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Approved Planet Echidna

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System Reboot
Images:http://24.media.tumblr.com/7f4031059245331faae5554c51526784/tumblr_mu9vj5BgRP1rxwcqyo1_1280.jpg{sorry i dont know who made it}

Name: Echidna

Region: Outer
System: Protomegas system
Suns: 1, Nix, Yellow Dwarf
Orbital Position: habital zone,
Moons: 2 natural moons, Lamia, Ruby Dear, and Kharlon
Coordinates: http://imageshack.com/a/img43/552/cnfv.jpg (the one nearest to the bottom)
Rotational Period: 48 hours
Orbital Period: 400 days

Class: Terrestrial Giant
Atmosphere:Type 1
Climate: Controlled to stay at Rainforrest like Biome status
Gravity: Standard gravity
Primary Terrain: Grassland, Mountains, Oceans, Pine Forrests, Rain Forrests

Native species: N/A
Immigrated species: Yuuzhan Vong
Primary languages: Basic and Vong
Government: Totalitarian
Population: 1.3 billion and counting
Demonym: Echidians
Major cities: Rata’Tosk
Major imports: Weapons, Raw materials for Vong tech,
Major exports: Creatures for gladiatorial fights and warbeasts, food,
Affiliation: The Horde

Culture: Loosely based on old traditions of the Yuuzhan Vong, however old ways have fallen to need of the Horde and its need for new members so technology and droids are slowly falling into the norm of this planet. With the rule of the Supreme Overlord Dredge Leader of Vong [the Horde] being the main ruler of this planet. His word is law here and the Vong people are held in High regard, them being the superior species and race. This planet holds old traditions firm in their hearts and there are sacred places where Vong are only allowed.
However this does not bar other species from coming to this planet in fact they are welcomed with open arms so long as they pledge their lives to the Horde and avenge all of the alien species that have been pushed to the brink of extinction.
Droids and technology is welcomed as well as long as they further the Vong Cause.

The planet has become an agricultural market for meat and produce as well making it a strong newcomer in the food Business.

Trade also includes the creation of Gladitorial animals for sport, Warbeasts for any faction willing to pay the price and metals that are abound on this planet.

Technology: Advanced Organic technology, advanced artificial tech as well.

430 ABY
After being hunted down and the Vong empire collapsed the Vong have made this their new home world, a place where nature and technology combine to mix the old ways and the new Tone of the Horde has been set. In their search for a new home the found an uninhabited world. The Vong conquered this planet by way of technology taking a mostly lifeless ocean world and terraforming it to fit their needs. The finished product was a green luscious planet that even brought life to the oceans. Over time they brought other species to the planet and made it into the shaping world we know as Echidna.

460 ABY
Rise of the Capital:
slowly the city of Rata'Tosk was built on the largest continent and from there the Yuuzhan Vong flourished and grew, their numbers growing ever stronger the High Chieftain Doom ordered that the Hordes rules become Yuuzhan law. So entered the age of Technology and other species making the planet more populous and full of life people bringing even more animals and plants to the Vong world.


675 ABY
War of the people:
other species have started to become accepted among the Vong
after tensions grew the people of Echidna met a boiling point as the Vong dislike most other species, however behind closed doors the war was staged and held within a matter of 3 days many casualties were left on both sides but both sides are now at peace and get along well. Details of this war are limited however stories tell it started with the death of a human girl caused by a Vong. further accounts say this was a misunderstanding and relations have improved drastically since.


836 ABY
The Rise of Droids:
This was a crucial time to the planet as Technology had been demonized for so long however with the openness to the other races key members of the Horde led by Dredge himself and Championed by a droid simply named Break the use of droids is now common practice on this planet. however Droids and Technology are forbidden on Certain holy grounds of the Vong.

Notable PC's: High Prophet Dredge,PRT-HRD-000 “Break”

Intent: The intent of this planet is to create a homeworld for the Vong and a base of operations for the Horde. Along with being the Shaping planet for all of the Hordes Organic Bio weapons and warbeasts. This planet will be the Capital planet of the Horde.
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About the planet:
  • Don't worry, coordinates are still a struggle for most people. You may just crop an area from the map where you can mark the location.
  • More culture, please. It's easy to say, that it's like Vong culture, but I want to see longer description.
  • History is really short. Which Yuuzhan Vong Empire are you talking about? There was one in long time ago and one Vong faction in the Chaos era. If you're talking about the canon Star Wars universe, you have to add a lot more information.
Please @mention me when you're done.

  1. You could've just added one dot/mark on the picture and it would've been a lot less confusing.
  2. Culture is a bit better now, though I'd enjoy having more information.
  3. I can't consider most of the history as history. Most of it is basically the description of the planet, not its history. Please add more to the history and use dates to talk about some important events.
Please @mention me when you're done.

It's better now, but I'm going to ask you to add the years when these events took place, because at the moment I don't understand when something happened? And also, what about the Gulag Virus?

Well, the current year should be 836 ABY. I would say, that maybe the history should start some time during the Gulag Plague? Because at the moment, it seems like all of this had happened with only a few years, which wouldn't be logical.

Alright, it's a lot better now. I'm going to approve this, but I'l let you know, that the current history of this planet is the absolute minimum I am willing to approve.

Approved by me, pending secondary.

This entry is marked unapproved pending the removal of this entry:

Moon of Hope:
Not long after that Construction of the Khar'lan space station was begun. an observitory and weather control panel all in one. the station the size of a small asteroid was dubbed a moon by the scientists that created it. The name stuck and since then the station has become a signal of hope to the people as the station is the lifeblood to the planets ecosystem.
This artificial moon requires both a tech sub and a space station sub explaining it's properties in gross detail. I'd imagine it will also require several development threads of a large scope.

Inability to comply by either removing the Moon of Hope or adding it as a tech & spacestation entry will result in the removal of Echidna from the map.
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Thanks for the info.

I'm issuing a veto on the Moon of Hope and it will be removed from the entry. Echidna will be re-marked approved to maintain canonical continuity.
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