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Can any faction member start a faction thread?

Rick Kaloo

As long as a faction member has a proper position (aka Jedi Initiates don't make Form VII training threads), can he or she make a faction thread as long as it does not violate the faction rules?
[member="Rakkus"], Yes. if you feel like it is questionable to the faction itself, speak to the faction leaders.

Or just go with the rule, "when in doubt, don't do it."

Since you're one of mine, I'll add my thoughts: provided you're not starting an Invasion or Dominion without first checking with me or the Faction Admins, you can make any Faction thread you like. Do be aware that it's usually best to have an OOC thread to discuss it with other members first, though, otherwise you may end up creating a thread that only you write to!

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