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Approved NPC Dvar Stormtroopers | Dvar Imperial Remnant

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Warlord of Dvar
  • Intent: To create the main military force of the Dvar Imperial Remnant
  • Image Credit: Brian Matyas (edits by me via [x] [x]
  • Role: Dvar Stormtroopers serve as the rank-and-file soldiers of the Dvar Imperial Remnant, used for garrison duties in New Massada, security detail and law enforcement in Dvar City.
  • Permissions: n/a
  • Links: Found throughout submission

  • Unit Name: Dvar Stormtroopers
  • Affiliation:
    • Ivan Cestius [x]
    • Dvar Imperial Remnant [x]
  • Classification: Infantry
  • Description: Reorganised into a flexible military unit, the various soldiers that came from the crumbling First Order now make up the cadre of the Dvar Stormtroopers. Though the Dvar Imperial Remnant is far from capable of abundantly supplying its soldiers and preparing their equipment at a whim, the Stormtroopers are not limited by the scarcity of equipment: making an extremely potent combat force, they have been grizzled by the multiple battlefields of the First Order period, or by the endless struggles in the streets of Dvar City. While there is no true uniformity in appearance, each trooper is equipped with whatever is available: all pieces of equipment, armour or weaponry, come from the days of the Galactic Empire, or from leftover First Order caches.
  • Unit Size: Medium
  • Unit Availability: Common
  • Unit Experience: Trained
  • Equipment: Sourced either from the First Order stockpiles brought on Dvar by the refugees, or from the gathered remnnants of equipment found throughout the fort of New Massada. While efforts of standardisation have been made, most of the Stormtroopers are equipped with whatever weapon can be found; in truth, there is no real sense of uniformity, either regarding the armours worn or the weapons carried to battle.
    • Stormtrooper armour [x]
    • First Order stormtrooper armour [x]
    • E-11 blaster rifle [x]
    • SE-14r light repeating blaster [x]
    • F-11D blaster rifle [x]
    • SE-44C blaster pistol [x]
    • DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle [x]
    • DLT-20A blaster rifle [x]
    • RT-97C heavy blaster rifle [x]
    • E-22 reciprocating double-barreled blaster rifle [x]
    • SX-21 pump-action scatter blaster [x]
    • FWMB-10 repeating blaster [x]
    • DXR-6 disruptor rifle [x]
    • PLX-4 Missile Launcher [x]
    • Imperial Heavy Repeater [x]
    • HH-12 rocket launcher [x]
    • Vibroknife [x]
    • K79-S80 Imperial Troop Transport [x]
  • Combat Function: Dvar Stormtroopers can perform a number of roles in combat, proving themselves efficient as a trench warfare, police, security or shock troop force. Though mainly deployed in New Massada to serve as its garrison, they now frequently patrol the streets of Dvar City and provide security details for Dvar Imperial officials outside of New Massada [x].
  • Very Adaptable: Being the bulk of the Dvar Imperial Remnant armed forces, Dvar Stormtroopers have been forced to become very flexible, forgoing the traditional use of specialised troopers to fulfil specific combat duties. As such, there is no situation where a Dvar Stormtrooper would find itself taken aback, or unable to improvise a response.
  • Loyalty to the State: With such miserable conditions of life in Dvar City, the main source of recruitment, the Dvar Imperial Remnant offers beautiful opportunities to escape a life of poverty and endless struggles. This makes the fresh recruit fiercely devoted to the Remnant, as they understand their new way of life is only protected if they all obey the interests of the Remnant.
  • Scraping the Barrel: With how few Imperials there were when the Remnant was formalised, the officers now serving as staff for Cestius were forced to go to great lengths in order to create a force respectable in numbers. While manpower is not as big a problem as it could be, the Imperials now draft any volunteer in their army, even the ones that would be deemed 'unfit for combat duties' in stricter recruitment procedures.
  • Lack of Support: The true blind spot of the Dvar Stormtroopers, their lack of armoured vehicles comes from the inability of the Remnant to build any vehicle at all, instead having had to refit abandoned frames of K79-S80 Imperial Troop Transports to provide some logistical support. Until the Dvar Imperial Remnant is able to get off-world and secure a vehicle supply chain, these ITTs are the only motorised units the Dvar Stormtroopers can field.
With the formal founding of the Dvar Imperial Remnant sometime after the ex-First Order citizens landed on Dvar came the need for a reorganised military branch. The soldiers that accompanied the refugees came from various units and branches, some being part of the First Order Stormtrooper Corps, others of the Naval Commandos, etc. Admiral Cestius merged all combat forces into one, cohesive structure, deemed the Dvar Stormtrooper Corps, harkening back to the elite shock troopers of the First Order.

