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Darth Veles

Darth Veles

Sweet Avreet

  • Name: Avreet Zatarus
  • Species: Mon Calamari
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 34
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Weight: 87 kg
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Skin: Light salmon
  • Hair: None
  • Alias: Darth Veles
  • Faction: N/A
  • Rank: Sith Lord
  • Homeworld: Raxus
  • Force-sensitive: Yes
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Lawful Evil
  • Voice
  • Theme

"You're an asset to me, I'll take care of you."
—Darth Veles

A wily schemer of unyelding and self assured nature, the Darth often displays gentlemanly ways, lofty mannerisms and collected attitude, painting himself as a soft and immensely polite man. This starkly contrasts with his plots and machinations carried out in ruthless, cold efficiency underlining the man's determination to succeed. Two attributes characterizing the traditionalist very well are his lust for infinite power and utmost dedication to achieving it. Cautious, distrustful, paranoid, plagued by constant expectations of betrayal, he never sheds the armour of caution when around other dark side users.
Darth Veles is disgusted by the spoiled and degrading state of Sith, yet stays fiercely loyal to the order's ideals. This mentality has eventually led Veles to drinking from Darth Bane's Rule of Two, turning him into a Banite Sith.

Outside of Sith circles, Veles demonstrates an unusual amount of virtues and other noble qualities, easily rivalling the Jedi in these aspects, further supporting the benevolent image. In order to always stay in control, the man tempers his violent way of life and the dark side's influence by exercising restraint and following a strict code of honour and morals to live by. In spite of this behaviour, Veles is not above scheming the downfall of his enemies and cheating to secure success - always a Sith driven by survival and immense hunger for knowledge, he is unafraid of breaking his own vows whenever convenient. Raised in the ways of the once mighty First Galactic Empire and fascinated by its uniform, stark beauty, Darth Veles uses Darth Sidious' ideology as the basic ingredient in his own recipe for control and relentlessly pursues the quest for eternal galactic peace united under his happy, just order.

Veles passionately hates those he deems to be Dark Jedi hindering his progress or insulting the Sith Order by unrightfully claiming Sith membership - he will stop at nothing to exterminate Dark Jedi groups with extreme prejudice if they happen to get in the way of his Machiavellian schemes. The Sith does not hesitate to deal out brutal punishments as a warning to others who would threaten the Sith dream. Unlike many of his colleagues though, he doesn't enjoy killing or causing pain, seeing those as mere means to an end.


  • Cyborg - Motivated by removing the limiting weaknesses of flesh and replacing these with faultless technology, many cybernetic enhancements have been installed in the Sith Lord's already perfect body, thus greatly multiplying his natural strength, reflexes, endurance and speed, stretching far beyond even the most impressive natural physical abilities.
  • Iron Will - The Mon Calamari has an exceptionally strong will, one that is reinforced and tempered by his personal mantra and code of honour. This results in a great resistance against mental attacks seeking to influence or outright dominate his mind or read his thoughts.
  • Skill & Experience - A Force prodigy knowledgeable in many powerful techniques and powers, tested by fire and nursed by war, the Sith lord is an unpredictable and slippery opponent, not above using non-Sith techniques to overcome his enemies. Equally dangerous when it comes to lightsaber combat, Darth Veles is a deadly foe to encounter.

  • Scornful - Holding pragmatism in high regard, the Mon Cal sees pointless cruelty as a sign of weakness and does not hesitate to brand Sith who commit acts of wanton brutality as dark Jedi. This makes getting along with other Sith very troublesome since Darth Veles considers them liabilities and obstacles to the grand plan.
  • Power Hungry - Darth Veles is obsessed with hoarding knowledge and information, ranging from ancient history to lost arts of the Force, meaning he will rarely pass an offer at claiming more. He finds holocrons in particular to be almost irresistable, a lure easily exploited.
  • No Legacy - While not afraid of death itself, the Darth is fraught with anxiety of not passing his ideals on. With advancing years, he is more and more often haunted by the realization that he faces the galaxy alone and cannot keep it up forever. If he dies, traditional Sith ways die with him.


"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hatred leads to suffering. But what the Jedi failed to teach you, what I have learned, is how to persevere, to pass through suffering, and achieve ultimate power!"

—Darth Tyranus

Darth Veles is a good sneak, whether as a thief soundlessly slipping past sentries or as an assassin delivering the first and the final blow in one unexpected attack; K'tara, a martial arts style chosen to be his preferred form of unarmed combat, suits Veles perfectly, focusing on stealth by maximizing damage to an opponent while making a minimum amount of noise. The style featured short, quick movements, most beginning from the set position and moving within the small area framed by the target's shoulders and hips. A skilled practicioner can quietly silence an opponent, disarm him, and disable him within a very short period of time.

