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Approved Tech Dha'kumura

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Khael Vhijaric

The Screaming Blade




  • Intent: Create a personal weapon for Khael
  • Image Source: X
  • Canon Link: Beskad, Sonic Weapon
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Sword (Hand-and-a-half length)
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Very Light

  • Beskar Blade - The blade is forged from beskar, and possesses a monomolecular edge
  • Cortosis-Phrik Alloy - The hilt, as well as the black fuller that extends partway up the blade, is made from a Cortosis-Phrik alloy which is both lightsaber-resistant and capable of shorting them out.
  • Sonic Weapon - The points of the cross-guard quillons can fire short-range (4m) bolts of sonic energy
  • Classification: Sonic
  • Size: Very Small
  • Weight: Very Light
  • Ammunition Type: Power Cell
  • Ammunition Capacity: Large
  • Effective Range: Personal
  • Rate of Fire: Very Low
  • Damage Output: High
  • Recoil: Low

  • Mandalorian Iron: Forged from the superlative metal Beskar, Dha'kumura is capable of cutting through armour and flesh with equal ease with enough force, as well as blocking lightsaber strikes.
  • Disruptor: The cortosis-phrik alloy hilt and fuller is capable of shorting out lightsaber blades.
  • Lightweight Construction: Dha'kumura is, relative to its size, light enough that a strong enough person can wield it like a standard longsword.

  • Short Range: Dha'kumura is just a sword with a reach only as long as it's tip - even its sonic capabilities are only effective up to 4 metres away
  • Delayed Firing: The ranged aspect of the weapon was never intended to be a true sonic pistol, and so is only capable of firing once every few minutes. In combat, which is normally shorter, this means the wielder will only be able to get one shot off.
  • Howl of Krayt: When the sonic weapon aspect of the weapon is activated, the entire blade howls due to the energy being focused through the Krayt dragon pearl, thus making stealth impossible.

Forged personally by a great Alor of Clan Vhijaric hundreds of years ago, Dha'kumura has served the clan and its best warriors ever since. Only the strongest, most skilled warriors can claim to have once wielded Dha'kumura into battle, for to win the right to say such a thing one must challenge the current wielder to an honour duel and triumph. Shortly before the destruction of the clan, Khael successfully wrested ownership of the legendary weapon from its previous owner, who had remained undefeated for over twelve years.

The black Krayt dragon pearl in the pommel is an old clan relic that was fashioned into the hilt during construction and used as a focusing crystal for the energy being converted into a sonic bolt before being fired out of the quillons. Most often this is used in close combat to surprise an enemy, or when rocketing towards a jedi or sith to catch them off guard before clashing blades. It has a very short range, only around 4 metres, and cannot be fired more than once every few minutes - often it is enough to end most fights. The howl of the Krayt dragon pearl when the diatium power cell is switched on strikes fear into Dha'kumura's foes, announcing the wielder's coming like the shriek of an eagle, proudly if not covertly.
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Khael Vhijaric Khael Vhijaric

Very cool! However it is a ranged weapon too, you have to add the following parts to your submission: (like I had to too in this submission)
  • Classification: (Blaster, Disruptor, Ion/EMP, Slugthower, Rail/Coil/Gauss, Etc.)
  • Size: (Please choose a size between Extremely Large, Very Large, Large, Average, Small, Very Small, Extremely Small.)
  • Weight: (Please choose a weight between Extremely Heavy, Very Heavy, Heavy , Average, Light, Very Light, Extremely Light.)
  • Ammunition Type: (List the ammunition type: Power cell, gas canister, slugs, etc.)
  • Ammunition Capacity: (List the ammunition capacity. The more powerful and lighter the weapon, the lower the magazine capacity is likely to be. Please choose a size between Extremely Small, Very Small, Small, Average, Large, Very Large and Extremely Large. You may also include a number with the Rating)
  • Effective Range: (Effective range in relation to the weapon type. Remember that a carbine will have a longer range than a pistol, an assault rifle longer range than a carbine, and a sniper rifle longer than an assault rifle. Choose from None, Point Blank, Personal, Average, Long Range, Battlefield, and Extreme. Battlefield and Extreme will require justification in strengths and weaknesses.)
  • Rate of Fire: (How quickly the weapon fires. Choose from None, Very Low, Low, Average, High, Very High, and Extremely High. Very High and Extreme will require justification in the strengths and weaknesses.)
  • Damage Output: (How powerful the weapon is, in relation to its class. Choose from None, Very Low, Low, Average, High, Very High, and Extreme. Very High and Extreme will require justification in strengths and weaknesses.)
  • Recoil: (How much recoil does the weapon have? Generally speaking, the lighter the weapon and the more damage output it has, the more recoil it will have. Also, certain types of weapons will not have recoil. Choose from Extreme, Very High, High, Average, Low, Very Low, and None.)
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