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Approved Lore Decree for the Resettlement of the Mandalorian People

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Dark Lord of the Sith

  • Intent: Document the systematic destruction of the Mandalorian population within TSE
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  • Media Name: Decree for the Resettlement of the Mandalorian People
  • Format: Official documents are written on flimsiplast, copies are held digitally on holobooks.
  • Distribution: Inter-Planetary
  • Length: Short
  • Description: The Decree for the Resettlement of the Mandalorian People was an Imperial Seal that was ordained by the Sith Emperor, ratified by the Dark Council, and circulated throughout the Empire by the Office of Imperial Truth. This law was designed to justify the eviction and forced relocation of native Mandalorians by the occupying authorities, freeing up a great deal of land and property to be then confiscated by the Empire and redistributed to their more loyal subjects. Tens of dozens of camps were constructed to hold these relocated individuals indefinitely, with suitable facilities for housing, feeding, and ultimately disposal. Unbeknownst to the majority of the Empire, the Decree for the Resettlement of the Mandalorian People was a cover-up for the Emperor's true aim, to systematically eradicate the Mandalorian population and replace it with colonists brought in from the heart of the Empire. This act was known by its codename, Operation: Decimation.
  • Author: The Dark Council
  • Publisher: Office of Imperial Truth
  • Reception: Tensions between the Imperial citizenry and the Mandalorian had been high for years, with the constant proliferation of propaganda that highlighted the Mandalorian's Sack of Dromund Kaas and the wanton slaughter of innocents they perpetrated. To many, this was seen as a preventative measure to keep the Mandalorian people contained and controlled, to keep the peace, and to maintain order. To those who didn't see eye-to-eye with the Sith government, they saw this as just another method through which the Empire subjugated and stripped sentient beings of their rights; albeit in a more overtly targeted fashion than previous instances. The Empire didn't bother to record the Mandalorian people's reaction to the Decree, for any outrage against the Decree was quickly suppressed in the name of the public peace.
  • The Decree for the Resettlement of the Mandalorian People was distributed throughout the Empire in a variety of formats, although the most common was via slim holobooks passed out to every Imperial household by the Office of Imperial Truth.
  • Event Name: Operation: Decimation
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  • Participants:
  • Overview: Operation: Decimation began in the earliest days following the Empire's conquest of Mandalore. The Emperor's agents ran amok in the conquered capital, killing or rounding up the remaining Mandalorian fighters they found. Those that were taken alive were quickly disposed of, their bodies left to burn in the smoldering ruin of Sundari. However, as the Empire annexed the territory and began to police it, they found that many of the surviving Mandalorian warriors disappeared into the civilian population to wage a shadow war against the Sith. Not eager to have such subversives weaken his hold on the sector, the Emperor convened with his Shadow Hand to discuss a solution for the Mandalorian people.

    Prazutis laid the groundwork for Decimation out before the Emperor, detailing the logistics that would be required to enact a scheme on such a scale. The Emperor approved of the measure, and Prazutis quickly went to work organizing his resources to carry out their plan. Secrecy was of the utmost importance, for neither the Emperor or the Shadow Hand wished for a light to be shone on their actions. To cover Decimation with a veneer of legitimacy, the Emperor convened with the Dark Council to pass through the Decree for the Resettlement of the Mandalorian People into law.

    With legal authenticity guiding their actions, the agents of the Shadow Hand went about rounding up entire Mandalorian communities for the slightest provocation (sometimes a provocation was manufactured after the fact). They were stripped of their belongings and sent to one of the many black sites the Empire had built within the Mandalore Sector to carry out population reduction. Though not explicitly disposed of immediately, the Mandalorians sent to these grueling camps were housed in sub-par conditions, virtually starved, and forced to labor in dangerous environments until they expired. Then the bodies would be ionized and converted to alternative materials in large molecular furnaces.
  • Decree for the Resettlement of the Mandalorian People
    • Article I
      • Mandalorians designated as subversive can be subjected to forced displacement, and their property confiscated by the state.
    • Article II
      • Confiscated property can be redistributed as the state sees fit.
    • Article III
      • Subversives apprehended in this manner are to be relocated to designated labor reservations to serve out their penal sentence.
    • Article IV
      • Incarcerated subversives shall be detained in perpetuity until their tithe to the Empire has been paid, whether by labor or termination.
    • Article V
      • Mandalorian Clans who have proven themselves loyal to the state are exempt from this Decree and may continue to live on designated reservations in the Mandalore sector.

Legislated in conjunction with the Law for the Protection of Imperial Honor, the Decree for the Resettlement of the Mandalorian People was but another in a string of anti-Mandalorian laws to suppress and eliminate Mandalorian culture within the Sith Empire. The Sith Emperor had long held the Mandalorian people in contempt for their past actions against the Sith, especially the Sack of Dromund Kaas. Though his Empire's begrudging alliance with the Mandalorian Clans forced him to adopt the pretense of cordiality, in secret he always planned to conquer and subjugate the Mandalorian people. That opportunity came when the Silver Jedi and Confederacy of Independent Systems confronted the Mandalorians about their aggressive coreward actions.
At first, the Empire held back military aid and observed the Mandalorians as they reacted to the Jedi-Confederate incursions. It became readily apparent that the Mandalorians were on the losing side of the conflict, and many on the Dark Council and beyond began to muse on the Mandalorian's seemingly lack of bite. However, the Emperor wanted to leave nothing to chance and went about assembling a host of Mandalorian Clans who had, for one reason or another, distanced themselves from the Mandalorian Clans. Many had disavowed the Clans peacefully and only wanted to continue their quaint lives, but there were plenty who had violent disagreements with the Clans and were all too eager to rectify old injustices. Coerced by the prospect of amenity, compensations, and outright revanchism, these wayward bands of Mandalorians found themselves drawn into the Sith Emperor's employ.
When the blow was at last struck, the fighting raged on for far longer than the Emperor had anticipated. But, in the end, the Sith proved triumphant and held onto their gains. Those Clans who had allied with the Empire were spared the coming pogroms, land and property confiscated from the Mandalorians the Empire conquered redistributed to the loyal Clans on bordered reservations on Concord Dawn and elsewhere. Those that had resisted, even passively, against the Empire were subjected to suppression and removal. The Emperor would take no chances, he and his most trusted followers would excise the most belligerent and bellicose Mandalorian communities with extreme prejudice, and redistribute their lands to colonists from the Tion Hegemony and Galidraani Protectorate.
By this, the Emperor hope to eliminate all traces of Mandalorian culture within his Empire.
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