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Carré Inirial

Carré Inirial

The Sundered One

NAME: Liana-Carré Vhirrenne Inirial
RANK: Sith Knight
SPECIES: Lorrdian
AGE: 22
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5' 9"
WEIGHT: 130 pounds
EYES: Dark silver
HAIR: Raven
FORCE SENSITIVE: Most certainly.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum):


...knowledge is a weapon...
My mind is sharp, and I strive to keep it thus. I spend inordinate amounts of time in the Archives and the Libraries of the worlds I visit, in homage to the University and centers of knowledge on Lorrd. I study that which has come become in order to better prepare myself to meet what challenges may come. Knowledge is power, and there is no such thing as too much of it.

...pain is merely fear leaving the body...
Most beings possess a healthy fear of something or other....but I do not. There is nothing I fear, for there is nothing I can be tormented with that has not already been done to me. Fear is a weakness I am proud to say I do not suffer from.

...respect must be earned to be given in return...
I was raised in a home that placed the utmost value on social standing and the perception of respect. In light of that, I rarely give my trust where my respect has not been earned. Once earned, however, I become a staunch ally and loyal friend.

...a gesture can be worth a thousand words...
Being Lorrdian is a gift beyond words. A gesture can communicate what words cannot, the tilt of a head and the set of the shoulders can tell a story where the voice could not do it justice. Reading beings and one another is an art form my people have perfected over the years. What you would need a series of questions to ascertain, I can read from the expression and posture in a matter of moments.


...find the right button...
There are some few things that will drive me into an incomprehensible rage, so blinding that I will lose command of my abilities and rain destruction down upon my enemy and myself in equal measure.

...when in pursuit of a goal...
Focus and determination, I have in spades...but in pursuit of a goal, be it a piece of knowledge or an enemy to dispatch, I can get too involved, to the detriment of all else.

A gaze of dark silver and raven tresses grace her slender figure, with pale, flawless skin, save for the palm of her left hand. It bears a brand, the symbol of a long lost order of Sith, placed there upon her arrival at their gates. It was an awakening, she has been known to say, and even if she could remove the twisted, cursed flesh, she would never seek to do so. She keeps her slender figure in excellent condition, for the use of the force demands much. Graceful and deliberate, she is always attired in the current fashion, which her vanity demands that she follow.


My family is phenomenally wealthy, that's the first thing you ought to know. The vast familial wealth was amassed through the administration of mining companies - mostly precious gems and metals, things that would always hold their value in the long-term.

I was born the youngest of four children; three older brothers had preceded me into the world of the social elite. We grew up in relative peace and quiet on Lorrd, in Lorrd City. Our home was in the quiet Garden District, where the wealthiest of citizens kept their manses and manicured gardens. They boys were given every freedom to pursue any interests that caught their miniscule attentions, whereas I was not given such opportunity. I was groomed from birth to be perfect - appearance, grooming, manners, studies - everything I did had to be done with grace and in good taste.

For many years, I was perfect. I received the highest of grades, the most glowing reports from teachers and tutors alike, and was always possessed of impeccable manners and excellent taste. I never put a foot wrong, in fact, until the moment I pushed my mother down the main staircase of the house without lifting a finger. I stared in fascinated horror as she tumbled, leaving a trail of jewels and pieces of shimmersilk from her gown. She landed in a heap at my father's feet, her neck bent at an unnatural angle. I should have been upset...I should have begun wailing and screaming...should have rushed down the stairs to gather her into my arms. But I couldn't make myself move. All I could do was laugh until I was breathless, the sensation of dark energy coursing through my veins heralding a freedom I had never tasted before.

My exile was swift, though I managed to secure a considerable chunk of the family fortune before I left. It took months of journeying across the galaxy before I heard of Korriban, and longer still to journey there. I was branded at the gate before I was allowed entrance, and I bear that mark until this day. It was the beginning of my true life. Nothing until that time had mattered. I served the order faithfully and without question for years, finding those among the order to call allies and friends. Even love...Opir was power incarnate and I could scarcely keep away. But even that didn't last. He disappeared, and I was sent of on a fatal mission to Zonama Sekot.

