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  1. Teresa Zambrano | Darth Pellax

    Question  Defence Rating???

    How should we be approaching this rating, what does it cover? Both I and Vora Kaar think it's quite vague and I personally am unsure how to treat it.
  2. Dedata | Celty Ree

    Private  Defence for Introverts

    Location: Epica - Dedata's undeveloped land Tag: Skorvek Ambient Forrest Sounds fa-play fa-pause The sun beamed through the viewport into the bedroom waking the woman up from her much needed rest. The woman had been wondering the area looking at the site for a future home, though for an...
  3. Corvus Spire

    Work In Progress  Novac Planetary Defence Gun

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Design a planetary defence weapons system for use by the Rimward Trade League. Image Source: Saint Kelly Canon Link: N/A Permissions: (Please link any Marketplace purchase approvals or other permissions to use other Writer’s submissions as part of the...
  4. Marcella Fiora

    Open Market  Fiora Defence Systems Inc.

    F I O R A D E F E N C EㅤS Y S T E M S //: P A R E N Tㅤ-ㅤC A T A L O G :\\ O U TㅤO FㅤC H A R A C T E R Image Source: Marcella Fiora (Logo) Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: Fiora Cigarras Inc. C O R P O R A T I O NㅤI N F O R M A T I O N Corporation Name: Fiora Defence Systems...
  5. Nyrasa Emrick

    Work In Progress  Type 8: Hector Defence System

    Intent: A personal armour for Hector Tactical Image Source: Source Canon Link: N/A Permissions: N/A Primary Source: N/A Manufacturer: Apex Corporations Affiliation: HTEF (Hector Tactical) & Private buyers Market Status: Closed-Market Model: Type 8 Modularity: Yes. Production: Minor Material...
  6. Grand Shepherd Burtch

    Approved Tech  Mangy Cat Defence Turret

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Create a formidable anti-missile defence turret system for capital ships, bases, and space stations. Image Source: The Expanse TV series, Martin Dux helped with the editing Canon Link: N/A Permissions: permission Primary Source: N/A PRODUCTION INFORMATION...
  7. Hanaya Enzar

    40mm Rapid fire MLA point defence cannon

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Intent: Creation of a line of railguns for ship use for my new tech company Image Source: my creation (low poly as it is taken from larger ship file) Canon Link: none Permissions: none Primary Source: none PRODUCTION INFORMATION Manufacturer: Archangel...
  8. Salazar Niminen

    Factory  Canyon Defence Ltd.

    OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Source: Imgur Canon Link: N/A Primary Source: N/A CORPORATION INFORMATION Corporation Name: Canyon Defence Ltd. Headquarters: Zeltros Locations: Zeltros Operations: Following operations related to arms & defence: Research & Development Manufacture Marketing...
  9. Maya Carrick

    Not a cloud in the Sky ( Mandalorian Crusaders )

    Finding herself in the family quarter on their ship. Giving Xander a kiss, before finishing up getting herself dressed. Meeting with some of Xander. No she must not think that way but that these was her own people. It seem strange all these years. Finding now that there in who came was the ready...
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