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Factory Canyon Defence Ltd.

Fellow Knight of SJC


  • Image Source: Imgur
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Corporation Name: Canyon Defence Ltd.
  • Headquarters: Zeltros
  • Locations: Zeltros
  • Operations: Following operations related to arms & defence
    • Research & Development
    • Manufacture
    • Marketing
  • Parent Corporation: Canyon Innovations Ltd.
  • Subsidiaries: N/A

Canyon Defence Ltd. is a recently created company by the well known Canyon Innovations Ltd. in Zeltros. When Salazar Niminen approached the board of directors of the parent company with the proposal of making military equipments for the SDF; the board concluded that if such a public-devoted company is seen making tools of peace directly, it would lose considerable revenue & so they unanimously decided to create the subsidiary closed-market company which would cater to any request made my any Jedi, General or High-Ranking Official of the entire SJC provided they get prior permission from Salazar Niminen, the President of the company.​


Since Salazar was already a General in the SDF, he was the perfect man to give control of the company to. His business strategy & clever investments brought the company 150% of the projected profits in the first year alone. His suggestions are always taken into account by the R&D team and the Manufacturing team. All the equipments needed for his troops comes from the company. His connections also enable him to gain access to several high-end state-of-the art technologies.​


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