The elegant lightsaber style of Makashi put a spell on the Mon Cal when he was introduced to the arts of lightsaber combat for the first time; the advantage of having one hand free while keeping his opponents at bay with the form's superior reach has charmed the Sith assassin to the point Makashi became his primary and only way of dueling. Veles' devotion to the form eventually gave away how to significantly overcome Makashi's greatest weakness - poor blaster deflection. Still, one can achieve only so much with only one lightsaber, which prompted the Mon Cal Sith to learn the technique of Jar'Kai. Armed with two lightsabers, he is a dangerous opponent, utilizing the same style as the famed assassin Asajj Ventress. The deadly combination does not end there though; the ability to turn off and re-activate the crimson beams of his weapons, a technique known as Trakata, has also been passed onto him by his old Master.

As far as Force powers and techniques go, Veles knows many while being a true master of few, Force cloak and Force stealth in particular. Aside from those two and the basic combo of telekinesis, telepathy, Art of Movement and Force sense, the Sith Lord knows many powers that could be considered advanced, through his ability to control those differs. Force lightning, a legendary Sith ability to send the purest manifestation of Dark Side energy through one's fingertips is well-known to the Darth.

Force drain is employed slightly more actively than its sparkling blue cousin, making it quite a formidable weapon in Veles' webbed hands. This positively marks the Sith Lord as an experienced Dark Side user, giving him the power to plant seeds of darkness into minds of others and influence them to see his light, a skill that is referred to as Force corrupt. The Sith Lord's arsenal of Force powers also includes Force projection and Similfuturus, both of which are closely tied to his mastered Force power due to bending light, and basics of Sith alchemy, Sith magic, Tutaminis, Ionize, Essence transfer, Force weapon, Combustion, Force flash, Force heal, Odojinya.


"Why are you hiding inside the cowl of your cloak?"
"It is the clothing of my Order, Viceroy."

―Nute Gunray and Darth Sidious

A typical Mon Calamari, Veles has a light salmon colored skin with dark brown markings across his body and stands at an average height, yet even though his physique is very athletically built, the amphibian's form hardly offers an intimidating sight for a powerful Sith Lord. Darth Veles' treacherous charm and commanding presence truly originate in the lively passion dancing in his eyes and the way he moves - with smoothly elegant and purposeful motions, a professional assassin fully in control of his physical shell. Unfortunately, the image of perfection is somewhat damaged by a noticable limp often creeping into his pace. This defect is further highlighted by a walking cane making it a companion.

Veles' body has been upgraded with a
Cardio-Muscular Package, enhancing his muscles with Rybcoarse that exponentially increased his speed, stamina, toughness, and tripled his strength. To take full advantage of it, the Mon Calamari's skeleton has been reinforced. The amphibian's senses are expotentially increased due to a Hifold Sensory Package installed within him, similarly to his artificial right eye that allows Zatarus to view the world with increased resolution, enhanced color coordination, and ultraviolet, infrared, no light / low light vision, as well as provide him with telemetry analysis, such as data on heat dispersion, and visual magnification. The cybernetic eye also can be adjusted to display fake pigmentation and eye color to disguise it's synthetic nature - a feature often used to make the replacement look like a real eye.

Dressed in a stylish Sith uniform made out of quality materials, it is easy for him to disappear in crowds of beings sporting similarly military-esque fashion. The tunic has wide sleeves to suit his broad wrists protected by
phrik bracers, a comlink is attached to his left wrist to allow for easy communication and Veles' right hand is always armed with a Sith hidden blade mounted within the wrist itself. The Sith Lord wears expensive black knee high leather boots made out of crosh-hide with a short sword concealed in his right boot. Most of his body is usually hidden under a heavy, hooded black cloak enveloping his feautres. His sturdy utility belt holds his small datapad, medpac for emergencies and two curved lightsabers that are his main tools of trade, lately accompanied by a heavy blaster pistol.

His other noteworthy possessions include:







Training, classes

Missions, skirmishes, invasions, dominions

Darth Veles

Sweet Avreet
And I finally gave him some well-deserved update! His bio still needs to be reworked since it's 3 years old, but that will have to wait for a bit.

Darth Veles

Sweet Avreet
Updated; I tried to make the profile less complex to make the character more assessable to others :)