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Election of a New Honcho, Vigo, or Archduke


Dead Men End All Tales.
As the invasion thread is wrapping up most of it's consequences I would like to begin the process of determining who is running for leadership of the Black Suns. After clarification from staff, I can run.

I want a fair election, and we will be PMing a neutral player not affiliated with the Suns. I have asked @[member="Tegaea Alcori"] to serve this purpose, as she is a staffer.

In order to make things clearer I would like anyone interested in running to use this thread to announce their candidacy. I will consider this thread closed by 12:00 PM EST on Friday for announcing that you wish to run for leadership. Please follow the template provided below:

Former role in the Black Suns:

To clarify, I misinformed people as to my own eligibility and that of others, as I misunderstood some things. A factory judge may assume a position of Faction Leadership. A staff member may not. Because of this Gundrak is ineligible to serve in this position. A player who also serves as a factory judge, such myself, Alli or Fabula, can run for this position if they so desire. Thank you for your time.

EDIT: I screwed up. I meant to say 12:00 PM EST on Friday, the 24th. I'm entirely sorry about that.

Chupa La'Roi

Name: Chupa La'Roi

Former Role in the Black Suns: Pirate Lord

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero
I believe we are now past the time for sign ups to end.

Mr. Ash, Mr. Chupa, and Mr. Tythion as our candidates. Ash, by your command your leading this thing. Thread it up.

Kalinai Soluza

Supreme Ultimate Pirate Empress
I will gratefully take on the role of mailbox.

The only problem is, if you elect a female Head Honcho, does that make them a Honchette? A Honcherina? Ah! A Honchessa!

Anyway, your vote is safe with me! :D


Domino's Apprentice
@[member="Kalinai Soluza"] sadly there is no females... I think

Kalinai Soluza

Supreme Ultimate Pirate Empress
*Stumbles in*

Okay, right, I found all your votes! Even the one which was eaten by a bantha. Well, chewed on.

The results are:
@[member="Chupa La'Roi"]: 1
@[member="Vex Tythion "]: 4
@Mr. Ash: 2

I for one welcome our dwarf overlords. Congratulations!

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero
Congratulations @[member="Vex Tythion "]on becoming the new leader of Black Sun.

I pledge to continue my aid and service to our enterprise. We shall see Nar Shaddaa back in our hands in the near future I hope.