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Character Darth Vulcanus - Lord of Embers

Other Space Kaiden

Better than other-other space Kaiden



The Black Flame
The Sith Saint of Fire & Destruction
The Great Khaan of The Graug
The Seventh Day Emperor

The Lord of Embers














  • Height: 8'5
    Weight: 325lbs

    Darth Vulcanus, born under the name Krag but also known as The Great Khaan of Gratos and The Seventh Day Emperor, was a Force-sensitive Graug male who became the last Emperor of the Eighth Sith Empire. He became largely responsible for the introduction of his species into the larger galaxy and forging them into a lasting military force that would continue to fight alongside The Sith for decades after his rule. Vulcanus rose to prominence in the Sith after being sent to them by his mother, the Queen of his homeworld, where he would become the apprentice of Jacen Cavil who saw value in the creature's strength - despite Vulcanus' unruliness.

    Through sheer strength and ferocity Vulcanus gained a steady renown throughout The Empire. After being Knighted, Vulcanus would use the newfound power to begin swelling Sith ranks with his own Graug forces. The species' usefulness in war did not go unnoticed and Vulcanus was eventually awarded an Oversector of Sith Space to call his own. This oversector would become a Graug breeding ground as millions of Gratos natives were ferried from their homeworld to Sith Space. When Vulcanus' mother questioned the move her son simply killed her and the rest of his siblings, proclaiming himself ruler of all his people.

    Vulcanus would continue to serve The Sith throughout the reign of Emperor Carnifax, bidding his time and infesting his oversector with Graug Hordes. When Carnifax was eventually captured by The Jedi, Vulcanus made his move. He took the Sith Throne by force and ordained himself with his own Darth Title before ordering his Graug to purge the Sith who would not kneel. This effort sparked the final fracturing of The Sith Empire and allowed the Jedi a clean killing blow after only seven days of his rule. This led to a series of events that ended with the Vulcanus going mad and ending his own life to become a Darkside Manifestation on Atrisia.

    The beast would survive in this state for decades until Darth Carnifax and a party of Sith Lords raised himto serve once more...
  • The Graug Warlord far surpasses the common understanding of inhumane or cruel - even by the standards of many Sith. Forged by the barbarous nature of his homeplanet and the natural darkness of his species, Vulcanus is void of alien notions of morality, exhibiting only malice and sanguinary lust in its place. He holds little value in concepts of unity and sees the attempts of other species to coexist as inherent weakness. Additionally, he generally finds non-Graug to be abhorrently worthless in most cases - seeing them as lesser than himself and his species.

    Being the first Graug to recieve training in The Force has made Vulcanus a unique factor in his own society - emboldenening his own sense of superiority and control of his people. This has been compounded by the fact that his people see him in much the same light, putting Vulcanus in a position where he now sees himself as a living God to his people. His return from death has only assured him of this fact and he sees it as his sole purpose to lead the Graug hordes to an ultimate victory over all other life - even The Sith. Once The Graug have enslaved or made extinct the other species he plans to rule them eternally as their God-King until eventually leading them to conquer galaxies outside their own.

    The Gruag Warlord's contempt for other races, disdain for weakness and drive to conquer has led to countless acts of horror and atrocity committed at his command. Mass Enslavement, Death Work, Genocide, Ritual Exterminations, Torture and the careless use of Non-Graug soldiers and Graug Warriors alike has led to untold millions perishing as a direct result of his actions. Vulcanus holds nothing but contempt for anything that doesn't bend to Graug whim and delights in permanently disfiguring planetary landscapes to better suit Graug sensibilities. Taking life, destroying histories, desecrating planets and sowing terror are as natural to Vulcanus as breathing - more than that they are his burning drive. All life, be it Sith or not, should be twisted to reflect the Graug and their own sense of superiority.

    Those Vulcanus has served or fought alongside have never truly been more than an irritant The Graug had to step across on their March to ultimate supremacy. The beast has never had qualms with murdering anyone or destroying anything that he saw as having served its usefulness. When his mother failed to meet his vision, she was killed. His siblings much the same. When Carnifax was captured he did not hesitate to immediately begin undoing his work. Apprentices he tutored? Merely tools to be harnessed. Wives and slaves taken? Trophies and little more. Love to him, as it is for most Graug, equates only to a drive to possess and dominate.

