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Diana Moridena

Cedric Dorn

NAME: Diana Moridena
FACTION: Republic
RANK: Jedi Knight
AGE: 22
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'6''
BUILD: Athletic
EYES: Orange
SKIN: White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
[+] Diana is incredibly gifted when it comes to lightsaber combat. Ever since she was a small girl she has had incredible latent abilities in the use of both regular swords and Lightsabers. Where this comes from is unknown to her though her masters have always told her she was rather special in that regard. Because of her strength in lightsaber combat Diana uses two single blade lightsabers each with a curved hilt. These are her preferred weapons though she is on the path to mastering many more.

[+] Along side her natural gift in lightsaber combat Diana is gifted within self enhancing force powers. While she fails at many of the more advanced force powers such as force light and push and pull and the like Diana is able to enhance herself through the force quite readily. Force Speed especially comes incredibly naturally to her and even as an Apprentice she is capable of going just as fast as most Knights using the same skill.

[+] As a Kiffar Diana is gifted with the ability known as Psychometry. Diana's blood like is incredibly powerful within this ability and with a single touch Diana is able to glimpse entire eons of an objects memory. Because of her light sided nature however Diana refuses to read the recently deceased or blood or anything else that was once alive. This is due to the dark nature of doing such things.

[-] Diana's main weakness is that she is unable to use the force as extensively as other Jedi. Telekenisis is difficult for her and even the most simple of tasks within the force is incredibly taxing to her. At her current state moving even a rock about half the size of her own head makes her incredibly dizzy. Most of her peers have described this as “Pathetic”.

[-] Diana is considered to be incredibly headstrong. She rarely listens to her elders and most often ignores things others say to her. This usually leads to her getting into quite a bit of trouble both within the Temple and outside of it. It also means that Diana likely won't be moving up the ranks of the Jedi Order any time soon given that she...well doesn't listen.

[-] Perhaps her greatest weakness is that Diana is very apathetic to most things. Unlike most Jedi Padawan's Diana aspires to do almost absolutely nothing. She doesn't care about rising through the ranks, becoming a Jedi Master, or really anything of that sort. All Diana wants to do is live her life out in peace, only joining the Jedi Order because she doesn't want to be evil.

[-] Diana is also completely unable to fly a starship. She has attempted doing so many times and has always ended up crashing the vehicle. Every single time she flies a Star Fighter or anything smaller than a Corvette capital ship she without fail crashes it.

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Diana's history is not a very long one, she was born on the Kiffar home world of Kiffu to a clan of powerful Kiffar. From nearly the day of her birth it was incredibly apparent that Diana was gifted within the force. Because of her clans particular connection to a certain Kiffar Sith Lord it was decided early on that Diana would be sent to the Jedi Order. By the age of three the time had come and the Jedi Order came to Kiffu at the behest of Diana's father. They took the girl away and brought her to Tython where her training began.

From early on it was apparent that Diana excelled far more on the physical side of her training than on the mental side. Lightsaber and hand to hand combat came to her very easily and from a young age Diana showed that she was more than gifted in the art of fighting. The same could not be said for her use of the force in the more...varied tactics. Whereas other younglings were capable of levitating rocks, chairs, and even themselves. Diana however found this nearly impossible. She could not for the life of her find the energy necessary to do such things and thus fell far behind in her studies.

As the years progressed Diana's training went much the same. She kept on improving her own skills in lightsaber and close combat while attempting to improve herself in other areas. Unfortunately for herself and development Diana is still several lacking in her use of the force.

Aside from her skills in combat and the like Diana's life within the Jedi Order has been incredibly average. She has made a few friends over the years on Tython though usually keeps to herself. She prefers quiet solitary evenings instead of training with other Padawans and apprentices.

This is a pattern that has stuck with Diana all through her life. She mostly keeps to herself even now in the Jedi Temple waiting for something to do.


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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
Yes Tegaea do it now... Bring Darth Shadow into the light and I will contact more Re'dsh'irts for the sacrifice required. Daella killed a few of that family.
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Nimir-ra to Iella, Jedi Shadow
@[member="Diana Moridena"] Daella has a habit of her jedi masters dying in every thread. The Re'dsh'irt jedi family has taken to helping out. If they die we know the situation is serious