Because of equipment shortage, the Dvar Stormtroopers were not able to keep a uniform look, and the Remnant was forced to cannibalise leftover pieces of equipment from New Massada, giving to the Stormtroopers a rag-tag look, and also creating technical and logistical nightmares for the administration to deal with. These problems would not be the Remnant's main focus, however, as combat-capable men were too few in numbers to create anything bigger than a company. Thus, the Dvar Stormtroopers first served as a security detail force for propagandists of the Remnant who began roaming Dvar City, in hopes of attracting more people to their faction, by promising them a brighter future. This angered the Town Gangs and the Smugglers, who attempted to retaliate with force, setting the stage for the first battle of the Dvar Stormtroopers, where the grizzled veterans of the First Order wars easily overcame the various factions trying to crush them.

This victory proved pivotal for the Dvar Imperial Remnant, as more and more inhabitants of Dvar City flocked to the Imperial banner, allowing for significant growth in numbers. The Dvar Stormtroopers were then reorganised, with First Order veterans serving as the cadre for the new recruits to fit in. With each squad being led by a veteran, the structure of the Corps was in good shape, providing quantity over quality, but not losing sight of the latter. As such, the Dvar Imperial Remnant was quickly able to garrison New Massada and use the numbers of the Dvar Stormtroopers to start exerting influence over Dvar City once again.
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Mawite Martyr
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Under Review Ivan Cestius Ivan Cestius

Just a couple of things to fix here.

  • Affiliation: Please link to your character's bio, not your character's account.

  • Equipment: This seems like overkill. Does every stormtrooper somehow wear two different suits of armor and carry twelve guns and two missile launchers? My advice is this. Pick one armor type. Pick a standard rifle and maybe a sidearm. Pick 1 - 2 heavy or special weapons, but note that they are one per squad, or something like that. If you want to customize more, you can note different equipment for different squad types - heavy weapon squads, recon squads, etc. But listing this much equipment for generic stormtroopers is too much.
Warlord of Dvar
The Mongrel The Mongrel

I edited the affiliation as you asked.

Regarding equipment, and given the rag-tag nature of the Corps, I intended to list various guns and armours with which the Stormtroopers would be equipped, with no sense of uniformity. The fact is this unit would be seen using a great amount of different weapons and pieces of armour, rather than all be equipped to the teeth with every weapon listed.
Do you confirm you want me to reduce the list to reflect the equipment of a generic Stormtrooper, or can I keep that extensive list ?
Mawite Martyr
Codex Judge
Ivan Cestius Ivan Cestius

If that is the goal, I would add some manner of description to the Equipment section. Note that equipment is not standardized, and troopers carry one of the following weapons, plus maybe a standard sidearm.

That said, as a haphazard list of things that any individual trooper may carry, this list doesn't make a lot of sense for several reasons. Some of these weapons are standard blaster rifles. Others are repeaters. Others are more sniper style. Others are big, bulky heavy weapons. All of them have different effective ranges and best uses, so a squad with a total mishmash of them would be pretty ineffective as a group. Many of them use different types of ammunition, which is a colossal headache for your quartermasters.

For that matter, how are these weapons issued to the troops? Do they line up for muster and get handed a weapon completely at random? "Here's a sniper-style disruptor rifle for you. Here's an up-close scatter blaster for you. And here's your missile launcher. It's just what was in the pile today, we didn't sort them. They all take different ammo and have wildly different ranges, so good luck. You're a squad now, figure it out."

For armor, this is even more confusing. Is First Order stormtrooper armor and old Empire stormtrooper armor just handed out at random? If this is a First Order remnant unit, why do they have a different kind of stormtrooper armor than the First Order armor? Having two different armor types randomly mixed together in squads is bound to lead to battlefield confusion. I'd really recommend sticking to one unless the feel you want here is "totally ramshackle unit dressed in whatever could be scavenged today".
Warlord of Dvar
The Mongrel The Mongrel

Going for that feel of totally ramshackle unit is indeed what I'm looking to achieve with that sub. I added a small description to the equipment section, I hope it's good enough!
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