      • Born as Krag on the unknown world of Gratos to Queen Mavrin of the Gha'shran Graug Clan and his brother Grax.
      • Due to blindness in his right eye as caused by birth defect, Grax attempts multiple times to kill him - seeing him as a lesser creature. He is stopped only by Mavrin who foresees his rise to power through The Force.
      • in 818 Grax is murdered by a contingent of Graug Priests who wish to return from their exile on the planet's moon - placed on them by Mavrin decades earlier. This leads to "The Culling War".
      • Krag takes his brother's place as Warlord and leads the Gha'Shran during the conflict. Constant ridicule of him as "weak" for his deformity cause him to retaliate with a campaign of genocide against any cities that resist his armies.
      • 823 the war ends when Krag leads forces to the Priest's Moon aboard antiquated starship. Every third priest is killed until the survivors declare him as Lord Stymphalian - a holy title that implies his right to lead all Graug into battle.
      • Several small wars are fought near constantly as Krag's Brothers and other warlords attempt to usurp his title.
      • in 832, using parts of ancient crashlanded vessels, Mavrin orders the construction of the first hyperspace worthy Graug vessel. She then sends Krag to Sith Space using a vision as guidance. He was told it was to "learn to wield great power" much to his dismay.
      • Upon arrival on Dramund Kaas, Krag is met by Jacen Cavil. Seeing the Sith Lord as a lesser creature Krag attempts to attack the man. After he is promptly defeated, Krag bows to Cavil and accepts his training.
      • Krag began his training but was unable to balance his species' primal emotions to attain the level of power over the force that allowed him grasp on basic force techniques.
      • Krag, nonetheless, partakes in the Sith Domination of several planets. During one such domination he was met in combat by a Jedi Padawan. Unable to win using his natural strength he discovered his true talent - pyromancy.
      • Krag learned, despite his inability to speak proper basic, to harness raw bloodlust, anger and ego to ignite the contents in his stomach and produce balls of fire which he could expel.
      • Krag continued to harness this technique until he learned how to use these same emotions to control flames around him. This evolved into manipulating his own body heat to burn living beings around him.
      • By 834 Krag had overcome his inability to master basic powers such as telekinesis by supplementing it with violent displays of pyrokinesis. The potency of his power and the role he played in Sith Expansion eventually earned him his Knighthood from Jacen Cavil.
      • Following his knighthood, Krag began to come in contact with a Dark Councilor known at the time as Darth Vornskr - later to become Darth Carnifax.
      • Wishing to gain more power among the Sith, Krag begins to concoct a plan to raise the Graug species to prominence in their ranks.
      • Krag then travels back to Gratos to visit ancient holy sites in hopes of connecting with his gods. For months he traversed the jungles until coming to a lost Sith Temple in the jungle.
      • Krag learns the truth of The Graug origins as having been a darkside creation of Sith Knights who crash landed on the planet during the darkness. The spirits of one of these Sith, still attached to the temple, tells him that they did so in hopes of creating an army. The Sith all died of infighting or disease before this could happen.
      • Enraged Krag begins to destroy the temple, thus threatening the immortality of the spirit. The spirit, however, offers Krag knowledge of Sith Sorcery and to become his master if he simply helps him regain his body. Krag agrees.
      • The Spirit teaches him first how to will the force to morph the galaxy to one's will to create Sith Lightning. Krag uses this knowledge to instead summon balls of flame created from pure negative emotion. Sufficed with this knowledge alone he turns on the spirit - who is baffled that Krag does not want deeper knowledge. The temple is burned and the spirit destroyed forever.
      • Krag returns to his mother and murders her along with all of his siblings - taking his own sisters as wives as is the tradition of his clan. He declares himself the Dark Lord of The Graug and declares The Great Horde - a holy army of Graug who are to bring their dominance to the galaxy.
      • Krag returned to Sith Space with legions of his people aboard Sith Starships and quickly set about using them in Sith Wars. Darth Vornakr saw use in the Graug and as Councilor under Emperor Lussk appointed Krag as a Sector Overlord.
      • Krag continued to serve both Sith and Graug interests - using The Great Horde to simultaneously win Sith battles and spread the Graug across countless worlds. By the end of 835 Krag had infested nearly every world in his sector with Graug hives through the transplanting of several billion of his people to Sith worlds.
      • As his hives spread and the plan to overrun Sith forces began to build - Emperor Lussk was deposed by Darth Vornskr who took his place as Emperor. Krag continued to serve under his rulership
      • Krag continued to fight for the Sith as the Dark Harvest struck and infected hordes began to flood the galaxy.
      • The Graug role in Imperial Military affairs only grew as the beasts were unaffected by the infection. Krag used this to supplement more and more of his sector forces with loyal Graug followers.
      • When war with the Republic and broke out Krag continued to fight across the countless and growing Sith fronts. Eventually the Fel Dynasty was successful in turning parts of his own sector against the Sith - largely thanks to the growing Graug presence on several worlds.
      • The war turned when the Emperor was captured by the Jedi Council and Republic forces took the Sith Capital. As more Sith Lords abandoned the failing Empire, Krag saw his opportunity.
      • The first day of Krag's rule began when he ordered his Great Horde to brutally murder all loyalist Sith forces across his oversector. Millions of non-Graug were killed in hours as Krag himself stormed Korriban. Alongside millions of his people, Krag killed another countless number of Sith Loyalists on Korriban and supplanted them with Graug.
      • The first day ended with Krag taking the ancient Sith Temple of Korriban and declaring himself Darth Vulcanus - Dark Lord of the Sith and Warlord of the Graug.
      • Internal killings did not stop in the second day of rule as Vulcanus demanded obedience from the Sith and their forces. Several Sith immediately took to flight from The Empire and unknown thousands were torn apart by Graug for refusing to serve.
