Grayson"]
Good. He was using his physique to his advantage.
From the distance, Kiskla upped the anti on the droid. @[member="Master Dar'rak"] had boasted about his abilities, and now would be his first demonstration that she would consider.
With whirring of it's well-oiled joints, the ASP-19 rose once more. It's sensors were reacting to each fluctuation of the Padawan, and it once again reached out with an overhead slash to come down directly toward Zone 1. It was alert to the third appendage now, and had stored that information in it's processor.


Jedi Dragon
As the droid came down with his saber Dar’rak countered with his bring it quickly up to defend himself from the oncoming strike. The two sabers clashed for a few seconds before they both separated to come in for another attack. While Dar’rak came in hard spinning his blades to gain both power and momentum, the droid it all its programmed wisdom mirrored each stroke. The combatants blades clashed once more and this time it was the droid’s turn to defend and backpedaled to escape Dar’rak’s strike. Yes this droid was smart, but it was not very fast on its feet. Something Dar’rak had every intent on exploiting.

( ooc: ) Short version:
( IC: ) “So you can match my moves and record the data for later use.” Dar’rak growled as he stepped around the droid to watch how quickly it tracked him. “No matter, you are but one opponent, nothing more.” Dar’rak reactivated his saber blades and came in to strike down his opponent with a furry of weaves and strikes until he found his opening. The droid seemed to be well equipped to battle against a saber staff, but what if it was suddenly not combating one? When Dar’rak made his next strike he forced his opponents to draw its blades far enough away from the body so that he could segment his own staff into the two individual sabers blocking the droid’s with the attacking one and slicing through the hilt and arm of the droid with the other in a single swift twist of his wrist.
( ooc: ) Extended cut:
( IC: ) Dar’rak deactivated his lightsaber growling as he spoke aloud to the droid who was at that moment deactivating its own saber. “So you copy my moves and record them for later so you will know exactly how to defend against me.” While he spoke to the droid he was circling to do his own assessment of how quickly he was being tracked. “No matter, you are only one opponent.”

With a spin of his hilt Dar’rak activated both his blades once more and waited for the droid to do the same. “Now lets continue.” With both Dar’rak and the droid wielding saber staffs the next several moments were a blur of sabers clashing against sabers as Dar’rak tried to push at the droid with every strike he made. The droid in return countered each and every one of Dar’rak’s strikes with outer ring style blocks with the blades held diagonally. This was because of the limited possible movement one had when defending with a saber staff without accidental self inflicted injury. Something Dar’rak knew already from his years of training with his own saber staff.

This was getting tiresome as most of Dar’rak’s strikes were quickly blocked and countered. Neither was gaining any ground quickly and it was time for a change of strategy on Dar‘rak‘s part. Pulling back from his last strike to what was known as zones 5 and 6 respectively, Dar’rak spun around and brought his blade to bare on zone 3 with a horizontal strike that he knew would be harder to block with a saber staff as it typically required one to hold their blade vertical. Something this droid would not be able to do with both his hands. Instead however the droid blocked his strike with a higher version of the outer ring diagonal block. Forcing Dar’rak to expose his own zone 2 and 4 to a possible counter attack by parrying his attack upwards. Dar’rak was forced to turn his body or risk injury from his own weapon’s second blade.

Thinking as quickly as he could, Dar’rak spun 180 degrees to bring his other blade to bare in order to parry the incoming strike from the droid. This was effective for the most part but it showed a big flaw in the droid who wasn’t as capable for recovering for more complex style parries and attacks due to its body design. While Dar’rak could spin and pass his double-bladed lightsaber quite effectively around his body in any form, the droid could not. Still the droid was fast and Dar’rak had to time this just right or risk failure.

Dar’rak pulled the droid into him and forced it to go on the offensive as he blocked and parried each move in sequence spinning his blades in both his hands and then in a single one before returning to using both hands on the stronger strikes from the droid. He had played with this toy long enough, Dar’rak was now ready to finish this task and not a moment too soon.

This entire time Dar’rak had used his light sabers in the double-bladed saber staff configuration, and this is what the droid had been tracking and compiling data on. Now what would happen if all of a sudden it had to defend against tow individual light sabers? Dar’rak did not figure it would be able to change styles so fast. Dar’rak moved in for an aggressive offensive string of attacks as he traded blows with the droid until it had made the final mistake and swung its light saber too far from its own body and exposing zone 3 to Dar’rak’s final strike. Dar’rak parried the diagonal strike from the droid with the blade he gripped with his left hand and then quickly as he could separated his two light sabers and with a flick of his wrist sliced the droids left arm off just ahead of its elbow joint as well as cutting its light saber in half.

