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Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
Location: UTC Trade Station, Brentaal IV
Time: 1025

Dear Representatives of the Governments of the Galaxy,

I have sent this invitation to meet with me and other representatives who wish to defend against the possible darkness that is to come. With the fall of the Galactic Alliance, nations allied with tyrannical, suppressible, and bordering on criminal violent behaviors that put us all at risk. I know I now serve as the Political Leader of another nation, but I wish for you to look to my record and know I speak truth when I say this.

United we must stand and join hands to work out a deal that can keep the Dark Days of Legend at bay to once again bring an age of peace and expansionist to our people who suffer the most in these times of war. I send this message, not as the Grand Moff of the Fel Empire, nor as the Viceroy of the United Trade Agreement, nor as a friend of those who receive this message. I send this message as a Father who no longer wishes to see the bloody end to the hope that sits in all beings heart.

I implore you, and an attendant, all to meet with me, join me at Brentaal at one of my Trade Ports there on neutral terms and find a way to defend against these now dark days.

Thank you,
Jaster Awaud

Jaster sat there in the center of the room, his fingers crossed and the conjoined hands placed before his mouth. He slouched over and looked deep into the data-pad as he read the message he sent to all the members that were to join now. This was a meeting to discuss a possible alliance or at the bare minimum a defensive pack to ward off the many nations of threat to the hope of one day being free from these dark clouds.

The UTC had trade agreements with all these nations. He could not thank them enough with how much they had helped grow his company, along with bringing a new law and order to their parts of the galaxy that allowed him to prosper so much. He only thought of his the Mand'alor, he had been there at the remarkable recovery of her baby and only though of that miracle. He could not think of anything else then seeing the most terrifying women on a battlefield turn into a puddle of hope upon seeing, and holding her baby. It only reminded himself of those days he spend as a trader on the open Hyperlanes, his children ran and played in the Corridors of his Ship and practiced their force powers on one another. As a Mandalorian Parent, it was fun to see them so happy and energetic. The wars of the Core were still active, but the Outer Rim was a peaceful place. He only wished for such a time to be continued, and these talks could very possibly keep a heaven for those who who still enjoyed freedom.

He was interupted in his day dream state by a women tapping on his shoulder, "Father, are you ready?"

The old man turned and looked to his daughter, it had been 3 years since he saw her last. "Yes Shakk, you and your brother finish securing the station, our guest should be arriving soon."

A man cleared his though on the other side of him and when he turned, he saw his son, Tydus. "We already did that old man, some of your guest are already entering the system and docking."

Both Shakk Awaud and Tydus Awaud were Force Users, and very talented ones at that. Shakk had trained to be a Healer Sentinel with the Jedi Academy before the fall of the GA. She now staid with him and left when she felt she was needed. Tydus was a Grey Archaeologist, traveled the stars to explore and discover new and old force treasures, both light and dark. He was a bit of a pain, but he loved them both with an infinite amount of feelings.

He stood up and turned to his children, "Well lets just hope this old fool does not ruin the future of the galaxy for being too much of a soft heart and naive." He pressed his hands against his outfit to flatten the wrinkles. "Now stop me if I make too much of a fool of myself and lets go greet our guest."

Each side of the room had a door that was protected by Droid and controlled by the UTC. This was neutral territory and no nation would allowed to have any military presence or protection but the single attendant they through with them. All weapons and such would also have to be take by the UTC Private Officers who stayed in the Hanger. One thing Jaster learned while in the collapse of the GA, for the time being he did not trust those he did not personally program.

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OOC: Please bring another from your faction to help open dialog for this meeting.


Rainbow Smurf
Brental IV. It had been quite a while since she was last at the UTC Trade Station. And what a time to be invited to come there now. The invitation sent by her dear friend [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] , of which she was quick to RSVP. The man was one of her most trusted friends. In fact she had sent her daughter [member="Loreena Arenais"] to train and learn from him while politics and the dark deeds of Veiere had kept her busy.

She could use the distraction. She could use something else to focus her attention on. The Galactic Alliance coming to an end was not something that brought her much joy. Their boldness made them targets of many Empires, and just as with the Galactic Republic, they could only take a beating for so long.

So who to bring on this venture? Kay had two in mind. Both her Royal Advisor [member="Adron Malvern"] , as well as her Minister of Foreign Affairs [member="Rahn Haaku"] . Adron was smart and had quite a stake in defeating the Sith, moreso around his homeworld. But he was also a former Imperial High Moff, once serving under the Galactic Empire. That in and of itself cpuld cause a bit of an issue. As for Rahn, he was new to the intergalactic arena and there was something about him that made her wonder if he was up to something as big as this.

Decisions, decisions. There was much to decide.

And she had hoped that by the end of it, she wouldn't let Jaster down.

[member="Toran Fel"] [member="Ever Dawnracer"] [member="Cedric Grayson"]

Waiting to hear back from my people to see which of the two want to jump into this thread with me.

Placeholder 0128

Ras had been an odd choice, but then odd choices tended to be the most successful ones.

The former agent of the First Order had been chosen to be Cedric's companion for this venture. The rest of the alliance had been left to its own devices back in Sith Space - the fewer men that were pulled away from the efforts, the better off they were: that had been the official reason for Cedric's decision to leave with only one bodyguard and a single adviser. The true reason was one far more personal to the Jedi Knight: curiosity.