      • The Third Day of rule saw continued death as Graug forces engaged in active combat across Sith Space with forces who refused Krag's rule. Most of any forces who remained loyal to the throne retreated to Korriban to coordinate a strike at The Republic, Fel and Mandalorians.
      • The Fourth through Sixth Days saw continued fracture as Graug resorted to genocide to quell rebellion. More Graug and Sith forces could be found fighting one another across Sith Space than preparing on Korriban.
      • The Seventh Day was also the last. A final Republic push into Korriban saw Vulcanus, His Great Horde and what Sith remained on his side square-off against overwhelming odds. Vulcanus personally fought Grand Master of the Jedi Teferi and mortally wounded the master - but this was not enough to turn the battle.
      • The Graug forces at Korriban were decimated, The Sith Empire permanently fractured and this forced Vulcanus to take what remained of The Great Horde and bunker down in The Outer Rim.
      • As The Great Horde and Sith Warlords continued to fight each other and the encroaching Republic - Vulcanus retreated to the Outer Rim. Though he was aware of The One Sith the battle with The Grand Master had left him mentally scarred due to the Jedi's immense lightside presence.
      • Vulcanus, whose species had intense reactions to being exposed to the lightside, suffered from a slow degradation of sanity as his body tried to repair itself by plunging himself deeper into the darkside. He may have been saved with sufficient help from other Darkside Masters but he refused to live as anything but the ruler he had been.
      • Consolidating the Graug he had manged to recover from Korriban, Vulcanus put out the call of Sith to join his New Order in the Outer Rim. The plan, however, was never to restore The Sith - but use them to train his Horde and spread them throughout the galaxy.
      • The New Order consolidated and began its slow crawl into the galaxy. However, as Vulcanus' mental stability lapsed the Order began to shift as well. Before long Vulcanus was using the New Order as a simple tool to destroy what he saw as weakness in the moment without regard for long term goals.
      • Several genocides and destruction of art resulted from this campaign of terror - most of which accomplished little outside of fueling Vulcanus' bloodlust.
      • The climax of this terror campaign came when Vulcanus conducted a false flag operation on The Mandalorians after a Republic senator met with the Sith Lord to discuss possible working relationships.
      • Vulcanus, with reasoning having almost completely left his mind, had ordered a Graug vessel to take still images of the meeting. Using this footage he ordered an attack on Mandalorian Space - lacing the ships with footage of the meeting before purposely killing the crews.
      • The resulting battle convinced The Mandalorians that the attack was a result of Republic conspiracy with The Sith and a war soon ensued. Vulcanus had convinced himself that the war would determine who was strongest and thus who the Graug should attack to prove themselves superior. Later he would claim the attack was not a false flag and he simply wished to rid himself of non-Graug crew. The story would change frequently and he never capitalized on the situation.
      • in 841 Vulcanus took a horde of Graug and vanished from New Order Space - leaving only whispers that he had left to find a Holy Land for the Graug. He spent the rest of the year traversing from planet to planet conducting meaningless raids as his body slowly began to turn to ashes from its continued plunge into darkness.
      • Vulcanus briefly returned to the Galactic stage in an attack on The Republic in which his remaining horde threw themselves at Republic defenses. The battle was again meaningless and most of all Krag's Horde died as a result. However he managed to escape to with several hundred citizens as slaves and retreat to a distant world in the unknown regions where Ashin and Carnifax had allowed Graug to settle during the height of the Sith Empire.
      • The Republic hunted Vulcanus down and attacked the planet - killing their own citizens in the process. During the attack Vulcanus also lost a leg and arm during a duel with a Padawan and their master. In the end the last remnant of Krag's Great Horde was destroyed and he again faded into obscurity.
      • An insane and kingdomless Vulcanus was eventually recruited by a contingent of Sith who wished to attack Atrisia. This was seen as the moment he had been waiting for. The dillusinal ex-emperor agreed.
      • Summoning what Graug he could from Gratos, including several priests, Krag attacked Atrisia with the Sith. He believed that Atrisia would be the new Holy Land of the Graug and that he would rule over it as its God King. These delusions had no merit nor logic and were borne out of his broken, deranged mind.
      • During a large ceremony in which several Sith sacrificed themselves to destroy the planet, Vulcanus used the darkside energies to fuel a ritual of his own. Calling on the Dark Side, Vulcanus allowed his body to burn away and allow his soul to possess the veins of stone in the volcano.
      • Fueled by the Darkside Storm summoned over the planet, Vulcanus' spirit was a able to exercise an immense control over the magma within the Volcano. Using it he summoned a dark spirit made of pure energy to guide a volcanic explosion and destroy countless miles of Atrisian land.
      • As the power wained, however, Vulcanus' spirit lost its ability to control The Force. The mad Sith's spirit rested dormant in the volcano, deep within the collapsed tunnels until The Jedi eventually purged the darkside from the world.
      • Vulcanus' spirit was sent to Chaos soon after the purging - despite aspects of his life force remaining connected to the world. It was in this ethereal realm that he was tormented by darkside manifestations of his brother and the Jedi he failed to kill.
      • During the opening of Netherworld Rifts Vulcanus' spirit was able to glimpse into the galaxy from the beyond - allowing him to escape the torment of his failures by reaching into the living world to torment others.
      • Though still trapped in The Netherworld, death ultimately was a healing experience for Vulcanus - whose mind no longer suffered from the physical lightside scarring it suffered on Korriban.
      • Over decades Vulcanus returned to sanity and maintained it by reaching through the force to the priests of Gratos - where his actions had left scars in the force that he could use to touch the living world. He appeared frequently in visions to the priests - leading to his worship as The Burned God on his native world.

