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Planet Review Cathay, Home of the Hegemony

Xanthum the Mighty Xanthum the Mighty

That's perfect. Due to the site migration, some of your links have broken and the template is missing a "permissions field. We'll have to do a little maintenance and then we can get you on your way. I'll do my best to provide links so you don't have to hunt.

1.) Under "Intent" edit to Reflect the "Permissions" Field. If there are none to report simply write "N/A"

2.) Fix Broken/Missing Links

Under "Links": Xzaien
Under "Capital City": Xzeenia
Under "Affiliation": Xzaien / Catharian Hegemony
Under "History": High Admiral Raxis Keyes

Note: I also came across Catharian Imperial Ground Forces (CIGF) - If it applies to this submission as well you may wish to add them in.

Once these items are adjusted I'll get you on your way. Nice work!
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Xanthum the Mighty Xanthum the Mighty

Under "Capital City": Xzeenia - You accidentally linked Xzaien. Please be sure to link the city submission.

For the "Permissions" section I think I needed to be more clear - I apologize. I just meant to make your template (as it is the previous version of the Codex) match the new template which has a permissions field. Your submission should look like this:

Image Credit:

Not this: