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Chaos Bbq and get together June 24th

Hey folks,

Every year I end up having get togethers for chaos members and friends to come over to my house and hang out. With weather being nice, I'm hosting a bbq to celebrate the end of school, graduations, and induce general fun and laughs.

So if you are near the northern Virginia area and can drive/ fly down, feel free! Toss me a pm and I'll give you my address. We always have loads of fun, games, and potluck food. :)

I'll toss up some fun past pictures of these events later today!
Since I'm actually in the States this time around, I may see if David is able to have a little time off for it! After all its a few days after my birthday! That might go in my favour, no? We've been meaning to go each time I've been state side for it! Will speak to him tonight :)

EDIT: Is official, we're coming, David said we could :D

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