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Commenor Hex - Dominion OOC

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Tier 3 - Dominion for Commenor Hex:
Story Arc
  • Post Requirement For Completion: 150
  • Any Member Can Join: Yes.
  • Any Minor Faction Can Join: Yes.
  • Gains: Entire Hex
It has been a hard time for the world of Commenor. In the return of the worlds Lady President and the aftermath of her struggle between the Light and Dark sides of the Force heavily influenced by the Sith, a relative time of peace followed only to bring on a new era of criminality and violence. Following an attempted assassination on her life by an identity of unknown origin, out of fear for the safety of her people, [member="Lady Kay"] has since increased her hold upon the security of her world as well as all neighboring worlds in the system in collaboration with their governing bodies.

Reaching out of worlds within the Commenor Hex, a military pact has been called for in order to further secure the sector of the galaxy from rogue groups looking to profit off of the suffering of others. Many known criminal entities have passed through the system dealing in crimes ranging from slavery to murder, some influenced by a higher calling such as the force and fueled by a past history of the One Sith occupation that led to the devastation of worlds within it's former territories, others struggling to keep civil peace under failing economy. It is a time where governance in this sector has fallen short, backed not by the larger powers that be, the Queen of Commenor and the people working under her are pushing to enhance the standards of living for these worlds, while too making a bold statement to the rest of the galaxy that it is here where democracy will flourish.

Cato Neimoidia: Federal Investments.

In the past the Trade Federation has been well known for it's collaboration of worlds and it's droid armies, having a history dating back within the galaxy since long before the collapse of the Galactic Republic, Commenor has requested that a trade agreement be established between the two powers in order to fuel the mutual exchange of goods between worlds as well as open up relations between the Governments for future peace talks.

  • Make contact and rendezvous with the Neimoidians, representing the People of Commenor. Secure trade routes and open up talks for diplomatic relations to continue into the future.
Everyone has a price in the galaxy and the Neimoidians most especially love to make their wealth known to one and all. They have a reach across numerous financial enteprizes and for a world of trade such as Commenor, harbor great potential gain should they fall under the Commenori flag.

Talasea: Shocking Developments.

Once again the Rain Seasons have hit the world of Talasea and with the rain in such a high gravity climate, thunderstorms are once more plaguing the local populace and causing natural disasters across the World. While this is not an unusual occurrence for the time of year in Talasea, the world has taken a beating and the power-grid has been taken offline leaving much of the populace without sustenance. In the worlds general instability and under a flailing government, many of the populace of the world have taken to arms riots, taking what they can in the chaos of the natural plague and seeing to a significant rise in criminality there. The Government has requested a stronger presence not only in law enforcement but so too a call for engineers to help return control to the leadership of the main continent.

  • Engineers - If applicable, aid the Capital City in returning power to it's primary grid.
The Central Facility responsible for the power of the main continent has gone dark, it is suspected of being thrown offline by a surge in the area's electrical storms. Further investigation however will lead to the discovery of a criminal cell working to destabilize the governments control over the world. These people must be brought to justice, one way or another.
  • Security detail - Local Law Enforcement
Any able bodied may take up in assisting the local law enforcement in policing the Capital City, with the riots on-going and citizens in utter civil unrest, you can be expected to get your hands dirty here.

Terrijo: Assault on the Entourage.

A medical frigate of the Terrijo System known as the Entourage was en-route to trade supplies and offer medical aid to the world of Mimban before it was ambushed by a rogue group of space pirates. An Emergency distress call has reached Commenor and her neighboring worlds yet all further communications have ceased and the frigate is adrift growing ever dangerously close to falling back into the atmosphere of Terrijo.

  • Approach the wreckage and determine the state of the Entourage and her crew if possible.
First priority is the preservation of lives aboard the vessel. If at all possible, determine the state of the crew and then further plan to mend the situation without endangering innocent lives.
  • Arrest or dispatch of all enemy personnel and fleet.
Pirates and Mercenaries will still be in the area if not still on board the Entourage itself. The vessel cannot be secured while enemy personnel are still at risk of threatening the mission, neutralize them!
  • Find a way to keep the vessel from drifting into the reach of Terrijo.
Identify the damage dealt to the vessel and seek to move it away from Terrijo. If the vessel is left to drift too close to the world, the atmosphere will pull it down and the loss of life to the world below will be catastrophic.

Cyrillia: An Opportunity for technological Advancement and Trade.

A matter for diplomatic relations, Cyrillia is well known for it's trade of industry. With Commenor looking to increase on it's defensive and security capabilities, the government has set its sights on other worlds for new trade routes and deals strike that might mutually benefit both parties. This scenario is a peaceful one and made with the consideration for those looking to partake in some good ol' meet 'n' greet styled Roleplay, or otherwise perusing the market district of Cyrillia and doing some shopping! You never know what you might pick up while the rest of the galaxy is at war with itself.

  • Meet with members of the government here and secure new trade for the benefit of Commenor.
  • Go shopping, have fun. Live, love, laugh!
These Objectives are purely optional and all members are encouraged to Rp their own stories if preferred!


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1/5th of the way there people :)

[member="Kalyr Alor"] My objective won't be seeing any action (I don't think), but you're welcome to help out with [member="Stardust Raxis"] if you'd like :) Unless you're not looking for fighting, then you can join [member="Veiere Arenais"] and I. Or, you could do your own thing...maybe check out what that Android is doing...


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[member="Kalyr Alor"]

Better get your butt over to [member="Lauri Törni"] . Unless that's where [member="Darlyn Excron"] is going?
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