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Dirks Hutchinson


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NAME: Dirks “Hutch” Hutchinson
FACTION: Independent
RANK/JOB: Private Security Consultant, Entrepreneur
AGE: Mid-thirties
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 195 lb.
BUILD: Muscular and well defined
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Hazel
SKIN: Caucasian; has a synthflesh covered prosthetic right leg, and a tattoo on inner part of upper right bicep

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Dependable, duty-bound, and loyal - Would go above the call of duty for a comrade or mission. Cocky - Is able to back it up most of the time, though it can make him stubborn and a risk-taker that has gotten him into trouble. Womanizer, though one woman did tame him for a bit. He has a dry sense of humor and generally is good-hearted. Gambles and drinks way too much for his own good, but doesn't smoke.

APPEARANCE: The broad-shouldered and physically fit Rendili wears whatever the jobs calls for; a suit, casual pants with a shirt and leather jacket, or military garb. He sports both facial hair and a clean-shaven appearance but prefers a goatee of some sort along with short-cropped GQ styled hair.

SHIP: Baudo-class Star Yacht ~ Jokers Wild (deck plans)

Dirks Camden Hutchinson was born on Rendili and was raised in a typical blue-collar working-class home. His father, Jorge, was an aeronautical engineer for Rendili StarDrive, and his mother, Serah, was a school teacher. Both he and his older sister, Meri, were spoiled by their paternal grandparents as the elder Hutchinson's lived close and saw them almost on a daily basis.

Hutch, the nickname that his buds and coaches gave him, and later would be his pilot callsign, was a star quarterback for the University of Rendili where he was studying aeronautical engineering. He lost his athletic scholarship due to a career-ending shoulder injury (throwing arm) and thus was unable to finish his degree. After that, Dirks joined the military with his father's urging as he needed to mature and learn some personal discipline. He tested high inaptitude for flying and was accepted into the Academy's Flight School.

After graduating in the top tier of his class, the rookie pilot went back to his homeworld and started his flying career with the Rendili Air Defense Squadron (RADS). Soon though the galaxy was at war and the Rebellion needed more willing and able trained starfighter pilots. Hutch was called up to fly with the newly formed Rogue Squadron, where he made his way up the ranks to Lieutenant Commander and Executive Officer of the elite X-wing squadron.


- Army SpecOps Uniform -

That's when the skirt chaser was knocked off his feet unexpectedly by a beautiful Galan pilot. Thessa Kai completely captured the cocky flyboy's heart and stopped the lady's man in his path. In time, he asked Lil' Mano to marry him with a 'yes' as her answer... Though their engagement was cut short when Hutchinson was asked by High Command to take a lateral transfer into SpecOps as they needed someone with his well-rounded skills.

The now Army Major led a team on a mission behind enemy lines. Because of the urgency and top-secret nature of the mission, Dirks wasn't able to say goodbye to Thee or even tell her where he was going before being shipped out, leaving things up in the air between the two lovers. Rumors, of course, surfaced anywhere from him going MIA to KIA, or that he just plain got scared of being weighed down by a ball and chain, thus stayed out in the dark after his mission was completed.

The first rumor proved to be the truth as a couple of years later, Dirks Hutchinson appeared out of nowhere at the Rebel headquarters worse for wear, but very much alive. His hope was to reunite with old friends and comrades, as well as a certain loved one, though the second he knew would be a hard sell, if at all.

After the Rebel Alliance (v1.0) disbanded… and the beefy beach bum didn't get the girl (His Thee married the Salvager and they had a tadpole), Hutch went back to his homeworld of Rendili to surf, gamble, and drink himself into oblivion for a while. It took hitting rock bottom (both figuratively and literally - the coral reef can be brutal ) to finally pull his head out of self-pity and move on with his life seeking a security job from the unlikeliest of bosses...

The rest, as they say, is history in the making.


- On the beach with his dog, Barker. -

Dirks presently calls Ceto his home, though he does travel a fair amount for work. He was the Chief Security Officer for Salacia Consolidated, a [member="Judah Dashiell"] company for a number of years, and now is a private security consultant.

Residence - Beach house condo (bachelor pad) located in Sobek, Ceto's capital city, on South Beach.

Personal Business - Hutch's Bar & Grill is located on the South Beach Pier #27. It has inside as well as outside seating serving local favorites and the best damn nerf steaks on the planet.

KILLS: NPCs only in space and ground battles.
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OCC Account - Back from LOA, hopefully
Wow… Was it really that long? I must have gotten the mag-shift calendar on the cave wall messed up. :p

If that is what the pretty lady says, then I'll change it. ;)


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Lol true. @[member="Dirks Hutchinson"] you and Chirodont or Zaiden should do some RPs together. Seems pretty bad ass.

<-- @[member="Darth Chirodont"]'s owner.


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[member="Norah Kitts-Castillon"] I always care, just get sidetracked sometimes and forget to actually show it. Not used to having to express it all the time. I'm still getting house broken so to speak with this new father thing.


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Norah Kitts-Castillon said:
[member="Dirks Hutchinson"]

You're telling me your last women didn't house break you Uncle Hutch?
Not for kid stuff… Though I do put the seat down.

Calise Novar said:
[member="Dirks Hutchinson"]

When were you going to tell me about this?
How about now? :D

[member="Calise Novar"] this is [member="Norah Kitts-Castillon"]. Norah, Calise… Her mom was a good friend of mine and when she passed away, I offered to take Little Red here under my wing. And no... she is not.
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[member="Norah Kitts-Castillon"]

Oh don't worry... I don't think anyone could tame him. I can make sure he behaves though... keep him in line so he's a good caretaker for you. ;)

[member="Dirks Hutchinson"]

She's a cute kid. Awful sweet of you taking her in. Kinda sexy actually, Mr. Hutchinson.


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[member="Calise Novar"]

lol Well I know one thing. It sure will be fun with you trying to do that, Miss Novar... getting me to behave that is. ;)


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[member="Calise Novar"]

How to hold out on sex to get what you want? I don't think so….