Satisfied he had achieved the goal of his master he deactivated both his blades and looked over to Master @[member="Kiskla Grayson"]. “Master, I hope that will suffice for your request?” Giving a bow as he asked her out of breath from his ordeal as his nostrils flared wildly in hopes of drawing in enough oxygen.
Entertained and enlightened, Kiskla granted @[member="Master Dar'rak"] the nod of approval he had earned.
She had learned not to be too enthusiastic about her students exploits.

Dar'rak had overcome her suspicions of incompetence with a double blade. In areas of potential fault, he compromised his position without compromising his advantage. Promising indeed.

"You're passionate in your combat." Kiskla commented, stepping forward from her position and unfolding her arms. Her palm rested on the droids shoulder, where thin wisps of smoke curled from the burn it had suffered above its joint. "Does your race stem from a bloodline of warriors?" Another thing she had learned as a teacher, learn about students and their pasts. Otherwise; it could turn against her and for worse, them.


Jedi Dragon
Still breathing heavily his nostrils flaring in response to the pace of his beating heart, Dar’rak tried to answer his master. “Thank you Master… The teachers here have commented on it many times as I was growing up.” Dar’rak commenting on his Master’s statement about his duel. Then when she asked him of his species Dar’rak looked away from her and lowered his gaze to his lightsabers in his hands. His breathing by this time had returned to normal.

“I do not truthfully know Master. When I was younger it was thought that I resembled the Trandoshan species, however they do not have my tail or horns. The older I got the less likely that seemed to be the case. I suspect that my species may have a similar linage to them in some form and they are warriors themselves.” Dar’rak clipped his lightsabers to his belt and then looked at his hands; twisting and rotating them to get a full view. “These seem to be the hands of a warrior’s species what with their large gripping surface and hardened claws.” As Dar’rak continued to look at his hands small sparks of force lightning arched over each finger and trailed over to the next. He did not know if Master @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] had seen it or not but he did.
Dar'rak spoke of himself from a very wholesome viewpoint. One that outweighed his maturity level. He was supposed to be fourteen, from what she understood of his file that she had looked into.

She wondered if the pair should invest some time into his past. Learning about himself could answer a lot of questions in the future.

Kiskla was an attentive person by nature, thank her curiosity for that. Her ability to examine heightened when she was responsible for someone, and while Dar'rak spoke about himself, her eyes followed to each element he spoke about, pointedly observing each one.
Horns, tail, claws.

Claws. There were spittles of electricity darting about his knuckles, and Kiskla's breath hitched. She had noticed his passion when engaged with the training droid, but to such a manner that it would touch into the darkside?

"They also seem to be the hands of someone who has a lot of fear." Kiskla commented, subtly referring to the sparks. Her tone did not betray her emotions; she was not mad and her expression was placid. Kiskla of all people should be understanding when it came to darkness, and how to counter it. She literally had an entity of the darkside within her. "When the masters commented on your passion before, were they condescending? And how are you feeling right now?" She was basically asking why the lightning had chosen now to appear of all times, since it seemed to be an unconscious decision.

@[member="Master Dar'rak"]


Jedi Dragon
Dar’rak finally looked back to his Master and snorted as he exhaled from his nose. This time the sparks were in his eyes dancing from one side to the next. “I do not know Master, what is there that I should fear?” Dar’rak was confused by her statement as he did not know his hands could display emotion in such a manner. Was she talking about his hands specifically or himself. Did she sense some fear in him he had not even realized in his duel with the droid?

When @[member="Kiskla Grayson"] asked him how he was feeling Dar’rak did not answer right away as he did not know how to answer her question. He felt fine from what he could tell but moments prior a different sensation came over him; while he was in combat with the droid. Almost as if he would loose himself to the battle until his lightsaber was deactivated. Or maybe it was that he found himself in the heat of battle. It was a sensation he could not understand let alone describe to his Master.

“It would depend on who said it Master. While some of them would say I showed great promise as a guardian and thereby encouraged me, others would look at me and I could tell by their scent what they said had fear in it. Like they worried I was too good for my own good. That is why you found me training alone. The teachers here frown on me training with the other students because of my advancements.” The charge from his hands and his eyes had both subsided now as Dar’rak looked to his Master.
Fear was an expression of emotion. It didn't necessarily mean that someone was afraid, but it was a point of vulnerability.