A highly regarded Knight of the order, I had been sent to retrieve a parcel of data that had been left behind by a group of scientists. I knew I wasn't alone when I went in to the abandoned facility, but I continued on. What did I have to fear, after all? I should have known better. The Force flowed in peculiar ways on Zonama Sekot, and by the time I recognized the warning for what it was, it was too late. A tiny feathered dart had lodged in my shoulder, and the sedative worked quickly to take me under. There were some few moments of confusion as I crumpled to the floor, footsteps sounding like thunder in my ears as they approached. The boots were heavily armored, but then I felt another needle sliding under my skin and I knew nothing else.

When I awoke, there was only darkness. It took far longer than it should have for my eyes to adjust and realize that there was one tiny glowing lamp above my head. An odd spot for a lamp, I thought, but tried to lift my hand and found that I could not. A suddenly frantic series of movements proved that I was tightly bound to whatever capsule I was lying in, the adrenaline pumping swiftly through my veins. I stopped, after a moment, remembering...Opir...Zonama Sekot...being captured. So that's where I still was. Rage rose to engulf me, forcing me to shudder as the pleasure of the Force burned away the last vestiges of cobwebs.

It also made the mark in my left palm throb in the sweetest sort of agony, reminding me of what I was. Who I was. The bonds crumbled away from my flesh and the capsule exploded outwards, showering everything in the vicinity with sharp shards of durasteel and transparisteel. I got up slowly, unsure of how long I'd been held in such a manner, and knowing that my body would be uncertain. My legs didn't want to work at first, as if they'd forgotten how to function at all. I clung to the edge of the heavy stone table the capsule had been resting upon, when a door seemingly appeared from nowhere on the wall nearby. Light flooded the chamber and my eyes watered at the sudden invasion. Voices I didn't recognize clamored in a panic, shouts echoing louder as the light illuminated me.

That was irritating. Without thinking, I reached out and crushed the windpipe of the fool who wouldn't shut up, and was rewarded at last with the silence my faint voice could not request at the appropriate volume. "Where am I? And who the frak are you?" It took some thirty minutes for the servants to fill me in, for that is what they were, I discovered. My family's servants, only, not the family I remembered. They were long dead and buried. In questioning them, I discovered a most startling fact - I had been in stasis for over five hundred years. Five. Hundred. Years.

They had heard stories, of course, the family legend of the daughter gone wrong, the cautionary tale used to scare the children of subsequent generations. It would have been laughable if I wasn't so horribly overwhelmed...there was no one left alive that I had known. No friends, no allies, not even my Master. All of them...gone.

One of the more thoughtful of the servants had fetched me a robe of sapphire shimmersilk, draping it over my shoulders at my nod of approval. Him, I wouldn't kill. Another still brought me wine while another went to procure a meal from the kitchen. They were proving useful, and I decided to keep them - after all, finding good servants was difficult, and finding ones so level headed at the awakening of an angry Sith, even more so. They would live as long as they proved trustworthy and loyal only to me. I sipped at the wine and kept myself from dwelling on all I had lost by plotting the systematic elimination of my...family.

For the next year, I moved with deliberate, methodical steps. I brought the family to heel, and those that would not submit were forced to choose the manner of their death. If I was feeling particularly magnanimous, I would behead them. That...didn't happen often. I have no idea how the servants got the blood off of the carpeted stairs and the marble floors, but they did. The chamber that had once held me in stasis for hundreds of years now served as a prison.

With my house in order, it is time to explore outward once more. The darkness bids me to serve it, and I shall answer it's siren's call.



She has not trained exclusively in any one form, preferring to learn what components suit her and developing a viciously graceful style of her own. Carré still uses her original lightsaber hilts, a pair that twist together at the pommel ends to form a doubled bladed lightsaber. The blades emitted were of a deep blue with a black core, and could be used as individual weapons though she rarely wielded them that way.


In addition to solid training in all of the basic Force abilities, Carré excelled in the physical arts. Combat is her specialty, with her natural grace and years of rigorous dance training adding to her prowess with her lightsaber. Telekinetic powers such as Force Wind and Levitation are among her most powerful, though she most often applies various forms of Force Wound...in some disturbingly interesting ways.

The Sundered Shadow, a heavily modified DeepWater-class light freighter.





Carré Inirial

The Sundered One
Whoops...thought I had posted a link to prove my rank... >_< silly me...

Here's a link that proves my rank from That Guys's Craftshop - my CT reads Knight (my horrid, horrid pink CT...blech...) Unsurprisingly, it's one of only two links I could find. Also, @[member="Lady Silencia"] trained me over there...hopefully she'll vouch for me as well.