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Canon Heritage

As many have done before me, as I have done with some of my other characters as well, People have claimed to be decedents of some canon characters. However, the question I have come up with just out of pure curiosity is how could a person claim to be a decedent of a playable character from a Star Wars Game where no Gender/Species is mentioned?

As such, If someone were to say that they wanted to be the Descendant of Darth Nox, Could that be possible? And if so, how would one go about proclaiming to be a descendant, and how would that interfere with Chaos Canon species?

IE: Someone was a Chaos Canon species, but wanted to be related to a figure such as Kallig. Would that be allowed, or would it be denied because it is messing with Canon, and as rules states, we can't really mess with things that are Canon.
You can claim it, but the thing is that we're nearly 5000 years after Nox was around.

There's some 30,000 people who claim to be descended from Confucius alive today. Are they? Who knows?

You can claim it all you want, but doing so doesn't stop someone else claiming it also. IE, you're not setting the gender or species of Nox by your claim or stopping someone else from saying Nox was a female Ratataki.

It grants you no special abilities or skills so ultimately it's just window dressing.
[member="Valiens Nantaris"], My thoughts about it were more so that someone were to claim that a Canon character that has no "official species" suddenly has one.

IE: Darth Nox being an Epicanthix cus the writer wants to be one.
[member="Valiens Nantaris"]

I believe almost every US President has been descended from King John.'s quite likely that there are many people who are descended from Darth Nox...but it doesn't mean anything.

Most likely the majority of them aren't ghost-devouring Sith Lords. Or even Force-users. Personally I support a Skywalker or a Shan PC having a totally mundane job. Batele Shan runs a McYoda's on Coruscant and is as Force-sensitive as a plank! :p

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