"A lot." Kiskla answered honestly, with a shrug. "But I'm here to train you to channel whatever it is that gives you doubt. Fear isn't always the dark." He had a drive to win, much like herself. He had been controlled in his duel, but there had been a lot of aggression in his execution; a type of aggression that if not reined could easily turn into anger, which was a catalyst to fear. Kiskla was speaking of the big picture.

She did notice @[member="Dar'rak"]'s aversion to her question. It was difficult at times to explain how one was feeling, but for her to teach him, to penetrate his errs, it would be necessary. "Whatever confusing sensations come over you, feel free to express and communicate at any time." Kiskla relaxed her frame, displaying her open body language. "I'm here, for you. To assist you in becoming what sort of Jedi you want to be. But to do so, details must be shared." They would bond in time, she was sure. She and Antares had, as had she and Destota. Those willing to learn often opened up, even if it was at their own pace.

It made sense that he would have been spoken to condescendingly by some Masters. The Jedi temple was flawed, as were its teachings. She would never express that to her student, but she was keenly aware of it. Many took it's teachings at their own interpretations, which meant the Jedi spectrum was spreading thin.
Exhibit A: Selena Halcyon versus Carn Dista.

"I asked how you were feeling, because those sparks are uncommon. I wanted to know if you could feel the pulsing of your energies, if you felt anything genetic or midichloric. Where that influence came from."


Jedi Dragon
It was then that Dar’rak realized she had seen the force lightning sparks run across his fingers, while he himself at the time was unaware they also danced within his own eyes. “Yes Master I do feel the current as it passes over my hands. It does so in times when I tap into the force to increase my body’s abilities and effectiveness in battle. I do not think it is genetic to my species if that is what you are asking.”

Dar’rak locked eyes with his Master. For whatever reason even though they had only just met she seemed to care about him. Did this have something to do with her taking him on as a Padawan learner or was she just a normally caring person. Of this Dar’rak did not know. “I am an open book Master, anything you wish to know that I have the knowledge to tell you I will. I do not see any reason to keep secrets if I am to learn my place in the Jedi Order then I need to know where I fit in as both an individual Jedi, and within a team."

Dar’rak returned to the topic of the force lightning as it seemed as if Master Kiskla may be able to help him better understand the feelings he was having when he dueled. “I have recently started to notice that it happens when I am in a duel and have my lightsaber active Master. I get this strange feeling that washes over me from the moment my blade is drawn until after it has been deactivated. I can not tell if this is a good feeling or a bad one.”

Dar’rak did not know if Master Kiskla noticed that both times he had activated his lightsaber, in his form demonstration and the actual duel with the droid, his eyes had been originally closed and the lightsaber was not originally in his hand. This is something he had developed doing for several years now. He did not know why he did it, but it was a common occurrence right along with the strange feelings he had been having during his duels or practices. “The only thing I can really tell you at this time Master is that from the point I draw my blade until it is deactivated and at rest something comes over me that I can not truly explain. It is like I loose myself to this feeling, but at the same time it is almost like my eyes are opened for the first time and I feel at peace.”

Dar’rak hoped he was explaining this well to Master Kiskla as he did not want to drag her into his own confusion any more than he may already have.
"Many will tell you that lightning is a sign of the darkside." Kiskla commented calmly, stepping toward him. "Many people are ignorant." The blonde young woman was a master of manipulating the light side, and often coupled it with the darkness for full effect. She was charged with balancing the Force, and exercised her prowess in both sides on a whim. As it stood, if there was a light alternative to any dark technique, she would use it.

"They associate it with Palpatine, and many other Sith who use Force Lightning presently." Kiskla's pouted lips curled upward into a knowing simper, and she tapped the air with her index finger. It was frightening really, to look at someone as lithe as her without knowing what masses of powers were under her control. As it stood, she often had the element of surprise on her side. "That being said, consider your falter your advantage. It's rare that a Sith anticipates it's opponent to have similar powers to them."

@[member="Dar'rak"] was a good being. It was innate response to be honest. She had observed that at his first inclinations to tell her just how able he was with a lightsaber, and that he had surpassed the qualifications of other students. His willingness to learn also exhibited humility. "I have a feeling that your adrenaline is the fuel that your midichlorians need to project this ability. Which can be dangerous. Is your mind completely clear and focused, when you are engaged in combat?"