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Elbows to elbows (Josiah/Joshua)

[After the events of "Work of My Hands"]

The High Council. That was a feat that her master would have been in awe of. His approval was the major motivator to her acceptance of the invitation, that, and she constantly challenged herself. And what was more challenging for someone harbouring an entity of darkness to force herself to be a beacon of light?

Her heels clicked along the marble floors of the remarkable Temple hallway as she made her way to the archives. There was something she was keen to look into, an ancient organization of Monks that had somehow peaked her interest as of late. Plus, she needed to invest more time into her roots if she was going to assist in the paving of the future.

Fingers ran through her hair as she considered the implications of her position. She was surrounded by currently like-minded individuals, brave men and women who had embraced their midichlorian gifts and were channelling them to conquer the darkness in the galaxy. Their prowess, coupled with resilience made the Coruscant Jedi Temple an epicentre of strong-willed light that glowed brilliantly in the metaphysical realm. On a holistic level, it was a beacon to all pursuing insights to The Force. Traditional Jedi or otherwise.

Speaking of otherwise, a vaguely familiar prick in The Force caught her attention. There was a robed figure, one she had only met briefly to learn a new technique -- one of Darron's previous Padawans. What was it…. oh yes, @[member="Josiah Denko"]! That was his name, she was fairly confident.

Well, no use in ostracizing the fellow despite his introduction. Templar, was it? What was that anyways?

"Master Denko," Kiskla greeted to the other Force user "Enjoying your stay at the temple?" One couldn't tell if she was speaking in jest, or sincerity. Such was typical to many of her nuances.
Whilst ignorant to the fact that he had been spotted, the young Master known as Josiah Denko was perfectly content with his trip down memory lane. It had been far too long since he had walked about the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and countless changes had transpired in his life ever since he bid the order a fond farewell. Now, years later, he had grown into a Master, recognized by Templar and Jedi alike...and now spent his time off walking about as he typically did. A white box was held within his offhand, whilst his saberhand dug hungrily within its sweet contents. Once it had claimed one of the sweet, succulent morsels known as a puffcake in its grasp, Josiah indulged in a hearty bite with glee dancing in his eyes. Sure, the dessert was not of the same quality as those sold on Nar Shaddaa, but Coruscanti puffcakes were some of the best in the Galaxy.

Josiah was chewing when the voice of the woman he had recently become acquainted with sounded in his ears. He turned, quickly swallowing down the puffcake and wiping clean his mouth on the rear of his palm before greeting her with a warm smile. "Ah, Master Grayson!" he began, nodding in affirmation to her question, "I am indeed. It's been far too long since I last came here...In fact, I think the last time I was here was when I left...Nonetheless, how are you today?" Coupled with this question came the extension of his box of puffcakes in Kiskla's direction, to which Josiah added, "Would you like a puffcake? They're beyond delicious."

@[member="Kiskla Grayson"].
When he left.
His statement struck Kiskla and she mused about it for a brief moment before deciding to pocket the nugget for later. So many came and went from The Order. It was akin to the ebb and flow of the shoreline, waves rolling in and out but never staying for long. She herself had left the order, and hadn't considered coming back until Darron insisted she become more active. If only he could see her now; he'd likely not believe her being a councillor let alone head of The Council of Reconciliation. It was ironic indeed, considering her chemistry. Nevertheless, Kiskla was the type of girl to jump in with both feet without a second thought. Which was why she obliged to @[member="Josiah Denko"]'s offer with delight.

She loved food.

"I've never had one before," Kiskla admitted, slipping delicate fingers amongst the pastries and plucking out the first she touched. "But you look like you're enjoying them." She raised her eyebrows humorously before biting into the pastry. Was eating in the temple allowed? Who cares! The fluffy sensation that greeted her taste buds should have been celebrated. Swallowing came all too soon, and tragically, the dessert was finished.
She tilted her head, a small smile creeping her mouth as she decided that carrying on the conversation would be proper;
"Unfortunately you've met me empty handed. I've nothing to return the favour."

But she was curious now, beyond where he got his box from. Why had he left the order in the first place? Recently she'd begun to wonder if there was a commonality amongst those that left, and if there was a way to eradicate that doubt. With the new grandmaster, things weren't quite so strict anymore.

She didn't need to find another source for conversation however, because an irritating vibrate ricocheted against her hip. "Excuse me, a moment." Kiskla murmured, turning to the interruption with a semi-apologetic expression although in all honesty the demand for her attention was flattering. The message was a transmittance from a beacon she had seeded during an illegal swoopbike race a few months ago. The signal had died shortly after and had become untrackable, but apparently now it was live. The information patched through her datapad, and to a shared channel with Master @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] who had also been on the swoopbike mission.

"Why, Master Denko, what have you got planned for the day?" She asked, pocketing the information with a wry grin. Perhaps a delve into Coruscants belly would be a splendid way to liven up the afternoon.
Josh had nearly forgotten about the race, well aside from the tidbit in the dossier of Siegner. And he still needed to castrate Gherron for that.

So it came as a surprise to him when information was patched through to him from Master @[member="Kiskla Grayson"]. He sighed. Luckily, he was doing nothing else that day, and was just left alone to his thoughts. And considering his thoughts were constantly in mourning of Saoirse, leaving him alone with his thoughts was DANGEROUS.

He yawned as he patched in a message to Kiskla through his datapad, which came through to her as "What do you suppose we do?"

Afterwords, he lied back on the bed. He'd been generally unbusy, with most of his Padawans off on missions, so he was at home, the home he had shared with Sao just weeks before. It hurt, really. But what could you do? He needed a way to distract himself... Before this drove him crazy.

The alert didn't go unnoticed, but Kiskla had literally just re-attached it to her belt. Stifling an irritated sigh, the young woman pulled the device out once more and read the message. She felt foolish sending transmission back and forth while she was entertaining another conversation, and therefore simply replied with an invitation similar to the one that she had prior extended to @[member="Josiah Denko"]. At first, she was slightly abhorred at @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]'s lack of curiosity and ambition -- but, leave it to beaver! Of course she'd suggest the foray; she was not a sideline kind of girl.

Meet: Temple's Veranda.

She didn't feel like taking the time to reply in detail, to be honest. That would be rude. Hopefully her curtness would communicate that the time for action was indeed now, rather than later. Considering the signal had been inactive for over a month and it was reappearing now? That was not an opportunity to waste twiddling thumbs.