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Approved Starship Chiloon-IV fighter/bomber

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Three Chiloon-IVs in flight


  • Manufacturer: Ringovinda StarYards
  • Model: Chiloon-IV fighter/bomber
  • Affiliation: Open-market
  • Production: Mass-Produced.
  • Material: Durasteel hull

[*]Configuration B (Endurance)

[*]Defenses: Average
[*]Squadron Count: Average 12
[*]Maneuverability Rating: Average
[*]Speed Rating: Average
[*]Hyperdrive Class: Average: 1

  • Can resist ion/EMP attacks
  • In standard configuration, can accommodate a wide variety of ordnance
  • In endurance configuration, can drop bombs without need for resupply
  • Slim flank profile
  • In standard configuration, limited ordnance
  • In endurance configuration, unstable bomblet generator can take out the craft if the bomblet generator is fired too often (around 5 minutes of continuous operation)
  • In endurance configuration, slow bombing rate of fire (1 full-power bomblet per every 20 seconds)
  • Easy to detect on EM/thermal sensors when the guns and/or bomblet generators are fired
  • Exposed engines
  • Cannot change configurations in battle
Description: It was found that the old Chiloon-I/IIs' short hyperdrive range caused problems to some factions utilizing them, especially to the ORC, and, to top it off, the Chiloon-I didn't even have particle shields, and their guns' limited ammunition made them a liability in prolonged engagements, and a new self-sealing hypermatter tank allowed it to address the problem of the short hyperdrive range. The Chiloon-IV retrofitting is also available as an aftermarket upgrade, including new cap drains as well. However, on the Chiloon-IV, it was ultimately decided that ERA would not be fitted since the additional weight of that item was not worth the additional layer of defense, especially not when it came at the cost of pilot safety. Otherwise, it flies very similarly to its predecessors, with the choice of fitting either a large bomb bay or a bomblet generator, with the former being useful when one wants ordnance other than bombs, and the latter for long-duration bombing runs.

Consumables: 3 weeks
Crew: 1
Cargo capacity: 100 kg

Ria Misrani

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[member="Janick Beauchamp"]

Before I can send this up I ask that you please include a strength for the standard configuration to reflect the weakness. Lastly, if you could please add a note on your submission with regards to the configuration - because I imagine that one cannot simply change their configuration mid-battle. So just as a note; just add that it cannot change configurations mid-battle and once those additions are made I can send this up to my mentor!
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