"Jaster serves the Fels now, and the Mandalorians before them," Cedric muttered quietly as the three-man shuttle began landing upon a landing pad outside the the trade station, "He's been a friend of my family's for many years, but friendship only goes so far these days. The Fels are imperials, and while they helped us on Jaminere, we still don't know their true intentions. I have hopes this is what Jaster said it was and not some sort of trap."

Despite the knight's words, he'd come clad in full war gear, his visage having been shrouded by his father's mask. "If things do go awry, we'll need to bugger out quickly," he continued as he rose from his chair, the gangplank hissing down to the landing pad's floor as he strode toward it. "Still, I'd prefer to attack this with a bit of healthy optimism. You two ready?"

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Darth Animus

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Brentaal IV Trade Station, a place of commerce and business. A neutral territory within a galaxy carved up by numerous hostile faction. Toran himself had been forced to leave his flagship at edge of the system and approach in a single, unarmed shuttle. The moment the craft touched down, the ramp was lowered and Toran departed the craft, his usual cape and royal attire replaced with a simple formal suit. At the bottom of the ramp, a small detail of UTC security personal awaited the Emperor of the Fel Empire. Spread around the hangar they were in, workers and civilians alike cast quick glances his their way, though they din't pay too much attention.

Turning back to the shuttle, Toran waited for [member="Isabella LaFleur"] to walk down the ramp before setting off across the hangar, the security guards falling into step around them. "Did you have time to fully read over the proposal on our way here? There is quite a lot of information to digest." Toran spoke quickly, his long stride carrying him quickly across the hangar. He hid it well, but this whole situation but him on edge.

No matter what was decided this day, the galaxy would be changed. For better or worse, Toran was not sure. The idea had been brought to him by his Grand Moff, a individual he trusted more then any other, his son included. He wasn't entirely sold on the idea that had brought several galactic leaders to this space station. He felt nervous without a group of his own men standing guard by his side, but he had to put faith in the UTC to ensure it safety.

He was being force to put his faith in far too many different people today.

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Adder Dawnracer

He disliked being sent to all of these mertings, but it seemed none of the others had a mind to really care about galactic politics. Personally he didn't care much beyone keeping the Republic going because it benefitted his homeworld, but that also meant that talks with foreign governments could be beneficial so he still went whenever the Senate asked him to go. Such was the case as he was going to meet the leaders of several other governments for a summit.

The Brentaal IV trade station was unfamiliar yo him, but when he landed he walked across to the information desk, cane tapping incessantly against the floor. From there he obtained directions to his destination, proceeding not far behind the Fel contingent, though he was unaware of that fact. The only matter of real importance was that he was not overly late to the meeting. That would not look good.

When he arrived, he offered nods to everyone before taking a seat with a thankful sigh. Walking all over in his condition was not something to be enjoyed. Frankly, he wished [member="Shoma Ike"] was with him, but the boy had hid own problems to deal with.

The whole galaxy did.

[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] [member="Lady Kay"] [member="Cedric Grayson"] [member="Toran Fel"]

Priscilla Utorna

~lacking empathy~
The establishment of a cross-galactic alliance to combat the Sith? I can't say that would have been my first idea. Grinning as the shuttle approached the trade station and began its docking procedures. With grace, she stood and began adjusting the expensive gown so that the folds began to disappear, and it began accentuating her rather flat figure as best it could.

Isabella's arm outstretched for her crimson red nails to come into view before gazing upon the Emperor, [member="Toran Fel"]. "You know me, my Lord. I never miss a memo." Unusually, her voice was calm and serene, which one could mistake for dull given her usual attitude. The truth was she pondered whether Toran was still up to the hustle and bustle of a diplomat's career, which even the energetic woman herself found tiring at times. What with that and the heavy doses of medication he is on, she felt sympathy for the man, though feigned it as best she could under the guise of confidence.

"While I have my concerns regarding this..." pausing, attempting to find the most politically correct term that she could. "Alliance, namely concerning the Remnant who I doubt would be interested in such, and the Commenor System Alliance who have shown apathy to the Sith as of late, I will support it to the best of my abilities. And of course, should any of these ruffians pose a threat to yourself, I'll see to it that they are dealt with." Just as they began entering the room, thereafter glancing at the participants to the meeting and allowing the Emperor to enter before herself.

"Isabella LaFleur, representing the Fel Imperium and his Majesty himself." afterwards nodding and moving to shake the hands of the various ambassadors.

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Rainbow Smurf
Kay had decided to bring her advisor [member="Adron Malvern"] with her. She wasn't expecting any trouble as they would be in the company of friends, or at the very least, in friendly territory. There was a distinct advantage to not having any ememies and she was quite glad to have been able to sustain that for so long.

No one else had.

The journey over was a quiet one as Kay prepared herself for another interfaction meeting. So often these ended up with arguments or fights and barely anything accomplished. Her voice was hardly ever heard or considered. In some ways that was a blessing as it lowered the chance of her people becoming targets. Wars were often started by misunderstandings and disrespect; things that she had spent a lot of her time seeking. Many others doubted her ability to keep the peace, many more doubted that she could sustain it for long. Yet she had proven them all wrong. Hopefully that gave her some leg to stand on at this meeting.

