Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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  1. Minuteman75

    Discussion  Favorite Roleplay Experiences

    Hey gang I just finished re-reading one of my favorite stories here on the site and felt inspired to set up a discussion thread so anyone can recount some of their favorite roleplaying experiences at SW: Chaos. Anyway I‘ll start off with one of my favorite threads I roleplayed here. I’m Still...
  2. Zalia Vexhammer

    LFG  Spying, Socializing, Anything under the sun

    So I finally got around to make this character! And with all the art finished, I'm now very tempted to get started with roleplaying them. Unlike my other two characters, this one is actually more combat orientated, so they can actually throw a punch and fight other characters! Well more like...
  3. Demon

      Could Someone Give me Advice on Crafting a Compelling Jedi Character for Roleplay?

    Hello there, I have recently joined this community and to be honest I am loving this so far. I am particularly; interested in creating a Jedi character;, but I want to ensure that my character is well rounded and compelling, with a rich backstory and engaging personality traits. I have read...
  4. Tefka

    Staff  Moderators renamed to ROLEPLAY JUDGES

    The official name for the secondary Staff role has been changed from Moderator to Roleplay Judge, or RPJ. This is purely a cosmetic change, for now.
  5. Simon Bullured

    LFG  Looking for somebody to ROLEPLAY with.

    My character is a broken non sith or Jedi. He is looking for someone to make a long story with, a general or a higher rank to be the deuteragonist . Ultimately he loses, but in a more peaceful way.
  6. Valiens Nantaris

    Staff  Roleplay Judges Renamed

    In line with changes we will be making going forward the position of Roleplay Judge (RPJ) has been renamed to Moderator to fit in more with their expected role. So now we have Mods or Moderators. Same role generally, though less judgey and more moderation. Maybe....
  7. Aculia Voland

    Game Masters and Roleplaying Type

    The Empire of the Lost has several people interested in being what one calls "game masters", eg roleplaying opposition in the thread or helping to control its general flow and direction. The faction "owner" is open to this occurring, but would like to keep a running tally of people's preferred...
  8. J

    LFG  Reaching out

    Looking for friends, acquaintances, partners in crime, nuisances, or people to bully me. Maybe a master for Joland and/or Cithria Zratis. Alyosha Zratis could also use some buddies. If you like sausage rolls or Taylor Swift, we should talk. Thanks.
  9. Tefka

    Staff  New Members & Massive Erotic Roleplay

    Hi, welcome to Chaos! That probably got your attention, better than the “New Members Guide” or the 100th request for you to “read the rules” ever could. Here at Chaos, we don’t do ERP. That stands for Erotic Roleplay, or writing literotica, or sexual fantasies. I know, how boring, super lame...
  10. Azezghil Klecika

    Looking for roleplay on Tatooine

    My name is Azezghil Klecika, I'm currently looking for roleplay on the planet Tatooine, if there is anybody interested in crossing paths, it would be great if you could message me! I am interested in a variety of different roleplays and love unique and different characters, I can't give you my...
  11. T

    LFG  Looking for Roleplay on Characters (List Below)

    Honestly, I feel like I hit a rut in roleplaying which happens time to time. More or less, I hit the literal stone wall and just wish to have something to do once in a while. I am not into doing Faction related things for quite a while and being busy, does not help. A majority of people I have...
  12. B3-LL

    LFG  Looking For Someone To Roleplay A Tiny Orphan For A Political Ad

    You have to be 13+ both IC and OOC. Tiny fingers are preferred but must be able to hold a gun. Both parents must be dead and death certificates are required upon application.
  13. TheMakashiUser

    A Clone Wars Roleplay

    Since I’ve recently joined these forums, I would like to introduce my character as Varis Nostrae, Jedi Master during the Clone Wars, General of the 315th Legion. Varis is one of the most skilled duelists at the time, being on par with people like Yoda and Dooku. So I was wondering if anyone is...
  14. Jallo Arcourt

    LFG  Looking for a group to start my first roleplay

    I don't really have any ideas on how to begin. So I would like if somebody would take the lead.
  15. C

    LFG  Hutt looking for Roleplay

    Ollo the Hutt is a new hutt on the board, establishing connections is vital to any hutt. He is the Lorda of the Vanderijar Kajidic and has a small fleet underneath his command to defend his interest. Normally he runs the smuggling and black marketeer rackets on various worlds. Finding them the...
  16. Fruvos Lono

    LFG  Wanting Adventurous Group to Roleplay With

    Just made this profile on here yesterday, have been wanting to make a Mustafarian and roleplay as one for a long while, and I've wanted to have one join a group of adventurers. Maybe on that's ragtag or something on some planet somewhere, anywhere is fine with me, you can be sith or jedi, would...
  17. Tefka

    Staff  Update To Roleplay Rule #3

    Prostitution was previously absent, we're adding it. Save your "Tef's clutching his pearls" comment, nobody cares, Chaos isn't taking some moral stance. These topics just don't bring any immersion that we need in Star Wars and some of ya'll can be cringe af with these mature themes. You know...
  18. Laertia Io

    Force Spawn Roleplay Tips

    This Section covers roleplay tips for any members wishing to roleplay as a Brain Demon Cultist. FORCE SPAWN: A GUIDE WHAT IS A FORCE SPAWN? Force Spawns in my stories are when already quite powerful Force Users are further mutated heavily by it using certain specialized magics. They are all...
  19. Laertia Io

    Nuetralizer Roleplay Tips

    This section covers how to roleplay Nuetralizers, whether Biological or Mechanical (WIP)
  20. Laertia Io

    House Io Public Roleplay Threads

    This section displays a list of House Io Public threads, either ones started by the House or ones they jumped into. WIP House Io: Base of Power (Faction) - A thread detailing House Io's arrival on the planet Khemost. Midnight in the Forest (Public) - A treasure hunt thread that went awry...
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