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Dire Straights (Faction check in)

Seris Vant

The Unsung Hero
@[member="Wendy La Fey"] it seems may not pass as active enough to count towards our faction check in.

Hell they might not even count Chupa. So we've only 5 active members then.
Under these new rules we'll loose a 1/3 of our territory due to it. And most likely we will. These rules are supposed to take effect immediately and I figure that means this faction check in.

I'll have a sit down with a staffer to see if we can possibly work something out. But we're looking pretty karked. Time will tell though.

New information has been passed to me courtesy of Ayden that we've been passed and the new rules will not affect the current round of checks. We're safe for another month, and by then we should have this faction ship shape.


Warden of the Ice
Mmm, we wouldn't loose much but it'd be a real struggle to get even that back. Still a grace-period would have been nice, we almost missed this one because I was coming back from a loa.
Speaking of, DOMINION PEOPLE! *Cracks whip*