After their shuttle had docked, she looked over to Adron with her tea cup in hand. "Well, let's hope that this all goes accordingly. If anything, it's an excuse to venture out a bit." She got to her feet and readied to move out to meet [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] and the others. Before the trip over, Kay had argued to keep the Commenori Sentinals at home, and she won that argument. For the most part. Two Sentinals came with them, but they were to stay in the shuttle until called. Adron would be more than enough to protect her. And it wasn't as though Jaster would sit idly by, nor would he put her into danger either.

Kay kept a good pace as she walked to the room where the meeting would be held. She carried no weapons on her, just her tea cup filled with Sapir tea, so there was nothing for the UTC Security to take. Right away she spotted Jaster, as well as [member="Isabella LaFleur"] , whom she had met before during a trade agreement meeting. This could prove interesting.

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Jaster Awaud

Elder of Clan Awaud
It was easy to feel the awkward situration in the room seemingly get tense as each faction was slightly distrusting of one another. This is what the powers of the Sith Empire did to nation in this current age. The CSA remained neutral and was seen as a Dark Side Sympothizer, but in truth, they chose a diplomatic means to a path of war. [member="Lady Kay"] was the leader of this alliance of planets and governments that were one of the last bastions of true freedom and peace in the galaxies. Commenor was more like home to him then the place of his birth and where his heart would always lie when he though of the word happiness. However, appeasing the powers of the Sith and the Order had only kept her safe due to the powers that lay between them all. She forged an alliance with the Galactic Empire through friendship and strong political will. With their political and corporate negotiations stance, they were one of the most powerful economic blocks of industry and trade that would be the back bone of this alliances manufacturing ability.

The Alliance of Rebel Forces against the Sith Empire was a strong force. Lead by the mighty rebel cell leader [member="Cedric Grayson"] they proved their worth during the battle of Jaminere while he lead the Fel Forces in a united front to repel the Sith with the ideas of bringing hope to the galaxy that the Sith are not all powerful. They suceeded in that, they stepped on the Lions Tail and they walked away in higher spirits and experience. Jaster saw it as a win to just walk away from such a battle and minimal life was taken. He knew Cedric, and though he was a wild fire in the Tingel Arm that raged a terrifying lash against the Sith. Any who allied with them would immediately be seen as an enemy of the Sith Empire and be hunted down. That Cedric was still alive was the reason he was here today. The battle experience he and his rebels had was invaluable to this alliance. There were a small amount of people that stood against the Sith and were still here, Cedric and his forces held some of the last names of this noble group of heroes. They were a pin in the side of the Sith, that kept them occupied in the Outer Rim while the Core Worlds recuperated.

Then there was the Technologically Advanced Republic Remnant, he served as a Mercenary General for them some time back and he was impressed with their ability to nearly tame the Hutt Region. They were one of the last Light Side Open Force Groups left in the galaxy that had the support of a Splinter Jedi Order as well as the tech to back them up as well. Their breakthrough and manufacturing of stealth technology was on a level that rivaled the First Order. Thought their military was small, and their order was still building itself, he knew their build up was something that could rival many other nations of Dark Side intent. They were Represented by Senator [member="Adder Dawnracer"], a man he meet once when he first signed on as a mercenary general with the Republic. He was a smart man, and all those here would need to watch their backs as he was very experienced in these matters as well.

Then there was his backer, the Fel Empire, lead by Emperor [member="Toran Fel"]. He helped build this country in hopes of such an alliance was ever possible. With the growth of the Imperium Boarders, they were now ready to become real members that could rival other nations. Their military force was one of its center piece opportunities they could offer to this alliance. The Imperium Military was filled with experienced and eager fighters that were ready to battle the Dark Age and her supporters. Jaster built them to be a terrifying, dangerous, and so deadly, a small unit was able to hold off the Sith Empire and Rouge Mandalorian Allies during the Battle of Jaminere. This was the moment his military force would be able to do good in the galaxy, and thought they took the name of Imperium, they fought for freedom and order against the chaos that lingered in the Galaxy.

Thinking to himself as each member entered the room, this was somewhat of a great sign to see all those he invited to meet here. This mean they were either interested enough to join, or were just entertaining the idea. It was now his job to sell the idea, and after a year of planning and preparation, his master plan was now ready to be relieved.

"Greetings members of your prospective government, I am sure you know who I am, but I will introduce myself and those who are in attendance here." He stood up and bowed, "I am Jaster Awaud, Alor of Clan Awaud, Grand Moff of the Fel Empire, and for the purposes of this meeting, the Viceroy of the United Trade Conglomerate," He recovered from his bow. "I will be this meetings and possible future meetings mediator to keep these talks civil and in a path of progress, now to introduce the members who have joined us today," He gestured with an open hand palm up to Kay. "Queen Kay and her attendants [member="Adron Malvern"] and [member="Rahn Haaku"], they represent the Commenor Systems Alliance that currently resided near the core of the known galaxy," Moving on he gestured with the same palm up across from him, "This is Senator Adder Dawnracer, representative of the planet of Nadiem and this evenings representative of the Republic," Moving on he pointed to the man next to him, "Then there is Mr. Cedric Grayson, leader of the Alliance of Rebel Forces as well as the planetary leader of Ession, his attendants are [member="Alyson Halle"] and [member="Ras Val'kor"]" Then moved onto the last group in the room, "Lastly we have Emperor Toran Fel, ruler of the Fel Empire and Commander and Chief of the Planet Osseriton, his attendant is [member="Isabella LaFleur"]"

He placed his arms by his side and stood strait to address the room, "During these talks, I have renounced my post as Grand Moff of the Fel Empire until the end of these talks, as such I will be a neutral representative of the United Trade Conglomerate who holds no stake in these talks and will be a neutral operator and center of safe and secure negotiations."

