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LFG Darker Tidings

Darth Vindictus

Emorin Tain
So just created this rather shiny boy here, and would love to get him started on the right path to Sithdom. He is a former college student who had a bit of an outburst following a late assignment getting turned in. Suffice to say, a Jedi died, he is on the run, and he is looking for help in a galaxy that no longer makes any sense to him. I am generally open to anything at the moment, though for the time being I would like to avoid him taking part in any of the major Sith factions. In terms of a character, he is going to focus much more on alchemical and Force related abilities over combat, more in the mold of Darth Plageius than a Vader type. This is gonna be my first real attempt at making a Sith character on any site, so I am really hoping we can figure out something good!

Sayla Valis

I've got a new Darksider force-wielder character that would potentially be interesting to work with; she's not part of any major faction but is certainly aligned to the dark side more than anything much else. Would love to write something up if you're interested.