    • Parents
      • Horde Queen Mavrin † [Mother]
      • Warlord Grax † [Father]
    • Siblings
      • Warlord Grax † [Oldest Brother]
      • Horde Commander Gortha † [Older Brother]
      • Several Unknown Brothers †
      • Queen Daughter Vixash † [Older Sister]
      • Queen Daughter Zara † [Older Sister]
      • Queen Daughter Pathia † [Younger Sister]
    • Other Family Members
    • Wives & Legitimate Children
      • Queen Daughter Vixash † [First Wife]
      • Queen Daughter Zara † [Second Wife]
      • Queen Daughter Pathia † [Third Wife]
    • Servants
    • WIP
  • Vulcanus was never able to master many of the core abilities of the force. Instead, he has supplemented his lack of abundance with immense power over a select few powers he could grasp - namely the realm of Pyromamcy. Following a ritual conducted by The Worm Emperor ( Aspect of Passion Aspect of Passion ), Vulcanus unlocked the abillity to heal as Tulak Hord once had.
    • Control
      • Force Body
      • Consume Essence
      • Tutaminis
    • Sense
      • Force Smell
    • Alter
      • Pyromancy
      • Firery Energy
      • Convection
      • Combustion
      • Alter Enviroment
      • Sith Alchemy
  • Lightsaber Forms
    • Shii-Cho, the Way of the Sarlacc, the Determination Form
      • Untrained - {Novice} - Intermediate - Advanced - Master
    • Makashi, the Way of the Ysalamiri, the Contention Form
      • Untrained - {Novice} - Intermediate - Advanced - Master
    • Soresu, the Way of the Mynock, the Resilience Form
      • Untrained - {Novice} - Intermediate - Advanced - Master
    • Ataru, the Way of the Hawk-Bat, the Aggression Form
      • Untrained - {Novice} - Intermediate - Advanced - Master
    • Shien/Djem So, the Way of the Krayt Dragon, the Perseverance Form
      • Untrained - Novice - Intermediate - Advanced - {Master}
    • Niman, the Way of the Rancor, the Moderation Form
      • Untrained - {Novice} - Intermediate - Advanced - Master
    • Juyo/Vaapad, the Way of the Vornskr, the Ferocity Form
      • Untrained - Novice - Intermediate - Advanced - {Master}
    Lightsaber Techniques
    • Jar'kai (Dual Wield)
      • Untrained - Novice - Intermediate - {Advanced} - Master

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