Once he felt it took long enough for that to sink in, he tapped a button on the table and the center of the room projected a three dimensional view of the galaxy with the boarders of all known nations. "I have invited you all here in the hopes to create an agreement that can keep the dark tides of chaos, tyranny, and villainous intent as well as defend your nations from possible attack from those who have shown to pray on the weakness of other nations." He pressed a button again and an overlay appeared, "I have spent the last year in preparation of these meetings once it appeared that the Sith Empire had infiltrated the Galactic Alliance and there was no way to prevent its fall, as such I had created this trade spine along with the re-purpose of this other route to open trade route with all of your nations," Two Trade Routes, one being the Jaster Trade Spine and the other being the Silver-Iron Space Lane, began to glow on the Holograph. "It is my hope that these talks can bring about some sort of alliance that promotes open trade, free military access, unified council that can declare a war of a Alliance Military Force, defensive pact against nations of threat, as well as foreign military assistance, if even one of these things can be achieved here, I think this galaxy can fight off the wave that is to be predicted to be the next Dark Age of Legends."

He shut off the projector and began to sit down, "I open the floor to those who wish to speak and will draft a rough draft of a charter that can be agreed upon, Thank you for even accepting this old mans invitation."

Alyson Halle

Supreme Gentlewoman
It had been a long time since she had dealt with galactic geopolitics. These were not simple times, and certainly that was the reason for these talks, any attempt to simplify the complicated galactic political map was welcome by most at the very least. A mere glance at any up to date map and you would be greeted with something that looked more like modern art than a map. Two big imperial blobs and then dozens of smaller blobs fighting against them. Complicated times indeed.

Alyson had sadly not been able to help with the fledgling rebels too much, however she would help wherever she could. She owed Cedric that much at the very least. Politics was never her forte, but she was certainly much more cool headed than Cedric, you do not grow up a noble on Merides without learning how to deal with large groups of people. Nobles on Merides were pretentious as they came, however in her experience people in the wider galaxy tended to be much less stuck up. Much more to her liking at the very least.

Cedric was acting perfectly in character, untrusting and vigilant. She had watched the boy grow into a man, she knew the fires that forged him into what he was today. Those were dark times for everyone, but they hit Cedric especially hard. He was forced into a position of great power as nothing more than a boy, and through the flames of those trials he became a man, however he still bears that burden.

"Words have meaning Cedric, the name Fel has a certain historical significance if I am not mistaken. If they are true to their name they would not be your average cut rate imperials." She said in a calm, collected tone.

"I trust Jaster enough to not pull any low blows, that isn't his way. As for traps, if there was some sort of ambush waiting I would have sensed them the second i stepped in the building. As far as i can tell nothing is amiss here."

Her senses were incredibly well attuned, a consequence of years spent immersed in the force. It was not the path she intended to take but it was clearly the path the force had decided for her. She would spend months at a time in full immersion, letting her mind drift through the currents of fate and the torrents of the force. Her senses were now sharper than near anyone. However, she had other matters to attend to.

"Ready as I will ever be." She finally replied, taking a seat as Jaster began to speak.

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Rahn Haaku

Minister of Foreign Affairs, CSA
Rahn's green hulled c70 Retrofit dropped out of hyperspace near Brentaal and made its approach to the station on sub-light engines. The UTC trade station was an imposing orbital installation that only grew larger on the viewports as they approached. The ship's captain Argyus activated the comm-ssystem and beamed a message to UTC's port authority. "This is CSA diplomatic vessel 'Jaded Flame', requesting permission to dock."
After receiving an affirmative confirmation, Argyus followed their landing coordinates and shut down the engines as the station's large tractor beams guided the vessel into a docking bay.

CSA Minister of Foreign Affairs Rahn Haaku descended the boarding ramp with a small entourage made up of staff and his protocol droid TC-14. The Commenori party was swiftly led to the meeting chambers...


"Your royal highness." Rahn said to Lady Kay with a low bow. He delivered a smaller bow to Adron before taking his seat on the queen's left. With the Queen able to speak to herself, Rahn would be able to take a back-seat and observe. The presence of Lady Kay at these negotiations was an important message, that the defacto leader for the CSA took these negotiations seriously, this was important, especially with the Fel Emperor himself and other faction leaders had arrived in person. While arrogant, Rahn's Neimoidian insecurities had told him that their negotiating position would have been weaker if he had been the CSA's sole representative. After all he was still growing into the role of Minister of Foreign Affairs and it would be quite instructive to watch Lady Kay shape and articulate her foreign policy right before his eyes. Her example would provide him direction and clarity moving forward.

As their host, Jaster Awaud, began introducing the delegations the Neimoidian took a moment to dip his head in acknowledgement as his own name was announced. His heart fluttered and blood pounded in his frontal lobes at the exhilaration of being acknowledged. His name would be recorded in the annals of history, whether it would be a footnoot, a chapter or an entire book was yet to be seen, but for a Neimoidian, this sort of public acknowledgement amongst a crowd of such high repute was as intoxicating as the finest Glitterstim Spice.

