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Critique me, daddy!


Self-Imposed Exiled
Please give me some criticism on both me, and my character(s)!
I will greatly appreciate all, from positive to negative, anything to help me better myself.
Thank you.
Picture taken on my first day of being a Factory Judge, for the ID card.
Lord of the Dead
while I havent threaded with you alot except maybe the one thread i sitll find you hilarious and a neat writer :p[member="Raiz Australis"] (I suck at peptalks lemme alone..)
[member="Raiz Australis"]

You're one hell of an Engineer Raiz, but you still ain't no Isaac Clarke.

On a serious note, I've skim-read some threads of yours in my spare time. Pretty solid stuff.
All I can say is, maybe try to write his feelings of combat a bit more consistently? I can't say for certain if that's a genuine problem, but that usually is a problem for a lot of people.

It always helps to try and get in the zone first too. And, try not to be worry about the size of or content of your posts by comparison to others. Stick to a consistency and level of complexity befitting to your own writing style/character.


King of Pumpkins
[member="Raiz Australis"]

I wish you were around more. I haven't been able to RP with you in quite some time.