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Come join a family legacy!



This is a little different from your average 'looking for random peeps to become family/romance/whatever' threads.

Since 2013, and over a few roleplaying sites, my closest writing partner and I have went from a potential paring to see if two of our characters would stick, to building the biggest RP family tree either of us had ever seen, connecting in many ways a great deal of both our characters, and the characters of some of our dearest co-writers.

Now that we've decided to bring [member="Jamie Perris"] and [member="Tadel Perris"] back to Chaos, and along with them, their children, we've decided to open up their brood and more besides to be written by others. Those two are where our tree building really started.

First off, we'll tell you a little something about the core families, as they are on Chaos.

The Perris family hails from Alderaan, and boasts a long lineage of starfighter pilots. The common thread of many (though not all) Perris men is one of the playboy, the scoundrel, until they meet that one person that reins them in and they are committed to that person for as long as they both shall live. On the whole, Perrises take pride in their family name - a Perris is not a coward, nor a quitter. Members of this family have been pilots, business people, involved in government, or something else entirely.

For example, Osira Perris (wife to the elder Tadel Perris), the matriarch, was an intergalactic lawyer for most of her career, now either retired or in the judiciary on Corellia or Alderaan, and her daughter, [member="Yasmin Perris"], worked in intelligence for most of her own career, before pulling back from field work to contract as an intelligence trainer and lecturer, for whoever pays best. Yasmin has one daughter, Yazmeen Perris-Thiled, with her late partner, Erix Thiled, a Zeltron and casualty of the Great Galactic War. This family got its start with the creation of [member="Kelly Perris"], Osira’s son, in 2006, who in the past on Chaos has been a starfighter pilot, test pilot for Incom, CEO of Incom, and the original Governor of Eriadu, during the GA's earlier days. Kelly has one son from his late wife, Elsebetta of Osarian: Tadel Perris.

The Brends are a family from Corellia with an extensive military background that can be traced back a few decades. Whether in CorSec or galactic-level organizations, Brends have always served. As a rule of thumb they strictly avoid entanglements in politics, but there have been known exceptions to this rule, as in the case of James Brend. They are well known for their pride, temper, and bullheaded-attitude, but also for being pragmatic in their approach to problems, and loyal to a fault when it comes to their family or loved ones.

After the family patriarch Trenton Brend died of bloodburn, his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter were assumedly raptured and have not been heard from since, leaving daughter Jamie and her family behind. This family got their start with the creation of Jamie El-Eison, Trenton Brends daughter, in 2012. This soon followed with other writers taking the roles of her twin brother James Brend, son Andrik El-Eison, niece Faline Brend, and sister-in-law Kaiya Raye Brend. Jamie was married twice, first to Kal El-Eison, [member="Andrik Perris"]’s father, who left her widowed, and later to Kelly Perris’s son, Tadel Perris. Together, Tadel and Jamie have four children.


Now, on to what we’re offering!

Tadel and Jamie’s four children together are up for grabs, and we’ll provide you with what we envisioned for them, but in the end, how they turn out is pretty much up to you, though all of their children are taught how to fly! Here they are:

Elsabetta Nalra (Elsie), age 5
→ The overachieving perfectionist who knows what she wants out of life. Grew up on the same stories as her siblings, but taking more after her great-grandmother, Elsie was originally thought to go after an early career path in politics by joining the junior legislators of Corellia at the age of twelve.

Osira Yasmin (Ira), age 4
→ Like her eldest brother, Andrik (age 10), Ira was thought to likely end up joining him in the Green Jedi when she becomes old enough, being the second of the brood to test positive for Force sensitivity. Unlike said brother, and her twin, Ira is the quiet, calm one, and possibly destined to the path of the Consulars, potentially as a healer.

Kelly Trenton (Trent), age 4
→ Envisioned to be the apple not fallen far from the tree that is his grandfather, as the man was in his youth, having been regaled with stories from the man’s past as they all are, the stories would stick most firmly with Trent. As such, if we were writing him, he’d be the playboy when he gets older, and separated from his twin as she possibly goes to the Jedi, he is likely trying to compensate for her absence. Possibly a starfighter pilot.

Tobias Johnathan (John... or Toby… or Nate!), age 2
→ The ‘surprise’, but a happy one, John will be the last to ‘leave home’ for school, and will have a great deal of time without siblings around, for two to three years, before he is old enough for school himself. Potentially the ‘black sheep’ of the family, though why this is would be telling!


Again, you may take what we have envisioned, and run with it, or you may develop these kids as you wish, with our input, which is valuable in this!

The benefits of being part of a family tree are huge, giving a character many connections, potential stories to draw from and build upon, and possibly several new writing partners with whom a strong bond could be formed. Our tree extends far beyond these families, and welcomes new connections, in addition to making offerings such as these, on a regular basis. If these offerings are already taken up, or you want something a little different or less connected, we can also accommodate. If you want to join our Tree with an existing character, we can probably make that work!

Please express your interest below, or PM myself or [member="Amz"], and let's fit people to characters, and get RPing!