Orange eyes studied the holoprojected map of the galaxy and Jaster's bold proposal to create two new trade routes to strengthen the economic/trade relations between the represented factions. It was a commonly accepted belief amongst inter-galactic relations scholars that the free, unimpeded flow of goods and services between planets, systems and larger bodies inevitably leads to cultural exchange and synthesis between trade partners. With enough fore-sight and on a long enough time-line, Rahn could see how these trade routes may eventually bring these groups closer until they perhaps ceased to be independent factions, and instead became the sum of the whole.

Green hands holding a silver stylus, Rahn began busily writing his thoughts onto a datapad.

As he finished his theory of cultural assimilation/homogenization by means of tree-trade and cultural exchange, the Neimoidian allowed his inherent paranoia more control. He let his mind play out all the ways in which the CSA could be tricked, swindled, and or betrayed by this proposal. What alternative plans were at play? Surely no galactic government could act altruistically. Rahn's knowledge of hyperspace routes was not enough to be considered an authority on hyperspace navigation, however he did spend enough time cruising the space-lanes to know that Hyperspace Routes were straight shots across space without having to revert to real-space to avoid gravitational anomalies or obstacles. The current major hyperspace routes were more or less naturally occurring spans of space without obstacles, but to artificially create new lanes would require a massive financial investment at very least to deploy hyperspace buoys to indicate the new hyperspace lanes, and at most the deployment of gravity generators to keep the lanes clear of anomalies. Rahn wondered if the UTC had the ability to maintain these routes alone or if this was an attempt to share the fiscal burden.

@Jaster of Clan Awaud Lady Kay Isabella LaFleur Adder Dawnracer Toran Fel Cedric Grayson
[member="Adron Malvern"]
[member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] | [member="Lady Kay"] | [member="Isabella LaFleur"] | [member="Adder Dawnracer"] | [member="Toran Fel"] | [member="Cedric Grayson"] | [member="Adron Malvern"]

Ras said nothing. All his intel work typically revolved around First Order affairs alone, breaching that unknown into other territories had just now been realized. A strange conglomerate of entities inhabited the space before himself and the other two. Cedric, least that's the only name Ras could find on him, must have encrypted files. Every search, every mention made and there was nothing notable. Some small details about family history, but nothing incredibly relevant for Ras himself.
As for the woman present, Ras didn't even know who she was, nor did he particularly care. She obviously walked in a league akin to Cedric, using the Force to manipulate the reality around them. Shaping planets and civilizations, futures and beyond. Did they ever stop and ponder the potential they truly wielded? Must be so different living in such a role, to be closer to a god.
Masked and donning a multitude of intricate pouches, straps, and holsters for ammunition; all of which were full and ready to be used at a moment's notice. Nothing overbearing, as most of the garb Ras wore was rather fitting to form. An old clasp held a rather torn and weathered coat together as a cape which hung loosely from Ras' right side - a touch of flair, if nothing else.
Already bored, Ras slumped in his chair. Rolling his eyes behind his visor.
A soft groan escaped his lips.


Rainbow Smurf
[member="Adron Malvern"] seemed to be a bit behind schedule. Maybe he was going over a few things for a little longer before he'd join her. But at least [member="Rahn Haaku"] was punctual. She bowed her head to him as he greeted her. "Minister Haaku."

She sipped her tea as [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] began to speak, first introducing himself, followed by introducing herself and the others. Kay's gaze turned to each in turn. [member="Adder Dawnracer"] she had never seen before. But [member="Cedric Grayson"] , she knew of him when he was a boy and her estranged husband was his Regent. For a time Veiere's duties to the boy-King kept them apart, but that didn't last long. Thankfully. [member="Toran Fel"] was one that she had heard of, mostly through Jaster.

It could be a promising meeting.

Kay furrowed her brows as her friend continued, speaking of the Sith infiltrating the Galactic Alliance. Did that really happen? It was the first that she had heard of it. But then again, her government had next to no contact with the major players of the Galaxy. And for good reason. Other than access to trade, they had nothing that the major powers had wanted. And given that the CSA didn't stick their noses in where they didn't belong, that had kept the targets off their backs.

She set down her cup and got to her feet once Jaster opened up the floor for others to speak. "It's lovely to meet you all. Whether or not we can agree with all that our host has hopes for, I believe that a good start would be to agree with a non-aggression pact between us. If we are all to...unify as it were, then we can't very well do so if we are in combat against one another." Of course combat was always a last resort for her. Diplomacy, negotiations, all should be attempted before wasting valuable lives and assets on war.

[member="Isabella LaFleur"] [member="Ras Val'kor"] [member="Alyson Halle"]

Placeholder 0128

The knight regarded his old friend with a simple nod. Jaster's word alone had brought Cedric here, and with him the might of the rest of the alliance. Whatever the old general had to say, Cedric was rather sure that it would fall in line with the alliance's own goals. He had never known Jaster to be anything but a freedom loving man.

He did not respond to the moff at first, instead taking a moment to appreciate the arrival of those present. He knew most of them, and the colored history with which he had with them was troublesome to say the least. There was the [member="Lady Kay"], wife to @Veiere Arenais, a man for whom Cedric still held a private bitterness toward due to his abandonment of the boy in favor of his own people. Cedric had understood, even sympathized, but the scars of youth often ran deep. It was fortunate her adviser [member="Adron Malvern"] was running late, lest his displeasure come to the forefront.

Still, if he wasn't willing to set aside the past for the sake of cooperation, then he wasn't much of a Jedi Knight. If nothing else, he would play nice for the sake of Jaster and the Republic rep.

"The Rebel Alliance has committed fully to a war of liberation against the Sith Empire. We'll protect your people so long as you stand against their tyranny, those are all the terms my people offer. The Dark Side is rising, and it will swallow us all up unless we stand against it. Many of our old allies thought we could simply wait the encroaching shadow out, and you'll be hard pressed to find many of them still breathing these days. Let's not repeat their mistake."

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​Toran had seated himself in the room silently, sparing only the briefest nods to those present as they were introduced. Truthfully, matters like these did not hold his attention for long. The importance of politics were not lost on the Emperor. He understood that no power could truly stand alone in this galaxy, and a nations survival relied heavily on the friends it made and kept. And while he knew all this, he was much more of a removed ruler, dictating his intent and allowing his advisers and supporters to carry out his well as they saw best fit. For eight years it had worked effectively, but the sheer importance of what was being decided here today, and the fact that his Grand Moff had to remain unaligned called for his presence.

And so here he was, sitting, and listening. Finally when he had heard enough, he pushed himself back from the table, rising to his feet. Glancing around the table, Toran made eye contact with each person there, regarding them all with the same grim resolve that all his people had come to know. After several moments of silence, Toran finally spoke.

"The Fel Empire is no friend of the Sith. We have never been, and never shall we. We committed forces to aid in the liberation of Jaminere because we knew that alone, not even the heroic deeds of their warriors could have swayed the day entirely. Alone, none of us can defeat the darkness that holds its grip tightly on this galaxy. To the Galactic North and South are immense realms of shadow, each aligned together, and aligned against us. The Galactic Alliance held one of them at bay, but with them gone, we are at risk. We can no longer stand by and watch as others fight the war we all know was coming. This Rebel Alliance is correct. We must unite together, as a single force to confront the coming tide. Only united can we hope to survive what so many others have failed to. The Fel Empire implores each of you to consider the formation of this new intergalactic power, and stand by us, and all those who would stand against the Sith and their ilk. If not that, then at the very least, we must come to an agreement of mutual protection. "

With his part said, Toran sank back down into his chair, the strength flowing from his body from the strength required of the speech. He was still ill, despite what some of his supporters knew. Only Jaster knew the full extent of his condition, though now he hid it as best he could behind his iron will.

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[SIZE=12pt]There was a bit of reluctance when Kay asked Adron to accompany her to these talks. They we're to formulate some stand against the Sith from what he could tell, yet in the end he wasn't quite sure what the end result would be. The Fel Empire was a fledgling Imperial system that, in the former Moff’s opinion, was too weak to stand against the Sith. With them stood the Rebel Alliance, a gathered group of warriors whom Adron knew next to nothing about. While they seemed to have some good funding and organization, they would not be crippling the Sith any time soon. All that left was Commenor, an insistently neutral state that held a decent military, yet not enough to fight the Sith alone. Perhaps together the groups could prove useful, yet that remained to be seen. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Outside of the norm, Adron was running late for their meeting, his busy schedule having held him back far longer than the man anticipated. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]The doors to the meeting room parted, revealing the talks had already began. Adron stood in silence for a moment, pulling at the base of his black and crimson suit before a slight tick erupted from his jaw. He silently made his way over to [member="Lady Kay"], sitting down beside her, his eyes took in the room before him. There were familiar faces, some he expected and some he did not. He took note that the Fel Emperor, [member="Toran Fel"], was speaking, yet he only half listened as his eyes fell upon [member="Cedric Grayson"]. There was a moment of pause before he drew his lips into a thin, closed lip, smile. He nodded at the man, almost in an accepting manner, yet his inner thoughts remained his own. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Leaning over to Lady Kay he spoke softly, his eyes falling upon those he had yet to meet. “It seems there are a few people of note here. I am surprised at the turn out, actually.”[/SIZE]

Adder Dawnracer

Adder sat silently as the others started the proceeding with minor introductions and their own call to action. It was semanyics and formality, and Jaster had already ibtroduced the major players in the room. He had no interest in being redundant. The whole point of being there was to find out what, exactly, it was thatthese people had in mind for fighting the darkness in the galaxy now that the Alliance had fallen. He suspected their proposal would br something along the lines of alliances. That would be agreeable.

Eventually it came around to the Fel speaking about uniting. He was curious as to ehat the man was actually trying to say. Uniting was different from formations of alliances. Generally speaking, of course. He'd seen unions go south pretty quickly in the farming business. He would hate to see such a thing happen on the galactic government scale.

"The Republic has no intentions of going to war with any of you. We are generally content in our corner of the galaxy," he said, stavibg off any thoughts of galactic conquest from his government.

Turning his attention to the Fel, he tapped his fingers atop his cane and studied him.

"How do you propose we unite to face the menace of darkness?"

This was where things were bound to get hairy.

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Kay looked to [member="Cedric Grayson"] while he spoke. What he had said didn't surprise her in the least. She knew quite well of what he was hinting at, to go on the offensive and lash out at the 'bad guys'. There was a problem with that tactic though, but people had a habit of failing to learn from history.

[member="Toran Fel"] seemed to agree with Cedric; a fact that was not lost on her. Hmm. Already she could see where this was going. It was heading in the same direction as other meetings of this sort; very little listening, and mostly posturing. Those types of meetings never ended well.

[member="Adron Malvern"] walked in then. She regarded him with a nod as he sat down beside her, taking in his comment. She too was surprised, but with the fall of the Galactic Alliance, it seemed as though the other governments were falling into a bit of a panic.

But Kay wasn't. Her own strategy was working, her system a sanctuary and safe haven from war. People said that it couldn't be done and wouldn't last. Yet she had proven them all wrong. They had never lost any territory. They have only grown. And it was not done through flexing their muscles.

[member="Adder Dawnracer"] spoke up next, and it was his comments and question that caught her attention. Now here was a man that might hold some common sense. Perhaps that came with age. Regardless, his question was a good one. Kay looked to the others to see what their response would be before she'd put in her own two cents, for what little it was worth.

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Rahn Haaku

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Rahn was dangerously close to making up his mind in the first opening salvo. Unless the other factions could provide the CSA with tangible benefit, Rahn feared that they were both wasting their time and appearing too friendly with powers that vocaly opposed the Sith. Rahn did not know much about the Sith aside from the success of their Empire and the fearful abilities of their leaders. While Rahn possessed no such sympathy for the downtrodden or disenfranchised he had worked alongside other species long enough to know that such "injustices" usually elicited a response from "benevolent powers".
Rahn prided himself on being a pragmatist and right now the odds were not in their favor. Everything that the CSA had achieved would be risked fighting someone elses war. He had yet to hear the citizens of the CSA call for war. Many of them had come to their borders seeking refuge from conflict and Rahn was not convinced that his government faced an existential crises from the Sith.

However, the claims that the Galactic Alliance had been infiltrated were disturbing. All the more reason to increase the number of Neimoidians working in the bureaucracy. If given the proper incentives to inspire 'loyalty' their natural paranoia and scheming would serve well in sniffing out any Sith plots. Especially if some tragic accident on Cato Neimoidia that could could be pinned on the Sith earning them Neimoidian enmity and Rahn a few less obstacles.

"If I may..." Began Rahn cautiously, not wanting to cause undue offense. "I have the honor of traveling extensively across the CSA's borders and I will say that I have not detected a desire for war where I have travelled. Our border worlds are the dreamed-of destination for millions of refugees from across the galaxy. They come to us for the same reason you come to us... For our prosperity, for our stability, for our ideals, and for our stalwart leader. But you do not come on bended knee, you come asking us to risk everything... I do not see an existential threat to her majesty's government or our sovereign borders that would give reason to mobilize our forces. I am not Minister of War, but I suspect that militarily, the odds are not in our favor. Today we may not have the power to 'save' the galaxy from the Sith, but we do have the power to win small battles every day, to continue to grow and thrive and keep the ideals we hold dear alive." Rahn then immediately apologized and ducked behind the queen's political skirt. "But my apologies, I was out of turn, I defer to Lady Kay."

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Jaster sat there and began a draft of the conversation that was happening now. So far, each nation was willing to open trade and thus that was something to work off of. This however was derailed quickly.

He could see it happening the moment [member="Cedric Grayson"] and [member="Toran Fel"] began to speak about the 'Evil Sith' and their crusade to take out the darker forces at work in the galaxy. Jaster was a Military Man, Merchant, Mercenary, and when needed a Criminal, his hand stained with blood, greed, and all the things that made the Sith a darker force that needed to stop its cancerous spread. Yet he was also a Doctor, Politician, Humanitarian, and Refugee Hauler, nearly 50% of the refugees that were in Commenors Boarder Planets were due to his work. There was no such thing as someone being 'Evil', there were only those who were your enemy for the time being. [member="Lady Kay"] knew this better than anyone, and that was her reason for her neutrality, risking her people’s life for an eternity of anger and resentment was not a good enough trade for her people. He could agree with her, as one of his best friends at the start of his career here was a Dark Sider named [member="Darth Ayra"], but he knew her as Alicia Drey, a wonderful woman who helped him with some of his first jobs, not as a soldier, but as a trader.

It was the talk by senator [member="Adder Dawnracer"] that broke him out of his thoughts and continued to write. The talk about Unity was something Jaster would hope for, but such a thing was unthinkable at this time. There was no longer a Galactic Republic or New Alliance to unite them into one government, there was only the nations willing to work together in a time of need.

Seeing [member="Adron Malvern"] walk in late did not interupt the talks, as they were starting to get heated and it was about time for him to step in. These nations were more different than anyone could think. The Fel Empire was a Federalization Monarchy, focused mostly on military development and expansion in the most hostile space in the galaxy. They only ever thought of bringing the fight to the enemy before they could cause harm to the Empire. Commenor Systems Alliance was a Confederation of Planets that named a Monarchy as the head of their government. Control of large trade lanes and larger allies kept them safe, they had no need to fight as they were never a threat and when they were, their allies were too looming to take them on. The Rebel Alliance did not even have a government, they had a grudge with the Sith Empire and would only ever talk about their defeat and bringing down the evil government they saw before them. And then there was the Republic Remnant, a mirror image of the Galactic Republic with an exception of keeping the state and Jedi Order separate.

It was [member="Rahn Haaku"] that showed this, the CSA had no intention of fighting other people’s battles. Invasions and raids done on their lands was one thing, however, fighting an offensive war was not an option for them.

Jaster stood from his chair like the aging man he was and held both hands up to calm the chamber before his got a chance to spin out of control. "Now, Now representatives, let’s not launch into outside conversations ahead of the rest of the group here," He lowered his hands and pointed to the map in the center of the room again, "The representatives here have agreed to a non-aggression agreement to be added to the charter of today's meeting, no nation here has eyes or ideas of threat to either party present and securing those thoughts with a civilized and honoring document should allow this meeting to proceed," He then looked at each person here, "I would like to clear something up here before we continue and make assumptions that could cause problematic stirrups in the near future, all nations here were invited by the United Trade Conglomerate, you are all here at the invitation of my request, and as such no nation here is indebted to another for attending this meeting and as such no agreement has been made between those who have attended this little talks, conversations of open conflict, war, open military access, support, or anything of those topics to be seen as one that is guarantee," He tapped on the button on his council and everyone's datapad received a message. "It would seem that the conversation will need to be navigated to keep us all on topic and keep from making the governments here misunderstand one another."

These will be the conversational points that will proceed from here on out. With agreement of all parties present, we can hereby proceed to ongoing cooperation, and with the betterment of the galaxy in our minds. From here on out, we will hear from each representative and their aids and then move on to negotiation and break down of the minor details.
  • Trade Agreement
    Share of Technology with Government Contractors
  • Share of Materials that are within the borders of Allied

[*]Industrial and Scientific Collaboration
  • Alliance Facility will be constructed
  • Shared Engineering Research
  • Shared Scientific Research
  • All Tech created in these facilities will be shared with the Governments of the Alliance

[*]Civilian and Military Access
  • Access to Hyperlanes that pass through national boarders
  • Intelligence Agencies Cooperation
  • Government Informational Gathering Agencies Share Intel
  • An Alliance Committee of trusted advisors will oversee and dictate if such information is classified enough to share
  • Each Alliance Members head of states will have a direct hotline to keep allies informed

[*]Military or Defensive Pact
  • Negotiations of a Military Alliance, Defensive Pact, and/or Shared Military Organization
  • Military Weapons and Ship Share or Exchange Program
  • Open Negotiation of a Military clause within the Charter

[*]Creation of a Council of Allied Charter
  • Debate options of a Council that will oversee the ruling of this charter as well as act in accordance as an observer.
  • Add points of how the Shared Military Organization should be Deployed
  • Enforcement of Pact or Alliance

Jaster looked at all the ones seated here, "I understand that everyone here is hoping for these negotiations to work in their favor, each nation here has their own platform that they are fighting for," Jaster remembered that one day or another, he was in service to all the heads of state here, "However, if we all can put our national ideals aside for at a bare minimum of today, and agree on at least 10% of the points I have represented here today, everyone will walk away with something that can improve all parties involved," He took a deep breath, "I however am not the ones to decided, I only steer this conversation into a progressive one, so please, let’s begin talks about the first point now, Trade Negosations of material and technology, please let’s start with what the UTC would be willing to bring to the table as a sign of progress," He pressed another button on the table before him and brought up the schematics. "By end of quarter, my company is working on a Quad-Numeral Shield System that is nearly impenetrable to all weapons, however, these shields are only single directional and only cover around 400-meter radius in a single direction, I will be willing to add these shield systems into the negotiations as a sign of investment in your governments future in this alliance."

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Short sighted cowards.

Though he had mastered the Jedi Trials, Cedric's fire had not gone out; he'd only learned to better control it. When the [member="Lady Kay"] and her cohort spoke of Commenor's neutrality, Cedric almost reflexively fired off with a retort. In the knight's eyes, the Commenori willfully ignored the plight of the galaxy to save the hides of its own citizens, but then he had always seen Commenor as a successor state to the fallen republic, rather than its own entity. He had instilled them with the same morals he had seen [member="Veiere Arenais"] showcase during his childhood, and was not yet aware of the man's fall.

Time and again, Cedric had attempted to convince the Arenais and his followers that their path was folly. Time and again, he had been ignored. It was only now, when the Neimodian spoke, that Cedric understood why.

They aren't the Republic. They're just another nation trying to survive. I expected far too much.

Rather than speak out against them and further derail the, the Jedi Knight opted for silence. Jaster spoke of important points, most of all which Cedric agreed with. Truthfully, the alliance was only here for the sake of appearances. Whatever their allies against the Sith menace needed, they would do their best to provide. He had seen no need for negotiations.

Even still, at least making a nice public face to the other factions was better for public relations than ignoring them all together.

The knight turned to [member="Ras Val'kor"] and spoke so only the agent might hear. "Their apathy is something I will never understand," he mumbled quietly, venting his frustrations to the man rather than letting them run wild throughout the talks. He would not speak for the floor again, instead opting to listen to what [member="Jaster of Clan Awaud"] had to say.

It was then that [member="Adron Malvern"] strode into the chamber. Cedric met his gaze for a moment, his own stoic in nature. His visage revealed nothing for Malvern, nor did his presence within the empyrean. He regarded the nod with a minor one of his own, and then turned his gaze to [member="Toran Fel"]. The Fel Emperor would receive his own silent nod, one intended to let the emperor know that Cedric was wholly on his side in this endeavor. The Fels had been good allies to the Alliance, and the Alliance intended to return that good favor in the weeks to come.

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